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This princesas de disney foto might contain retrato, tiro en la cabeza, primer, headshot, primer plano, en la cabeza, and closeup.

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My lista changed so I'm doing this. I don't know how it turned into this but it will probably change again anyway. Maybe escritura a lot of artículos make tu change your point of vistas más often. o maybe it's that I used to rank the better role modelos as my favorito! Princesses. Now, I just don't take that into account, it's really which character I like more.

10. Tiana
Previous Rank: 7

I wish I could be like her, I'm so lazy. Sometimes I really like her, maybe it's because I usually amor people who are like her in real life but I'm not as fond of her as a character. She's the segundo Princess...
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10. Snow white's prince
He is the first one on my list. Will, he was just walking along with his horse until he heard an annoying canto voice. He saw a girl of rags, and than sang to her. That is what he only said! Besides, he finally kisses her! Is that the only way to get a man?

9. Prince Charming
Will, he was charming. He saw cenicienta and then, because of his manly instinct, he asks her to dance. He has a song, and then, a line.

8. Buzz

He is higher on my list, because he deserves to be on this lista in my opinion. He is cool, smooth talking,...
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I just wanted to share with tu some más of my fan-fiction ideas that I have, hope you'll like it and most of them are series so here we go :)

The first serie that I have in plan that I was almost going to tell tu in the last article, but I decided to focus on the other serie I had in plan is going to be called Snow White's Adventures and they'll be about that Snow White basically is in the other DP cine and she is going to be in the story along with that princess, I'm going to also do Aurora's Adventures in Snow White so that we get a chance of seeing another princess joining Snow White,...
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House of ratón theater
Burbank, CA

Rodger and Hammerstein's The Sound of Music


Directors: Mickey ratón and Donald Duck
Producer: Minnie Mouse
Costume design: margarita Duck
Stage Technician: Horace Horsecollar
Props: Goofy
Stage Production: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Ortensia
Stage Make-up: Clarabelle Cow
Lyrics and Songs written by: Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II

Story based on: The autobiography of Maria Von Trapp, the German 1955 film, the 1957 play, and the 1965 film.


Belle............................................Fraulein Maria
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posted by princesslullaby
This articulo was written collectively by: JonnaSe, Cromulanfav, & Princesslullaby.

She would find Cindy boring and totally not connect to her. She has no sense of adventure o curiosity, her story isn't exciting to Kida, Kida's not a romantic so she would take zero interest in Cindy and forget about her instantly.

9.Snow White
Same as Cinderella- she would take a little más interest in her for her spunk, but find her too childish and boring as well.

Overall Kida would find the classic princessess' romantic stories & attitudes uninteresting & bland,...
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posted by princesslullaby
This articulo was written collectively by: Princesslullaby, Cromulanfav, & JonnaSe

Cinderella's actions would make jazmín very angry. jazmín wouldn't like how passive she is, and how she's dreamy and wishes for más but doesn't do anything about it. jazmín also wouldn't understand o like how cenicienta never stands up to her stepfamily in a forceful o aggressive way, o never tells them off. She would find it very insulting to her strength as a woman.

Jasmine would like Aurora's playful, flirty personality, and how she acts hard to get with Phillip. But...
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So a few days hace I created two artículos about the disney Princes and Princesses Dreamcast chosen por the fanpop users.

Now in this article, I'm going to make one for the disney Villains. :)

As of August 26, 2011, here's what the fans picked:

1. link
The fans picked: Sacha Baron Cohen

2. link
The fans picked: Michelle Pfeiffer

3. link
The fans picked: Uma Thurman

4. link
The fans picked: Shirley McLaine

5. link
The fans picked: Prince

These are all for now. I'll continue part two as soon as possible.

What do tu think about these actors/actresses?
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Congratulations to fhghu, our fan of the mes November! I did an interview with her, and here's what she has to say:

1)How do tu feel about being fan of the month?

I'm so happy! I think all deserve it, but it's nice to be appreciated! Thanks to all who voted for me!

2)Who are your favorito! princess and prince and why?

My favorito! princess is Belle. I amor BELLE. FREAKIN. LOVE. HER. She's sweet, loves the Beast for who he is and not for looks, she's stubborn, sarcastic, and a bookworm. GOSH I JUST amor HER.

Favorite Prince: ERIC. ERIC ERIC ERIC. I'm a little biased since I think he's a hot...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
ppv and I decided to collaborate together on an article. Here are our favorito! Princesses!

9. (DG) Aurora, (ppv) Ariel

DG: Just because Aurora is last on my lista doesn’t mean I don’t like her. It all boils down to the fact that she’s not in her film for very long, and I just felt like I didn’t get to know her as well as some of the others on my list. She’s pretty, but in a generic way. My favorito! thing about Aurora is that she’s a hopeless romantic.

ppv: Ariel is a childish and funny girl with fantastic voice (one of best voices among disney Princesses, no doubt), she's...
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