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 disney Princesses with Elena
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Elena with the disney Princesses
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This princesas de disney arte de los fans contains dama de honor. There might also be vestido de la cena, vestido de la cena,, vestido de noche formal, vestido de cena, formal, vestido de noche, polonesa, and vestido.

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Since this section has been very inactive lately I decided to fresh it up por escritura another article, about my favorito! disney Princesses, hope you'll like this articulo :)

13. Merida

She's the only disney Princess that I don't like at all, but I don't dislike her either, I feel neutral towards her. The main reason might sound weird, but it's mainly because I don't think she fits in the disney Princess lineup, to be perfectly honest I would appreciate her character más if she wasn't an official disney Princess. Besides that there's nothing wrong about her character except her temper, she's...
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A review of the results of my countdown - CUTEST MALE COUNTDOWN: Who is the cutest male?

First of all, thank tu for all the participants who take part in this countdown. Bigger thanks go to those who comentario often in the rounds.

When the rounds went off, I thought Eric would win the countdown with aladdín following in the second, because in the first rounds nobody picked them. But it surprisingly turned out that Phillip won the countdown.

What is 'cute'? Cuteness is not just being handsome but also being good-looking in a childish way. In other words, adorable. Sometimes being cute also means...
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 (evil stepmother from enchanted) yeah, there's NOTHING unkind o evil about this woman AT ALL. /sarcasm
(evil stepmother from enchanted) yeah, there's NOTHING unkind or evil about this woman AT ALL. /sarcasm
aurthors note: I'm back with a new article! I just realized that on my last two artículos that it has 2 fans! I didn't fan it myself, so whoever two fanned it, Thank tu very much! I'm glad tu like my writing. =)

Anyway, we're going to start with comparing Ariel to ECHANTED. I have watched it and it is VERY funny. The main character is Giselle, who is kind of all the disney girls mixed. She has animal friends, cleans after people, and so on. Her prince is Edward, but instead HES the one with the evil stepmother. Apparently she's very kind to everyone. And It's a musical as tu can imagine....
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2013 wasn't the best año in música but we did have some memorable, and some relatable, songs. And speaking of relatable, have tu ever wondered which famous modern pop song some of your favourite disney characters would connect with? Probably not but I do think this articulo might interest anybody who's into both disney and parte superior, arriba 40.

Work Bxxch por Britney Spears - Tiana

I was listening to this song the other day, right after watching The Princess and the Frog, and I immediately thought of Tiana. That's what gave me the idea of this articulo in the first place. Anyway, while a lot of the lyrics in...
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