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cruella posted on Nov 25, 2017 at 01:06AM
Some of you are probably familiar with the articles already by JungleQueen13 from 2014 & 2013, and laylastepford in 2015. Sadly we didn’t get one in 2016 so in 2017 I thought I would attempt to do one.

If you're unfamiliar with it let me explain:

The article will list all of the Disney Princesses, including Anna, Elsa and Moana (Last year it didn’t include them, but since fans are putting them in most of the polls again I figured, why not?) Under each princess we will introduce her fans (those who have her as their fav.), with a couple of sentences describing each fan's personality, contributions to the club, etc.

-Just some kind of brief introduction, which will be written by another user.

- If you would like to be included in the article, please post here and tell me your favorite princess.

-Deadline for doing this is Monday, December 24, 2018.

- When you see another user nominate themselves for the article, you can nominate yourself to write their introduction. Once you have offered, I will wait for that user to accept or not and let you know. This will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. There is not limit to the number of fans you can volunteer to write about. (believe me, I need all the help I can get. lol)

- Once someone requests to write about you, I will send you a double response. The first one will be on your request comment here, and the second will be via your inbox if you don't respond promptly on the forum.

New Rule: If you don’t respond with 5 days of me messaging you, the volunteer is going to be sign-up to write your blog any way.

- Don't worry if no one has volunteered to write about you - I will do it.

- If you would like to design an image for a princess, please let me know.

-Any questions, just ask! I hope to see lots of people getting involved :)

Descriptions about other users:
- 20-50 words long (please aim for this, and I'd much rather it go over 50 words than be under 20 words)

- It should be written as though someone new to the spot is reading it and you're introducing them to the user. So you can mention what they like/don't like, (favorite characters, books, movies), how they contribute to this spot,(or other ones) etc. Just some kind of brief overview. See link for examples.

- Don't write anything offensive, DUH!

- Don't include any personal information (example: real names or age, etc.). If you have any concerns about it then please let me know.

- Send it to me in a message (don't post it here) when you're finished. I'll proofread them and put them in the article. [This ensures the positive element of surprise.]

- The deadline for sending me your description is Sunday, December 31, 2017!

-If you request to write about someone, I will send you a double response. The first one as a comment on your request here letting you know they approved or not (for those who check here often) and the second will be via inbox with a recap of the description rules and deadline for your convenience.

Snow White fans:
cruella - written by PrueFever*
Cinderella fans:
324anna- written by AdelitaI*
Aurora fans:
PrincessAyeka12-written by Lavendergolden*
Ariel fans:
PrueFever - written by cruella*
Belle fans:
Lavendergolden - written by cruella*
MaidofOrleans -written by PrueFever*
Urukyu -written by cruella*

Jasmine fans:
cynti19 -written by cruella*
Mongoose09 -written by cruella*

Pocahontas fans:
AdelitaI - written by JungleQueen13*
MissCinico -written by deedragongirl*
JungleQueen13 -written by Mongoose09*

Mulan fans:
wavesurf- written by AdelitaI*
Tiana fans:
princecatcher93 - written by Lavendergolden*
ApplesauceDoctr - written by deedragongirl*

Rapunzel fans:
Sparklefairy375- written by AdelitaI*
Merida fans:
MalloMar - written by MaidofOrleans*
Anna fans:
AudreyFreak - written by AdelitaI*
Elsa fans:
disnerdtobe - written by Sparklefairy375*
deedragongirl - written by wavesurf*

Moana fans:
Winxclubgirl202- written by deedragongir|*
For those of you all who want to make images for the article, here are the requirements:

- Size needs to be 560x280
- Must include the princess's name followed by the word fans (example: Pocahontas' Fans) - this should be prominent as the image will be acting as a heading
- Be creative! You can just edit a single shot of the princess, or you can make a collage, alter the background, etc. I will credit all images.
- If you request to do an image, I will send a double response if need be. The first one will be on your request comment here and the second will be via inbox IF I do not see a comment from you on the forum, acknowledging that you are signed up to do an image. (This is because the images are also time-sensitive and I see that some users are more than willing to pick up extra image work if need be. :D) In the personal message, (if I send one) I will just let you know that you can do the image you requested and remind you of the deadline.
- As courtesy to give others a chance to participate as well, I'd like to ask that you only sign up for 2 images right now to give others who might want to make an image a chance as well.

-The top image needs to be square, approximately 300x300
-It needs to include all 14 Princesses
-It needs to read "Disney Princess Fans 2018"


Top Introduction image - cruella*
Snow White image -cruella*
Cinderella image- cruella*
Aurora image -Sparklefairy375*
Ariel image - deedragongirl*
Belle image -Lavendergolden*
Jasmine image - cynti19*
Pocahontas image - Sparklefairy375*
Mulan image - deeddragongirl*
Tiana image -cruella*
Rapunzel image - Lavendergolden*
Merida image -MaidofOrleans*
Anna image -MaidofOrleans*
Elsa image - cruella*
Moana Image -Winxclubgirl202*

- The deadline for posting your image(s) is Monday, December 31, 2018!

I'm really looking forward to this <3

(*) finished
(?) undecided

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