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 The Legendary Princesses
The Legendary Princesses
I did this lista awhile back and I thought I'd do it again because of two reasons
1.I enjoy escritura about the princesses, their qualities and why I admire them. It's a fun way to past time.
2.My opinion has changed on one of the princesses. Yeah, I know, ONE princess motivated me to rewrite this list.
In this countdown I'll do something different. I'm gonna compare how fanpop generally feels about the princess and how I feel about her. I obviously got the information from the publicly voted countdowns. I always try to be original and it's fun to compare things.
My Opinion-On my first...
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posted by Jessikaroo
This is a matter of personal opinion You're free to have your own opinion :)

10. Belle
I honestly don't see the apeal to her. I get it a lot of tu like her because she has hazel eyes and brown eyes, but I don't think she's that gorgeous. She has some cute shots, but that was all. It's not her fault she was so inconsistently drawn, but I still wouldn't think she's that pretty. Now I have nothing against brunettes o brown eyes, it's just I don't think she was that stunning. And ugh, I've never seen más horrible hair. The hairline was awkward, and it looks greasy and unhealthy. They did get...
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posted by sweetie-94
This idea came from some old artículos that I read so I was thinking about bringing it to here and let tu write about it and it's about your favorito! friends here on this spot. I'm going to do mine very soon, but here are the topics that tu can write about:
-What tu like the most of your friend/s
-Which disney Princess he/she is the most like in your opinion and why
-Any contribution that tu like from your friend/s

So that's the basics, but please add más if tu want to because I'm out of ideas for topics.

Please comentario and I can't wait to read your artículos and when tu write them don't forget...
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posted by sweetie-94
I decided to mostrar tu my DP collection which will be in parts since it's pretty huge, here we go! There are some that I wan't take with for example I used to own a pair of DP tattoos, but I threw them away, but most of the other things will be shown!

First I will be mostrando tu my DP stickers:

Quite a lot ones, right? I think I have over 100 stickers in total!
Next I will mostrar tu my DP coloring book:

I've already started with coloring a little bit and as I dicho in one of my wallposts it has my 6 favorito! princesses in it.

Next I'll mostrar tu my DP poster:
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New people are coming in this spot everyday, and then they want to write their own articulo & I think it's about time someone wrote a detailed tutorial on how to write one, because it's no easy task. So I decided to do it. This articulo is mainly for people who want to learn, but if the experienced can think of any other tips, please comment.

Step 1: Think of a topic
Most of the artículos on this site are opinion articles, like "My favorito! Princesses" o "My favorito! Princess Movies". These are fun to do, but be careful when choosing the lista tu want to write. The best ideas for opinion articles...
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"Would tu like to stay for dinner?" mulan asked Shang.
Then grandma Fa shouted from the other side, "Would d'ya like to stay forever?"
"Dinner would be great." Shang dicho with a smile that made Mulan's corazón flutter. Shang thought to himself "Forever(with Mulan) doesn't sound to bad either!"
"Is Little Brother here papa?" mulan asked.
Fa Zhou answered "He should be here, call for him."
Shang thought to himself again "Crap. Crap. Crap. Another family member!".
"Little Brother! Little Brother!" mulan called loudly. Shang was relieved to find that this "Little Brother" was just a dog.
"Come here," Mulan...
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posted by sweetie-94
Here is my opinion on the best DP hair, once again my number 1 is going to surprise, but like I have dicho before I hope tu will have a wonderful lectura time and don't forget to leave a comment! I'm basing it mostly after how many of the different styles that I love.

10. Cinderella

I don't like her hair that much, it looks like it could fit a doll rather than a cartoon character because it looks plastic to me. The only hairstyle that I amor is the low ponytail in around the beginning. The hairstyle that I hate the most is the bun that she has on the ball and in the end with a veil, I'm...
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This time around, mulan is not listed - although the movie en general, general is very down to earth, there is a little bit magic, mainly Mushu's transformation from stone into flesh. But those sequences are too short to be considered here.

9. Princess and the Frog: There is a lot of magic going on in Princess and the Frog – but since the magic of Facilier belongs into the category villain song, only the transformations at the very end (Ray to estrella and Tiana and Naveen into humans) will be taken into account here. And it’s at the bottom of the lista for a simple reason: They are not memorable....
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posted by blablablu95
Here is the Interview of Chesire who became a DP fan of the Month! Please read her interview!

1. How do tu feel to be voted as fan of the Month?
YAY!! Thank tu so much! I feel so honored and lucky to become one of the 'Fan of the Month'. I never really thought I'd be chosen to be one. So thank tu so much guys! :D

2. Which is your favorito! Princess and Prince?
Hmm, as of now my favorito! princess is Cinderella. I just amor her simplicity and elegance. And I especially amor her voice. <3
As for the prince, it's always been Aladdin. I amor his rebellious, caring, sweet and funny personality....
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10 Snow White

Snow White is pretty. Although she is referred as a young woman with skin as white as the snow, lips as red as a rose and hair as dark as a raven I don’t find her that beautiful. I don’t like her hair, the shape of her face and her nose.

9 Rapunzel

Rapunzel has beautiful hair, I amor both her long- blonde and short- brown hair. She has lovely eyes- color but her eyes are too big. The problem with Rapunzel is that she is 3D princess and her features seem weird to me. I’d prefer her as 2D, she would be más beautiful. Now she’s just cute and pretty.

8 Aurora
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Everyone, please give disneyfan500 a round of applause for being voted as February's fan of the month! She has contributed a lot and really deserves it. :)

1. How does it feel to be disney Princess fan of the month?

I was shocked to be honest because it was only my segundo mes of being here and so many other people have been here longer that haven't been fan of the mes yet.

2. How did tu discover Fanpop?

I was actually searching for disney princess clubes LOL. And I happened to come upon this one.

3. Who is your favorito! princess and why? Your least favorite?

My favorito! princess is jazmín because...
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Ariel was walking through the castillo halls, observing the portraits hung up everywhere. She missed all those times with her family, before she got married to Eric.
"Ariel?" someone called.
She turned around. "Charming! How's Snow?"
Her brother walked up to her. "Heartbroken. That retard left her for some reason."
Ariel's corazón sank. "Ohhh, poor Snow..."
"Which is why I'm not allowing him in this castle," he continued.
Ariel hit the wall. "What? Char, don't tu think that's kind of cruel?"
Charming shook his head. "Serves him right for leaving Snow." His gaze was fixed at her for a moment.
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I didn't base this of my opinions. This lista is based of which princess cine the critics like/dislike.

10. Pocahontas

Rating: 55/100
Consensus: Pocahontas means well, and has moments of startling beauty, but it's largely a bland, uninspired effort, with uneven plotting and an unfortunate lack of fun.

9. The Princess and the Frog

Rating: 84/100
Consensus: The warmth of traditional disney animación makes this occasionally lightweight fairy-tale update a lively and captivating confection for the holidays.

8. Mulan

Rating: 86/100
Consensus: Exploring themes of family duty and honor,...
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I couldn’t resist. I had a sudden urge to write this article. I don’t know why, because I usually don’t speak about “hotness” in any kind of way. But anyways, I think this lista is awfully similar to my favorito! prince list. I have different reasons for the placements, though, and while escritura this I actually found out that I do think about hotness of the princes… erm… every day. I just don’t say anything aloud. Just in case if tu haven’t read my link, please read it first otherwise tu won’t understand a word I’m saying.

9. Adam
I’ve dicho this before: I think that Adam...
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This articulo is based on my opinions only. Before we start, I have to say that I really amor almost all of the princes, not just like. So that’s why I’m going to be a bit harsh on some of them.

9. Adam

Yeah, I really have him this low. I do like him at the start and in the end when he’s a human. In between he’s just this wannabe temperamental loner who falls in love… yuck! I mean c’mon! You’re temperamental but you’re passive. That’s kind of odd mixture. Plus, he made himself amor Belle. I know he kind of had to do it but still it really makes me sick. Adam is the only...
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Meanwhile thousands of miles away(Scene 20)......

Bobby: Where do ya think we R now?
Peggy: Beats me, but I'd rather die than go 2 somewhere lik this.
Rodney: Ur already in a place lik this.
Peggy: Really? There's another location that is rotten and icky lik where we R rite now?
Rodney: Um, the royal castle?
Hella and Fairy Godmother: Agreed.
Hella: U have been there B4?
Fairy Godmother: Oh yes, when I was little B4 I took this job as a fairy godmother-
Rodney: So U werent born as a fat fairy?
Fairy Godmother(Deep voice): What was that honey?
*Rodney screams and hides Bhind Hella* Uh, I didnt say anything...
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 Cheer up, your in prison
Cheer up, your in prison

21. puerto pequeño, marina is sent to prison (The Little Mermaid 3)
This was knocked out first because Benjamin was sent to prison to. i thought this one would of gone a little bit further
because Benjamin is also sent to jail, and Benjamin is pure awesome.(PercyandPotter)
I think Benjamin doesn't deserve to go to jail.(Kiaragirl200)

 Psycho teacups!
Psycho teacups!

20. LeFou and the townspeople are chased out por the encantada objects (Beauty and the Beast)
This one came last because this fate wasn't harmful to anybody. Anyone can run away and nothing happens to them except getting tired.
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
Yes, tu read it correctly...I'm escritura what I DO NOT like about them...I thought it would be a refreshing change of pace from all the other artículos I have written in the past couple of months. These aren't in any particular order...I just numbered them chronologically. Here we go...

**if tu are easily offended, tu might want to stop lectura right here...ok, no turning back now...

Snow White
 Someday her puberty will come...
Someday her puberty will come...

The voice....oh poor Snow White. I wish tu would have hit puberty at some point during your movie so your voice wouldn't come across so irritating. Not like Jessica...
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Chapter Three
Early the siguiente morning, River woke up first thing to the sun rising. He looked over to Chris, who was still out like a light. He rolled his eyes and threw his almohada at his roommate, making a perfect shot at his blond head.
"Chris, wake up. We've got some looking to do." he whispered.
Chris yawned and slowly sat up. "What?" he asked sleepily.
"Come on, if we don't start looking around outside now we'll never know exactly where we are." River responded as he started getting dressed.
Chris rubbed his eyes and glanced to the alarm clock. "Do tu even know how early it is? It's still dark...
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9.) Tiana.
 "Just because she's new"-pretty_angel92
"Just because she's new"-pretty_angel92

Most People just think that becuase of how new she is she just isn't loved around the world yet. "People don't associate her with cenicienta and the others..." sais DreamyGal. After más people know about "the Princess and the Frog" however I'm sure Tiana will get the amor she deserves.

8.) Pocahontas
 "Pocahontas doesn't even appear on merchendise"-TigerRanma
"Pocahontas doesn't even appear on merchendise"-TigerRanma

Because of how historicly inacurate this film is Pocahontas dosn't get very much recognition, even in America, so it's no wonder she's not very loved aroud the...
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