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There's been so many artículos recently. :O Well, I'm going to add one anyway.

Might as well remake this list, I haven't done it in a while. My opinions have changed a lot on the canto voices (As they do with everything) so pretty much everything is new here. Sorry my descriptions are so short, they're usually longer but I got lazy. Anyways, please respect my opinion and I will respect yours. Enjoy the article! :)

13. Merida.
Um... Yeah. She sings Noble Maiden Fair, which is nice and her voice is okay I guess. It's just a little kid, so her voice isn't very strong o powerful.

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posted by jacksfrost
 credit to princesslullaby
credit to princesslullaby

Moving on with the series it's time to shed some amor on my third favorito! princess, Jasmine. From what I've seen, jazmín doesn't get nearly the amor she deserves on here, so I hope I can give her at least a little bit of what she deserves. I apologize if this articulo isn't as long o well thought out as the first two, it doesn't mean I amor jazmín any less, just that I'm not feeling as wordy as usual. Anyway, I hope tu enjoy the articulo and thanks for checking it out! =)

We're introduced to jazmín with a bit of a bang. I amor how she stands her ground against her father and stands...
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Friends! Family! Comrads! Amigos! ...Strangers? Oh how I've missed tu all! I've been away from my segundo inicial for far too long, but I'm back and with an exciting new series of artículos featuring myself, avatar_tla_fan and AudreyFreak (or as I'd like to call it, The Classic Princess Protection Team) :) I believe AudreyFreak came up with the idea upon realizing that the three of us have extremely similar opinions on quite a bit, so we decided to make a series of artículos out of it! And here's our articulo on our collective favorito! princesses! por the way, you'll be able to tell por reading, but...
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