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 mulan wearing makeup
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so,she decided to ditch the traditional chinese look for something más modern lol. joking aside,i thought i'd save my favorito! DP for last.
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Hello, everyone! My name is Jaina, for those of tu that don't know me. This is the results for your choices of our favorito! outfit/dress for each disney Princess. This wasn't a countdown, so the order I'll be doing is the order of the DP's, starting with Snow White and ending with the latest addition, Merida. I never realized how many outfits o how many different (and confusing) ways that tu could describe each outfit. Anyways, let's begin!

Thank tu to all of our 17 participants.

Snow White

Snow White only has two outfits, which are completely different from each other. One is rags,...
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9. Mulan
Although mulan is at the bottom of my list, that doesn't mean she's ugly at all. She has beautiful almendra shaped eyes and luscious full lips, but I feel the way they are proportioned on her face isn't quite right. She is definitely a unique beauty, I just find her to be the least attractive out of all the other princesses.

8. Snow White
I feel like Snow White doesn’t get the credit she deserves when it comes to her beauty. Many people find her ugly, but she really isn’t that bad to me. I think the reason why she’s ranked so low to so many people is because unlike all the other...
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I want to make it clear- I amor THE MOVIE ALADDIN, I amor every character in it- except Aladdin. And finally, i'll tell tu why.
I didn't really organize this well because I couldn't figure this out.

Main issues- Aladdin's sexist/classicism assumptions, and Jasmine's hypocrisy

Scenario: aladdín sees jazmín in the marketplace, falls for her, brings her back to his poor-boy hut, and together they have a corazón to corazón about how they feel trapped por their situations. Although jazmín doesn't explicitly state that she is a princess, she does hint that it's not an enjoyable life. "Oh sure,...
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Here are the results about positions 31-40 of the disney Princess Sequel Outfit Countdown, voted por public.

40. Aurora: Yellow vestido (Disney Princess: encantada Tales – Follow Your Dreams)

I hoped it should have been higher. The diseño isn't so bad, except the puffy sleeves. Maybe the yellow doesn't suit her hair? I don't know, I can't be unbiased about Aurora. She looks awesome to me, whatever she wears.
 Position #40 Aurora's Yellow vestido
Position #40 Aurora's Yellow Gown

It doesn't go with her hair at all and even if it were a different color it would still be ugly! - DsnyPrincess

[...] I kind of like Aurora's yellow dress....
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As the majority know, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Walt Disney's first feature length animated film, therefor giving us our first disney Princess. There are a variety of different films, fairy tales, animations and stylistic genres that seemed to blend together to make this very historic piece of cinema.

 Betty Boop & Snow White
Betty Boop & Snow White
Many believe that disney was directly inspired to make the film due to the success of the Betty Boop short of the fairy tale. This is relatively believable, dado that the Betty Boop short was released in 1933 a año prior to Disney's adaption coming into...
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 Pocahontas is taking the picture, mulan is too shy and Tiana is hopping around in a bayou somewhere.
Pocahontas is taking the picture, Mulan is too shy and Tiana is hopping around in a bayou somewhere.
My Favourite Princesses

Alot of these kind of artículos have been popping up like daisies lately, so I thought "Why not?" -- Though mine will probably be so bad up against everyone elses, but I'll give it a try. I don't hate any of the Princesses, but there are some I like más so than others. I hope tu enjoy my articulo and hope tu agree with some of it. This will be from least favourite to most! Btw, I did NOT take looks into account when I made this. This is based purely on personality and stuff like that.

On to the list..

#9 Tiana

 "I'm a sexier frog than you'll EVER be!!"
"I'm a sexier frog than you'll EVER be!!"...
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princesas de disney Sleeping Beauty
Okay, so I've been watching our disney princess cine and I noticed some mistakes. tu may o may not have noticed them, and I do not mean any offence to these films. It's just kind of fun to watch. Let's start with Aladdin... Enjoy!_________________________________________________________________________________________________

So, as I said, there are few mistakes I've noticed here. Let's start with Jasmine's golden arm band; the mistake here is that it switches places on her right arm, to her left arm. When jazmín has just kissed Jafar, it is on her right arm.

But when Jafar pushes...
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It's not just about the way they look and this is just my opinion. Only the ones without a descripción were mainly chosen based on their looks. This is just a short articulo I have in store for tu guys, enjoy!

Zooey Deschanel as Snow White
I know Zooey's a little old to play Snow White but I amor this quirky girl. She has fair skin and most people amor her unique canto voice.

Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella

Candice Swanepoel as Aurora

Ariana Grande as Ariel
Ariana has a bubbly personality and her canto voice is very pleasant to the ears. She has Ariel's facial expressions and...
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