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posted by JungleQueen13
Here is a lista of my best DP role models. The most important thing to note here is that this is very much a subjective, rather than objective, list. Rather than trying to rank the princesses according to who I think is the best role model for children o other people in general, the ranking is purely according to how they serve me personally as role models.

11. Aurora

Perhaps not surprisingly, Aurora lands herself at the bottom of this list. She is gentle and kind, which are definitely qualities I appreciate, however she has little else to offer in terms of being a role model. Let's say...
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Hi guys, I had recently watch a video about the enchantress. I actually notice that these 2 characters have a number of similarities with each other.


In the 2015 live-action reboot, Cinderella's kindness actually prove to the fairy godmother por rewarding. Ella is considered an outcast with her stepmother and stepsister, and she also share some similarities with Belle considering that the latter originally was going to have 2 sisters who are bullies too in the movie! Secondly, the magic spell will only work till midnight, thus setting a time for Cinderella.

The Beast

Since he...
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posted by bluethunder25
Now a lot of tu are probably thinking, 'bluethunder25 Gothel can't be redeemed because first of all, she was 'too evil,' and two, she died from old aging and turned to dust.

Well as tu know, I've stated in anterior artículos that I don't feel Gothel is entirely evil. As for the segundo one, if Gothel did in fact turn to dust, then I say, that means she has a good chance to come back to life which also means she has a good chance of a redemption. How? Allow me to explain.

Now first of all, before tu all freak out, no, Gothel's redemption won't be overnight, in fact, for Gothel's redemption arc,...
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posted by MaidofOrleans
Wow, this has been quite the countdown. We've finally made it to the end where all the winning dresses are pitted against one another to determine the best of the best! Most of the encuestas were close, but it was lots of fun. Enjoy!

Previous Articles

8. Pocahontas's brown dress

Aw, I'm so sad this dress was the first to leave since it's one of my favoritos out of the winning dresses. I amor its unique style. Sadly, fans didn't agree and this dress was deemed to be the worst of the best.

It's not even a dress. ~truth76
I like the shape but the others are far prettier....
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posted by deedragongirl
 Colourful leaves.
Colourful leaves.
Hi guys, remember I publicado a encuesta about how a possible Japanese princess shall look like? Anyway, here are my lista of choices on how she'll look like!

1. Riyo Mori (Miss Universe 2007)

Yes, I got to know her as Miss Universe 2007 and sadly she is very underrated in the looks department. However, she's one of my favourite Miss Universe winner and I think her looks make me think of a possible disney Princess for Japan.

2. Miyako Miyazaki (4th Runner Up, Miss Universe 2003)

The 4th runner up for Miss Universe 2003, she's another Japanese beauty who I think is a runner up for a Japanese Princess.

3. Takako Matsu (Japanese voice for Elsa)

Yes! She did the voice for the Japanese dub for Frozen. I have seen fotos of her, she could be another possible choice!

Ready for a Japanese Princess?

So, are tu ready for a Japanese princess? Here are my 3 choices. If I missed out anyone, feel free to comment!
 Riyo Mori.
Riyo Mori.
 Miyako Miyazaki.
Miyako Miyazaki.
 Hello Takako!
Hello Takako!
posted by deedragongirl
 One día More!
One Day More!
Okay, there was an interesting articulo about cenicienta that inspired me to write these songs on which princess will suit the famous songs from Les Miserables. So, are tu ready? Here we go!

I Dreamed a Dream

cenicienta would definitely sing this song, because she longs to breakaway from her abusive step-family. It was like when her happy days has turn into a nightmare, so I feel that she needs to sing this song at some point in the movie itself.

At the End of the Day

This song would definitely fit Tiana because her movie is set during the Great Depression, the financial crisis during that time...
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posted by deedragongirl
Hi everyone, this articulo is fairly about all of tu guys here on fanpop and what I think about tu all. It's coming to 6 years already since I have been on fanpop and I'm very gracious and blessed at the same time that I got all of you, first and foremost no hard feelings alright. If I get your genders o personal details wrong, please feel free to correct me.


Chris has always inspire me to write interesting artículos here on Fanpop, he's very straightforward and yet an interesting character, I really appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.


Alejandro is another vibrant...
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posted by MissCinico
I've seen a few artículos like this and I've gotten the urge to do one myself. I pardon in advance for my descriptions, I'm not the best writer. I haven't really made up my mind nor am I sure about my placements, but this is a basic idea of what I think it is in my head. Without further introduction, here is my DP list.

13. Ariel

Who doesn't amor mermaids? Apparently, me. Even when I was little I wasn't too fond of Ariel, o sirenas in general. The Peter Pan sirenas actually scared me and I thought most sirenas were evil. Then when I finally watched The Little Mermaid at an older age, I found...
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posted by RoseOfRapunzel
Why I amor Merida

As far as some of tu know, I'm a HUGE Merida fan and supporter, and when she is insulted o even not shown any gradual amor compared to the other Princesses I fight and stand up for her. Recently she's been gaining the amor she deserved, I don't know where it started but as soon as that happened I felt enlightened with delight. I secretly {not a secret anymore} feel that I had something to do with the amor she's been gaining, but of corse, that's an over exaggeration but I'll just pretend it happened like that. When Merida is called ugly o plain my face turns red but an...
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Dr. Facilier crept around the streets he once called home. New Orleans was a much happier place since he had left, and it made him sick. He thought it might have been a good idea to find out where the girl Hades wanted was. With the picture of the beautiful girl in his back pocket and smoothly walked over to a pedestrian.

"Why hello," he dicho with his raspy voice.

The woman swung around and hit him in the face. "Back up!" She yelled, "Stranger danger!"

"Um, ow!" Dr. Facilier called out. "I am not trying to hurt you!"

The girl backed up, looking at him with curious eyes. "You're not?"

"No, I was...
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It is no secret the Disney’s Princess franchise is one of the most lucrative for young children today. It is the number one girls’ toy brand in the US and made profits of $4 billion in worldwide sales. Therefore, these characters are going to be role modelos for countless girls across the world. I want to look at what lessons children can take from these characters and stories that will be positive and why each of these characters can be a positive role model to girls- and boys, for that matter- of any age.

Snow White
Snow White has incredible emotional strength. She is able to handle everything...
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This movie is my favorito! disney movie. It will always have a special place in my heart. I don't think disney can come up a better movie. Everytime I watch it, it does something to me that no other disney movie does. I don't know how to explain it. It makes me feel all happy inside when it's over. The part when Snow White dies and all the dwarfs and forrest animales gather at Snow Whites coffin and cry makes me cry everytime. Another reason, it's so special to me is because it's disneys original movie. I absolutely adore all the charecters in the movie. It has my favorito! princess (Snow White),...
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YAY, i finished the article, so this the parte superior, arriba 20 DP songs as voted por tu bros, i asked tu to make a lista about your parte superior, arriba 15 DP songs without ranking, so i collected the songs and the song which appeared the most is the winner.

to make the articulo easier to read, and because i'm too lazy to come up with some words, i'm gonna just put our Skype convos like princesslullaby did.

D = CuteDiana
J = JonnaSe
P = princesslullaby
C = ppgbelle4
V = cromulanfav

20 : Savages

D: it's okay,for me Savages Pt.2 is better
P: It's a good song, with a good tune, but the lyrics are REALLY bad
V: I agree, I don't have...
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I finally saw the 2014 Beauty and the Beast and I really loved it despite bad critical reception. Let's start with the costumes and visuals.

Costumes and Visuals
The costumes are stunning! Each of Belle's dresses are so beautiful, and blow the 2017 Belle's wardrobe right out of the water. What I loved is how the film is set in Victorian times so the normal costumes are very drab and gray but the castillo was set in the (16th/17?) century before the curse hit so the costumes are from that era which happens to be my favorito! era fashion-wise. Belle's ivory dress is my favorito! and she looks like...
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Many thanks to M_gann who helped me come up with this idea and organized the first few polls, as well as to everyone who voted, commented, and publicado their lists! Now it's finally time to take a look at which DPs we think are most popular and compare them to which DPs actually are most popular. Please take a look at link as well!

11. Merida
Actual rank: 10

Wow, I am legitimately shocked that Merida is más popular than we thought she was. I've always viewed her as Fanpop's most hated princess, but I guess that's not true anymore! Unfortunately she's still very unpopular.

I'm going to tentatively...
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posted by AudreyFreak
I know she's always typed as an Intuitive, especially an ENFP, and it's understandable why; I had once typed her as an ENFJ myself. She does, after all, just "know" the lights are "meant for me!" But is that really indicative of someone with strong intuitive preference? I think it's because this tendency for people to type nerdy/quirky/silly ESFJs as ENFPs, not only Rapunzel but characters like Steven Universe. It gets frustrating because that just implies only intuitives are inherently imaginative.

Anyway, to the typing:

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Rapunzel is very warm to everyone she meets....
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hola everyone! Sorry it took me so long to publicar this article. It's finals week at my uni and I've been pretty busy escritura papers and studying for exams. Luckily I finally got some time to write this, so here are the final results all compiled together for your convenience!

9. Brave

We started off this countdown with a tiebreaker between Valiente and Frozen. Honestly I was kind of sad Valiente was the first eliminated, since I'm incredibly fond of it. However, users didn't like the fact that it was a pixar film and so technically not the work of Disney. Others also didn't like the fact that there...
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posted by sweetie-94
 Today I'll focus on why I amor Pocahontas
Today I'll focus on why I love Pocahontas
Today it's 9 days until my birthday and today I'll focus on my 9th favorito! DP Pocahontas and why I amor her
Previous artículos in the series:

Even though Pocahontas is in the lower half of my favorito! DP lista I still amor her

I amor that she cares for the nature and it's animals, I amor that she teaches John Smith all the good things about nature

I also amor that she's indecieve, it shows that it's not easy even for a princess to choose between different alternatives and I amor that she gets help from Grandmother Willow and I amor their relationship, even though Grandmother Willow...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
I have seen that some people think that Rapunzel is a bad role model, so I thought I would give my opinion on this. Anyways, keep in mind that this is what I think she's a good role model, tu may find different traits better in a role model. Anyways, enjoy the article!

I'll be discussing that I think Rapunzel is a good role model, and is not a stupid character.

This Will Contain Spoilers of the Movie Tangled.
Let's start with the beginning of the movie.

I've seen Rapunzel has been criticized for NOT walking out on her mother. Well, I have two reasons why I don't understand why people would...
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Hey! So, I just realized I haven't ever publicado an articulo on Fanpop. Well, that's about to change! I also realized that none of tu really know anything about, without further ado, my favourite princess list!

13. Jasmine
I know this is probably a pretty unpopular opinion, but I really don't like Jasmine. When I was a kid I adored her, but now...not really. I dislike the way she just forgave aladdín for cheating and lying to her like that. She's supposed to be 'stubborn' and 'doesn't want to be treated like a prize', but sorry for saying it, she married someone who just did that, and lied...
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