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Here's my lista of disney Princess couples, it's primarily based on what connected with me in their relationship and what i find admirable. I do have some ifs and buts with few couples but that's just my way of looking at how a relationship grow

1. mulan and Shang:
Theirs a relation that I actually look up to with great admiration and respect. They both were mature to handle a relationship before falling for each other. Their amor grew out of mutual trust, understanding and respect rather than romantic feelings. It is to not say that romantic feelings are not true o valuable, it's my personal...
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Here's my quick top10 favoritos of disney Princess movie songs. I get stuck to a new tune o lyrics far easily, if its hummable and peppy especially. I like listening to songs and don't have particular fixed tastes in genres. Though i find, i tend to gravitate towards pop, rock and Indian music. Very rarely I enjoy classical music, although some that I amor become my all time favoritos and they don't die-out. I guess that's how classic música is. Anyways, this is my current lista of parte superior, arriba 10 favrorites songs from DP movies, it keeps changing for sure as I mover onto newer songs.

10. I see the light:...
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After being here on fanpop since few months, my opinions and way of seeing each princess have changed a lot, though not for all princesses. Some have gone from favorito! to least favorito! while some have been on an opposite ride, altogether. A lot has changed as I have grown up and inclusion of other princesses as well in reciente times (Frozen and Brave).

So here's my new ranking lista of disney Princess along with the mention of their original ranking prior joining to Fanpop

1. Belle:
When I think of Belle, one word strikes me "whole-hearted" person. She inspires me so much to find balance between...
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I apologize in advance if I am being harsh, I hate to get all critical about hair but I do it because there's really not that much to say and I'd rather fill in the blank spaces. Anyway, enjoy!

11. Beast
Beast's doesn't even look like hair, más like pelaje, piel o a greaseball. Which makes sense since he's been an animal for most of the movie... anyway moving on. I don't mind the length at all, it's majestic. Although I still think his hair is awful en general, general and rightfully deserves last place on my list.

10. Charming
Sequel o original, his hair looks like plastic. People criticize his looks...
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ALL estrella unboxing video! Opening surprise eggs and toys galore: Frozen, disney Princess, My Little poni, pony (MLP), Shopkins, Trash Packs, Spider-Man, Minions, estrella Wars, Cars, Planes, Minnie Mouse,
princesas de disney
my little poni, pony (mlp)
trash packs
la guerra de las galaxias
minnie ratón
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Congratulations audreybrooke on being fan of the mes January 2015!! Sorry this took so long :D

1. How does it feel to be fan of the Month?
It's such a surprise! I'm so pleased. I never thought I'd get it!

2. Who is your favorito! Princess?
My favorito! princess is definitely Aurora.

3. Who is your least favorito! Princess?
I've never cared for Snow White, unfortunately.

4. Has your favorito! princess ever changed?
When I was little, my favorito! would have been mulan o Ariel. It changed a few years hace when I rewatched Sleeping Beauty and realized how much I amor everything about it, especially...
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