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So yeah, this could have been over week ago, but I was lazy. I did this because no one else seemed interested in doing this countdown. 30 scenes were included in this countdown. I gave my best and I hope tu like it.


10.Mulan saves Shang
At this point people most people considered parte superior, arriba 10 scenes great, and this one just turned out be less good than the others for them.

"Wow, I don't even know anymore, they're all so frickin' awesome." percyandpotter

"I like all!Hard choice!For me all are great and I...
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So…some of y’all might remember that when I first registrarse Fanpop, I did a Best DP Mother countdown. And now I have finally got around to making the article. Enjoy…

Poor Mulan…I totally disagree on her placement in this countdown, but this is all of the DP Club’s opinion. I thought that mulan would be a great mom, as the kids in the segundo movie adored her, but other fans bring up a good point. Since mulan is a solider, she would be away from inicial a lot. And since Shang’s in the army too, there wouldn’t be anyone to be with the kids. Mulan’s also pretty dedicated to the...
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One día at work, Tiana was working at her new restaurant that was built at the end of the Princess and the Frog movie. Then suddenly Louis my favorito! character comes up and plays jazz with the big boys. Naveen and I were at the mesa, tabla waiting for some fresh good food. Tiana the princess that was married to Naveen comes up and give us what I want and he wants and I waited. Then Tiana's children were playing around with the tables and going nuts. Then Charolette comes crazy in the restaurant and she was hugging me saying "Nice to tu and what is your name?" I dicho "My name is Meaghan Davis I'm...
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