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Sobbing, all three of the Bimbettes collapsed against each other in their home. Eliza (the red Bimbette), Ella (the yellow Bimbette) and Emily (the green Bimbette) had been crying for days over the death of Gaston. Belle had been nice enough to arrange for the baker to deliver comida and drink, because none of them had the strength o motivation to go into town. If they had cried horribly when they thought Gaston was marrying another girl, they absolutely sobbed, depressed, when he died. They had been crying for two weeks now, and Eliza was starting to...
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Hey, guys! I recently returned inicial from the new aladdín movie, and I have to say it was a lot of fun! Now that I’ve seen this movie, I’m going to give tu my full review. However, before I get into this, I should inform tu that while I do really like the animated version, I would not consider it to be one of my favorito! disney movies, and this wasn’t a movie I ‘grew up with’ and watched all of the time. I was also quite excited since seeing the first teaser trailer and thought that it looked pretty great from what I had seen from it. So if tu are a massive fan of the animated version...
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I shall begin this articulo unconventionally, por speaking of something personal. This año has been very rough for me in a lot of ways. The roughness has impacted every single sphere of my life, from my finances, to my job, to my amor life (which remains laughable), and to my very health. I have been really sick. I relate to the aladdín of the 1992 film, even más so now, than when I first shook his hand in 1992. I relate to being constantly dirt poor, scared out of my mind, living día to día on the edge of the precipice, and skirting por through just the slimmest of margins. Every día is starting...
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Like I dicho the princess list, this just a vista previa of how well Moana does if o when she joins the lineup, so it's a smaller pool of users, no frases from users and no extravagant pics. Without further ado, let's get to it.

12. Brave-196 points

Fanpop is not very kind to this film at all, much like its princess. pixar made a very halfassed attempt at escritura a disney Princess movie and strangely, it doesn't feel like a disney film o a pixar film. Some may even compare it to early 2000s Dreamworks. (read: Shrek) People also find this movie to be a rushed mess with the only well done aspect...
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While it hasn't been confirmed, various clues have pointed to Moana eventually joining the disney Princess lineup. This process only involved 20+ users, which I think is a good thing, we'll save the BIG survey for after Moana's official coronation. That's why I didn't ask for comentarios o use fancy pics. Since the pool of users is so small, I wouldn't say these results are absolute and concrete. This is just a small vista previa of where Moana as well as the other princesses stand.

12. Merida-178 points

To the surprise of literally no one, Merida is dead last. Often criticized por DP fans and...
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Though not nearly as much as Merida and other revival princesses,Tiana is occasionally bashed for contributing to Disney's current trend of "meta", "woke" commentary with her whole "hard work, tu can't just wish" shtick. While this does irritate me, I try to separate film makers' intentions from the actual context of the movie and the character.

In the first act of the film, she's portrayed as diligent and determined but she's not as in your face about it. For the most part, her thing is "partying and dancing just isn't my for me". She's not insistent, condescending o critical of others for...
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