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 Walt disney fan Art - queen Elsa
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Source: lio-sun @ DeviantArt
Walt disney fan Art of queen Elsa from "Frozen" (2013)
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WARNING: This articulo is long and may have some grammar and spelling errors.
If I get annoying just talking about Pocahontas, then don't read this article. I won't mind. If tu would like to know my opinions, then continue. From John Smith to the movie itself, I will say what's on my mind. In fact, I'm watching John Smi----I mean, Pocahontas right now! a Chericherry Production.





 I amor her eyes.
I amor her eyes.

Ah, the Native American Beauty. She doesn't quite look Native American, does she? I agree. Well, that's because she wasn't modeled after a Native American!

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Ok so I have heard a lot of conversation over the topic of Flynn and Rapunzel's tu either like them o tu don't I guess is how it goes and I must admit that when I was watching the movie the first time I went "Wow...they fell in amor when?!" but the thing is literally if tu blink at an exact moment tu could miss what really pointed it out in the first place. Here's an analysis of their relationship throughout the movie.

1. In The Beginning:

Flynn was a thief...and self-centered and pretty much just a selfish really cute animated character. All he cared about was his satchel...
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