princesas de disney -DP THEMED icono CONTEST- Round 56: mulan

tiffany88 posted on Nov 04, 2017 at 07:08PM
Hi guys, the spot's most popular icon contest is back again! Hope it can be just as popular as it used to be ^^
If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

Here are the rules:
• Official Disney Princesses are the most important part of this contest(you can see them on the banner), Elsa,Anna or Moana etc. aren't official Princesses,you can't use them, except if they are part of a theme
• You can post 1 icon per round, but you can change it before the round ends
• You can use screencaps, pictures from official Disney books, merchandise pictures but you can't use fanarts or pictures that somebody else already edited
• You have to make your own icon.Don’t steal icons.
• Don't post icons you've made in the past
• Everyone has 7 days to submit their icons
• An icon is a square image, not bigger than 200x200 and not smaller than 100x100 pixels
• There will be a poll, where you can vote for the best icon
• No cheating, don't vote for yourself!
• The winner picks the theme of the round following after the next round (if the winner doesn't pick a theme within 7 days of winning, I'll pick the next theme)

So, just the usual stuff ^^ Have fun guys!


Round 01: Sweet Princess | link
Round 02: Favortie Ballgown | link
Round 03: Autumn Colors | link
Round 04: with Animal Friend | link
Round 05: Black & White | link
Round 06: Wedding Dress | link
Round 07: Quote from your favorite book or author | link
Round 08: Christmas | link
Round 09: An icon with a background from another DP movie | link
Round 10: Fireworks | link
Round 11: Kiss | link
Round 12: Night | link
Round 13: Closed eyes | link
Round 14: Sunset | link
Round 15: Your favorite color | link
Round 16: Spring | link
Round 17: Your favorite quote from DP movies | link
Round 18: Belle | link
Round 19: A princess that you don't normally make an icon of | link
Round 20: DP in a sad moment | link
Round 21: DP seen from the back | link
Round 22: DP icon from a sequel | link
Round 23: Dancing | link
Round 24: Jasmine | link
Round 25: Couple | link
Round 26: Flowers | link
Round 27:White | link
Round 28:Cinderella | link
Round 29:A DP with crown | link
Round 30:Your favorite Princess | link
Round 31:Green | link
Round 32:Blue DP icon |link
Round 33:Family | link
Round 34:Your least favorite Princess | link
Round 35:Friends | link
Round 36:Clouds | link
Round 37:Angry Princess | link
Round 38:Your favorite Princess quote |link
Round 39:Rapunzel | link
Round 40:Halloween | link
Round 41:A DP icon with her name | link
Round 42:Blonde Princess | link
Round 43:Purple | link
Round 44:Dream(one word) | link
Round 45:Pocahontas | link
Round 46:Side view of a DP | link
Round 47:Winter | link
Round 48:Spirit of Christmas | link
Round 49:Red | link
Round 50:Ariel | link
Round 51:A Princess with a Disney heroine | link
Round 52:Your favorite song lyrics | link
Round 53:Princess Concept Art icon | link
Round 54:Pink | link
Round 55:Valentine's Day | link
Round 56:Mulan | February 20 - February 21


 Hi guys, the spot's most popular icono contest is back again! Hope it can be just as popular as it use
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