princesas de disney Best Lyric Contest - Round 45: más Than a Dream (Cinderella 3 Twist in Time)

BB2010 posted on Sep 11, 2018 at 02:01AM
This was another game BelleAnastasia did that I'd like to keep going

Here's how the game goes.
I choose a song and for 7 days whoever wants to play can submit lyrics from the chosen song. I'll only accept up to 2 lines of the song per submission, not an entire verse (unless it's a short reprise then I'll only take 1 line) After the 7 days are up I'll put up a poll and everyone can pick the lyric they like the most. Winner will get 1 prop and after 10 rounds I'll put up a poll of the winners of those 10 rounds and the winner of that will get 5 props

**When voting please don't just vote for your submission

Round 1: Colors of the Wind (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 2: Vanessa's song (Winner: Anime_fan2011)
Round 3: Ma Belle Evangeline (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 4: I Wonder (Winner: disnerdtobe)
Round 5: Beauty and the Beast (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 6: Reflection (Winner: disnerdtobe)
Round 7: Poor Unfortunate Souls (Winner: MaidofOrleans)
Round 8: I’ve Got My Eyes on You (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 9: What a Day in London (Winner: Anime_fan2011)
Round 10: Let it Go (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 11: A Girl Worth Fighting (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 12: Welcome to the Forty Thieves (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 13: As Long as There’s Christmas (Winner: Anime_fan2011)
Round 14: Making Today a Perfect Day (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 15: As Long as There’s Christmas reprise (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 16: In Harmony (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 17: Something That I Want (Winner: ApplesauceDoctr)
Round 18: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Winner: ApplesauceDoctr)
Round 19: If I Never Knew You (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 20: We Know the Way (Winner: ajotma)
Round 21: Belle/Little Town (Winner: disnerdtobe)
Round 22: So This is Love (Winner: lavendersblue)
Round 23: Just a little Love (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 24: I’ve Got a Dream (Winner: ApplesauceDoctr)
Round 25: Learn Me Right (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 26: Where Do I Go From Here? (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 27: Peacock Princess (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 28: Gonna Take You There (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 29: Just One Mistake (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 30: You’re Welcome (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 31: Whistle While You Work (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 32: Les Poissons (Winner: disnerdtobe)
Round 33: True Love Conquers (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 34: Friend Like Me (Winner: disnerdtobe)
Round 35: Almost There (Winner: Anime_fan2011)
Round 36: For a Moment (Winner: Anime_fan2011)
Round 37: Listen With Our Hearts (Winner: Anime_fan2011)
Round 38: Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum (Winner: Anime_fan2011)
Round 39: When Will My Life Begin (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 40: In Summer (Winner: LMH5113)
Round 41: Like Other Girls (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 42: Mine, Mine, Mine (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 43: Daring to Dance (Winner: Anime_fan2011)
Round 44: Heigh-Ho voting in progress
Round 45: More Than a Dream

Overall Winners:
Rounds 1-10: (Winner: Sparklefairy375: Colors of the Wind)
Rounds 11-20: (Winner: CodyVenusTrent: If I Never Knew You)
Rounds 21-30: (Winner: lavendersblue: So This is Love)
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