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Cut-out por me ^^
 Some of the Princesses' wardrobes with a few others.
Some of the Princesses' wardrobes with a few others.
For the past ten weeks, I have been holding a countdown for the wardrobes of the disney Princesses. This is my first articulo and countdown so please don't judge! If you're ready, here we go!!!!!
11) Snow White
Yes, the princess that started it all also starts off the list. The main reason for this is most likely because she doesn't have a lot of outfits in her movie and the two dresses she does wear, some people say are childish and not super fashionable. In my opinion, this is one of the weaker wardrobes for I dislike her servant dress and I think her princess dress is okay (not a real fan of...
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Well, I managed to be able to see the Broadway mostrar of The Little Mermaid, something I’ve dreamed of experiencing since the moment I heard about the Broadway mostrar years ago. Most of tu know that Disney’s The Little Mermaid is both my favorito! disney movie and one of my favorito! cine of ALL TIME, so this was MAJOR for me! I also was lucky enough to see the original Broadway mostrar on youtube, starring Sierra Boggess as Ariel herself, that mostrar was amazing with many great new songs, capturing the characters I loved so much while giving them a new spin, and clever writing.

However, the show...
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Before we start out, a big thank tu to the 34 users that publicado their lists! All of your opinions were integral in making this an accurate representation of the club’s collective thoughts.

11. Merida (Points: 273)
Sadly, though not surprisingly, Pixar's princess is still considered the least attractive of the DPs. Though a growing group of people have begun to appreciate her looks, most users dicho that they didn't like her round face shape and lack of distingushable eyelashes. In fact, the only thing many people liked about her appearance was her long, curly red hair- though even...
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Elena of Avalor
elena of avalor
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 Team Europe!!
Team Europe!!
Okay, like I promise, here are the European batch of Elsa and their performance on the song Let It Go! So are tu ready? Here we go.

Catalan (Voice Actress: Gisela)

Ok, I'm not really a fan of Catalan, well maybe because it's new and especially when it comes to disney (or non-Disney) dubs.
Gisela has an amazing voice, so I'm going to give her a round of applause for her Catalan dubbing. (ratings: 8/10)

Italian (Voice Actress: Serena Autieri)

I really amor Italian because it's such a beautiful language, Serena's portrayal of Elsa is really extraordinary perfect. She nailed the song without auto-tune!...
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Hello everyone!
I'm ezilo25 and this is my very first articulo on this site! I wanted to do something special, and since I have read the Grimms Tale in German my whole life, I wanted to do a comparison of disney movie adaptations and the Tales of Grimm. So, let's get started! Oh, and excuse me if I do grammatical
mistakes, I'm french, so please forgive me!


Oh, Cinderelli... I adore the disney character, I am passionate about the animación movie, but I am in amor with Aschenputtel, the Grimms version of the Cinderella. Yes, I know, the movie is inspired por the Perrault version, which...
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