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Source: The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
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Yes, my MBTI posts are back! I've studied the cognitive functions a lot más so they'll be a little different. I have many other disney MBTI posts ready on my link so I'll be posting más soon.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Though Belle says she wants excitement and adventure, she never actually does anything about it. She stays in town, performing the same routine every day: go into town, get books, read them, do some chores around the house. It bores her, but it's what she knows and is comfortable with. Later, she eventually falls into the same routines, reading, taking walks, feeding the...
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A fair number of disney Princess DVDs were released in the early 2000's, and the series I'm most familiar with is the Princess Party line. To my knowledge, there were just two installments, both of which I apparently still own! These DVDs feature disney Princess-related games, activities, and stories with the goal of helping to create a memorable DP-themed party for young girls. I first rented this disk from Blockbuster about a decade hace just to check out the games, so I have a bit of nostalgia for it. But how well does the content on the DVD hold up? Let's take a look!

DVD Features
There are...
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Hello everyone! Okay maybe this "favorite princess lista article" sounds too mainstream on this club. But as I find I rarely create any favorito! lista articulo unlike most of users here, I decide to write one.

Happy reading ^.^

Bottom 3

11. Jasmine

Aladdin is one of the interesting disney prince, but the same thing not happen with Jasmine. Nothing special with her. During the movie I just saw her as a princess who was forced to marriage under the law. Nothing más than that. What I like from her is only how generous and outspoken she is. Unless for me, she is lack of development, probably because...
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 This is a real life image of you, yes tu dear reader, in adoration of my return to fanpop.
This is a real life image of you, yes YOU dear reader, in adoration of my return to fanpop.
This is inspired por this hilarious twitter I found, @celebsinhs.

Examples of their tweets:

This is my collab with my friend Olivia, tu might know her as _CatWoman_. She helped me a lot with this and gave some hilarious ideas.

Alright, let's get on with my take of them! Try to guess which DP it is as I give hints of their qualities. Don't scroll too far too fast!

-nice enough to eat the gross sloppy joe in the cafeteria
-casually catches bugs and take them outside when they scare everyone else in class
-looks like the grudge in the winter
-dated a sophomore when she was like 10, is still...
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 Princess of Bohemia o Russia? tu decide!
Princess of Bohemia or Russia? You decide!
Alright, since I had done a Hispanic princess, here is how a Slavic princess will look like.

1. Natalie Glebova (Miss Universe 2005, Canada)

A Canadian of Russian origins, she has the looks for a typical Slavic princess if disney were to make a Russian princess.

2. Anna Buturlina (Elsa's and Tiana's Russian canto Voice)

The segundo choice for a Russian princess, she also did the canto voice for Princess Tiana as well as Elsa!

3. Ksenia Sukhinova (Miss World 2008, Russia)

Another Russian beauty who won Miss World 2008 in South Africa, In fact, Natalie is the runner-up to her. Especially their...
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Which disney Princess got to live in the most beautiful house? Which ruled the hearts of fans - the cottages, mansions o humble homes?
Fans have voted and results are in! Here's a look how fans ranked the DP homes.

12. Aladdin's home:
Most fans understood that this barely counted as a home, but más like a shelter to rest at night. It barely had anything, not even a door. Even though it had a great view, beautiful it surely wasn't.

anukriti2409: This is really an abandoned place, which aladdín uses for shelter. It's really downtrodden, with no furniture o gate o windows o curtains. It's...
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 1.Blue parte superior, arriba and pants
1.Blue top and pants
We are going to a whole new world with tu as we talk about Jasmines clothing in Aladdin. The Renaissance has shown us a wide range of different and much larger wardrobe than before and jazmín is no exception.

1.Blue parte superior, arriba and pants
Princess jazmín starts of in her palace on her own wearing a blue crop parte superior, arriba and thick blue pants with blue pisos oro collar and large earrings. The outfit is perfect for the time and place it's set. Her hair is either ponytailed with head band o fully loose. I prefer the headband and ponytails myself feels más Arabian.

2.Brown cloth and brown overall
Not sure...
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I just wanted to share a quick read on my parte superior, arriba favorito! sidekicks from DP movies. I enjoy sidekicks a lot in DP cine and they have such a heartfelt roles in most cine and beautiful relationships with the leads. They usually are dado a good sense of humor o are such awesome friends. I mostly do amor them all, but then ranking is always fun and here's my parte superior, arriba 10.

10. Angus:
I totally adore him! he's innately bonded with Merida and as much as she enjoys being in wild and free, he does so too. I amor how he plays on the mountain top, having fun all por himself por rolling. I amor their chemistry...
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Villains make a vital aspect of every movie, its impact is often judged por its character. But here we got together to judge how much of their clothes makes a difference to their evilness. fans have voted and the results are in. So which villain was least evil looking and which ruled fans' hearts, here's a summary articulo of the countdown poll.

13. Ratcliffe's oro dress:
While I was surprised this was the first to leave esp when there were far plainer outfits in the countdown, fans felt it looked ridiculous and didn't have any negative vibe to it.

SarahCorine: It's not scary o anything...
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Hello and welcome to part one of my COUNTDOWN FOR favorito! COUPLE BESIDES PRINCESS/PRINCE! Part one includes the couples that I think are just hated por most as some of them break up a lovely couple. The couples in this part don't have a lot of redeeming qualities to them. Take a look. Read and comment. Also, I thought it would be fun to make little "reaction photos" to go along with the foto of the couple.


Jafar wanted power por any means. When his options were running out, he tried to get power another way. por marrying Jasmine. Not much...
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Hi everybody!

In this article, I'll be pairing each disney Princess with a celebrity active during the time of the DP's movie release.

Snow White: Gene Tierney

They both have roundish faces, dark hair, a cute smile, and a reputation for outstanding beauty.

Cinderella: Grace Kelly

They both have blonde hair (albeit cenicienta is más of a fresa blonde), and similar noses IMO. And both are iconos of elegance.

Aurora: Kim Novak

It was actually very hard to determine who Aurora's double would be. There were so many blonde actrices in the 1950s - mainly because movie studios were...
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