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Yeah, it has changed since last time I wrote about it, and it will probably change even más in a few days. Also, I´ve never been good to put my opinion in to words, but I tried ^^

10: Tiana
Old Position: 9th

I amor Tiana, she is nice, ambitious, but SO BORING. I mean, how does saying: ``And we talk too´´ make tu funny and not so serious anymore? Seriously, that´s not even a funny line. Still, I amor her. I think it´s great that disney decided to make a princess with a very different personalty, that works hard, and is not all about love. But it just doesn´t appeal to me.

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a little hard to understand but completely hilarious!
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WARNING: This articulo is long and may have some grammar and spelling errors.
If I get annoying just talking about Pocahontas, then don't read this article. I won't mind. If tu would like to know my opinions, then continue. From John Smith to the movie itself, I will say what's on my mind. In fact, I'm watching John Smi----I mean, Pocahontas right now! a Chericherry Production.





 I amor her eyes.
I amor her eyes.

Ah, the Native American Beauty. She doesn't quite look Native American, does she? I agree. Well, that's because she wasn't modeled after a Native American!

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