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posted by WinterSpirit809
While I understand frozen isn't the most well loved movie on Fanpop, that doesn't keep me from adoring the protagonist a anymore.

It's strange because I keep on finding her sister, Elsa in the bottom two of my disney Princess list. I admit that is kind of biased, because I have nothing wrong with her character- but her fans basically ruined her for me.

Enough about Elsa! This articulo is about Anna!

First of me explain how much Anna is like me- we have similar personalities, I can personally relate to her flaws and loneliness. I too can be known to fall for the first nice guy I know, and end up...
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Here we go, from least favorito! to favorite, here's the Mother's día countdown results! I know mother's día was two days hace but I'm not waiting a whole año to put up the articulo so here we go :)

13. Evil Queen
So it's pretty obvious why she was taken out first; She forced her stepdaughter to be a scullery maid and tried to have her killed (twice) just because she was jealous of how beautiful Snow White was.

12. Lady Tremaine
Again, pretty obvious why she was taken out early. Like Snow White, Cinderella's stepmother forced her to be a maid. But unlike Snow White at least Tremaine...
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People tend to get caught up in preconceived notions of a character based on their appearance o other surface level factors.

A prime example of this would be Snow White, people see her soft petite features, hear her high pitched voice and listen to her sing about a finding love, and they automatically assume she’s a docile weak passive shy individual. While Snow White is definitely a bit calmer and más carefree, she’s far from the most passive princess. After surviving a deadly encounter and knowing her life is still in danger, she gets picks her herself up rather quickly. Once she finds...
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Hi everyone!

So it's been about six months since I joined Fanpop, and about as much time since I published my first DP articulo ranking the DPs. This articulo will explain my new ranking of the disney princesses (including Anna and Elsa) from lowest to highest in my opinion. Hope tu like it!

13. Elsa (same spot)

Unfortunately, Elsa’s still at the bottom of my list. This is mainly because she doesn’t seem to exhibit any worry about the kingdom and sister she leaves behind after they find out about her ice powers, which is disconcerting since she spent her whole life...
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posted by MR0290553
1.    Cinderella
Cinderella has the strong and lovable female character, the romantic amor story, the humor, the graphics, the score, the songs. I amor everything about Cinderella. It is relatable, and it gives me hope that some day, my dreams of happiness will come true too! When I am sad, o had a bad day, was mistreated, o if I'm happy and was treated like a queen, I watch Cinderella. God willing, my wedding theme will be of Cinderella. My dress will be modeled after her blue one, and my husband and I will dance to "So This is Love." Because cenicienta truly is, the sweetest...
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All righty everyone! As my first countdown since my return I figured it would be nice to do something a little shorter than normal, so I decided to focus on just the poofy ballgowns. I've always been a huge fan of poofy dresses. They're just so fun! I amor the huge skirts. Looking over this lista I laugh, because it seems like I always like the aspects of the dresses that everyone else hates. Guess I just have unpopular fashion opinions? So anyway, here are fanpop's opinions on them.

5. Ariel's rosado, rosa and white dress

I must say I was sad to see this dress go first. I actually really like it. I love...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
This fanfic will not have ANYTHING to do with the movie, it's just the characters that remain the same. Rapunzel will have her brown hair though, if anyone cares.

Rapunzel had not seen Merida in two years.

Merida was Rapunzel's best friend.

And last, they were going to see each other again, for the first time in two years.

Let the story begin..

Rapunzel was anxious.
What if Merida isn't the same? Rapunzel thought, What if she's different? What if....

Stop questioning yourself.

Merida will be the same person she was when tu saw her two years ago.

Rapunzel saw Merida approaching, but when she was...
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This is my opinion so plz don't judge :) And my first

#10) Pocahontas

#9) Snow white

#8) Kida

#7) Jane

#6) Cinderella

#5) Rapunzel

#4) Elsa

#3) Aurora

#2) Ariel

#1) Meg
 I don't find her very pretty...
I don't find her very pretty...
 She's más on the cute side than pretty :)
She's more on the cute side than pretty :)
 She's fairly pretty
She's fairly pretty
 She's good lookin but her face is to long :P
She's good lookin but her face is to long :P
 She is pretty but disney could have done better
She is pretty but Disney could have done better
 She is good lookin but she could be prettier :P
She is good lookin but she could be prettier :P
 She is beautiful and she has a wonderfull smile :D
She is beautiful and she has a wonderfull smile :D
 Aurora is amazing! She was dado the gift of beauty so....
Aurora is amazing! She was given the gift of beauty so....
 She is gorgeous! And of course I have to think that she's my twin for crying out loud! XD
She is gorgeous! And of course I have to think that she's my twin for crying out loud! XD
 In my opinion she is the most beautiful!
In my opinion she is the most beautiful!
posted by _Laugh_
Hello world. :3
I have decided to make one of these articles, for tu guys to know me better. :)
So enjoy!

I am really glad that I am typing this, and not actually talking. Because I would have liked to apologize on behalf the city of fuckery, that is outside right now, constructing loud as hell. This freaking paid culo calle that nobody asked for. Our calle was flawless, I don't know what possessed these zombies outside, to come around since 10am and force people to mover their cars in order for them to construct.
I woke up this morning, thinking they were filming the sequel of transformers,...
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posted by princessforlife
 Im the chick on the right :)
Im the chick on the right :)
So, everyone has been doing these articles, so I thought why don't I do one too?

First Name: Saniah
Nia for short :)

Country of Origin: U.S.A. I live in Michigan. Crappiest state ever. I dream of the día I can leave this boring dump.

Favorite disney Movie: Well all of them! But my all time favoritos would have to be enredados and The Lion King.

Hobbies: Watching disney Movies, reading, eating

Music I like: Mostly Disney. But im also into Taylor Swift.

Movies (besides disney movies) that I like: Titanic, Sprit: Stallion of the Cimarron (I amor it soooo much), The Road to El Dorado, Die Hard, Fast...
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 Michelle Yeoh (Bond Girl) and me in 1998, guess how old I was here.
Michelle Yeoh (Bond Girl) and me in 1998, guess how old I was here.
Name: Dee Na Nagara (Call me Dee)

Born: 30th March 1988

Living in: Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

About me: I amor to see the world and travel, I enjoy meeting new people and to enjoy their culture. I grew up watching disney films and as he taught me to amor and the meaning of family harmony, this is why I would amor to become a kindergarten teacher, I amor to sing and dance, though I don't consider myself a good dancer! I amor marshmallows and English tea, I am 1/4 Thai and 3/4 Chinese. I also one younger brother is autistic and he loves music, this is why he always listen to his i-pod whenever he goes...
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This articulo is similar to MaidofOrleans' articulo but it has a unique twist. I started escritura mine a few days before she publicado hers. So don't worry I'm not stealing her idea o anything. Plus she knows it's different from hers. We talked about it in her article's comentario section.

Different perspectives - my past memories, my mum's memories, memories involving a friend, other fandom perspective and reciente points of view.

Feel free to use my idea to make your own version if it inspires you. Just make sure tu credit me please for the original idea.

Snow White

I was so excited when I saw a sequel...
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posted by touchingthesky
12) The Princess and the Frog
I'm not positive but I think this has a somewhat large fanbase on Fanpop? Even if it doesn't, I don't think that I'll ever adore this film. I'll start with the positives. I amor Down in New Orleans and basically the whole beginning. When Tiana is human, it's actually very entertaining. I adore Lottie, and it just is, for lack of better word, better during this part of the film. It's funnier and much, much less obnoxious. I like Facilier and Tiana and Naveen is hilarious at times, but the segundo half of the film...oh lord. It's so annoying...half the time I can't...
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posted by Renegade1765
 I think this is self-explanatory.
I think this is self-explanatory.
If tu ask why I'm making this,it's simple.A few days hace I checked out my very first articulo "Why Elsa is my favorito! disney character",I saw that it was already 12 months old.Because of that,I decided to do something special for it.
To me,this will be the ultimate defense for anything frozen related I've ever done.
I've seen people criticize the movie to no end and while I respect people's opinions,that doesn't mean I have to agree with them.And since this is an "anniversary article" (sorry if it sounded stupid),this will be a special and meaningful articulo to me,so it will be long.
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The siguiente morning, Shang and Merida awoke still side por side. They were both appalled. "Let's pretend this never happened." Shang dicho in a shaky voice. Merida, on the other hand, didn't know what to think. Had she turned into a back-stabber? "Did tu hear me?" Shang asked. Merida shook her head to get out of her thoughts. "I did." she answered as firmly as possible. She and Shang headed back inside.

Mulan and Pocahontas were in the cocina preparing breakfast. "How excited are tu about becoming a mother?" mulan asked. "It's nerve-wracking, but because I've wanted a child for so long, it'll...
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posted by gloriouschaos
Just por glancing at her; it was obvious this child was the definition; the icono of innocence, for all too follow.
So, then; it was quite odd that others denied that innocence was the very thing she fed on, mostly daintily and unhurried, like any princes with manners should; but on some occasions far más predatory, devouring all she could.

It was the very día after the queen had been defeated; and there was many a noble who thought her body should be left to rot in public, mostrando them the true face of treason against their new and honest queen.

This new and honest queen, beautiful and of delicate...
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Hope you'll like this article, it won't be very long, but oh well! Let's get started :)

1. Congratulations on being DP fan Of The Month, how does it feel, did tu expected it? Thanks. I was hoping that eventually I would get recognized for what I do on here.

2. How did tu discover Fanpop? Last summer, I was looking up funny pictures of the DP's and I was like 'Oh, cool pics on this site but I would never make pictures.' Then I answered a few examen preguntas for fun and before I knew it, I was lectura articles. I wanted to write cool artículos like the ones I had seen PrincesLullaby, DreamyGal...
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posted by amandajh
Hello fellow fanpoppers! This is a short articulo but about something a lot of people do not even realize!As we know, Hercules' father is Zeus. Well, Zeus' brother happens to be Poseidon. Poseidon was blessed with a son named Triton. Some of tu are going wait a minute....... well,for those who haven't got it yet, Triton is Ariel's father! So that makes Hercules and Ariel first cousins!!!! I guess that explains all the red hair! I thought that was interesting and thought i'd share! Thank tu for hangin' in with my greek mythology lesson!

Dedicated and HUGE disney FAN!
Have a zippidy doo dah day!
Leah woke the siguiente day, the first thing she did was get ready for the día like any other day. Leah liked being the first one up instead the last one up, she headed for the stable to go for a ride. mulan was there when she got there grooming her horse, she dicho " Good Morning." Leah nodded hello and mounted on Chun bareback the way Chun liked. On the trail everything was quite, Leah dicho to herself "Its so quite out." She looked around, nothing moved o made a sound. but she knew something big was going to happen and that día was coming. She made it inicial before cena but was a tad late but she didn't mind. cena was quite when it was time for bed, Leah changed into her outfit and went to bed. She wondered what tomorrow would bring. Tomorrow was going to be a dangerous day.

Part 4,
amor Horsegirl202

posted by anonheart998
 Actual picture of me
Actual picture of me
I wrote my original getting to know me articulo in June, so I think it's a good time to write a new one. I decided that even if I do get my vampiras account back, it would be foolish to switch to that one now since I have a lot of fans and a medal on this one.

Name: Astrid Marilyn Valiant
Age: 16, sophomore

Other Personal Info: I live in small-town Delaware, the most boring place in the universe. Most of the people here are pretty conservative, and I'm a pansexual Goth girl that likes disney Princesses, so as tu can imagine I don't really get along with a lot of people here. I'm also a manic...
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