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posted by bluethunder25
OK, I dicho in a anterior articulo that Elsa may be one of the most powerful characters in disney history and arguably as powerful as Maleficent. Well that got me thinking: What would happen if these two met in a fight?

Well quite honestly, I think this would be one of the most epic battles in the history of Disney. On one side, you've got Elsa, the Snow Queen; master of cryomancy and snow. And in the other corner, tu have Maleficent, the Mistress of All Evil, dark fairy. It's hard to say just who would get the upper can in a battle like this. But to really give a statistical view on just what...
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posted by secretlife98
I look up to cenicienta because she is an amazing princess who takes pride in her personality. cenicienta never let's others bring her down, when her evil step sisters and step mother would say mean things to her and force her to be their maid she never stoop to their level. cenicienta would always stay positive and know that someday her happy ever after would come and sooner o later it did. So I think everyone should be like cenicienta and never give up hope and stoop to others level. Whenever someone mistreats tu o makes tu feel down just remember cenicienta and have hope that someday tu will have your Happily Ever After.

I hope that everyone learns something from this article.
posted by Silverrose1991
Almost everyone knows that cenicienta is my favorito! princess. I've dado my reasons for loving her many times before, but in this articulo I'll give a más detailled insight in why.

Cinderella is dreamy. I believe everybody, at some point of their lives, had a dream. A life without dreams is a sad one. Dreams brighten our día and give us something to believe in if life is suddenly unfair and cruel.

I admire cenicienta so much for believing in her dreams that words cannot describe it.

Cinderella is strong. Many "feminists" (I'm talking about the ones whose vistas I don't agree with)...
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posted by Flutey_Girl96
This is the segundo of a set of reviews and analyses that I will be doing on each disney Princess movie. I will try to be as unbiased and analytical as possible. I watch the movie so that it is fresh in my mind, and review 10 categories: the princess, the prince, the couple, the villain, other characters, the plot, animation, songs, score, and mood. I then give each category a score out of 10, then the movie as a whole receives a total score out of 100. All categories contribute equally to the final score.

 The definition of princess
The definition of princess
Princess – Cinderella
Cinderella is the definition of...
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Got inspired por dimitri_'s article, I did an articulo similar to this when I was new to escritura artículos here, if tu would like to read it clicklink

Snow White

Like I've dicho so many times before she's my favorito! disney Princess. I amor how she always makes the best out of a bad situation and that she's both a child and a mother in the movie and how funny she is and her bossy and sassy side. I also amor that she's an unjudgemental person

Favorite Outfit: Princess Dress with cape - the cape completes the look and makes the dress less plain looking and it's also my favorito! animated outfit...
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posted by Persephone713
Since when is being a daydreamer, and following your corazón selfish? She did not know completely what she was getting herself into, and it was still hard for her to sign the contract, besides its not like this was a one sided thing- her father didnt make things easier por putting a hold on her, and he even admitted it himself. But there are couple times where she is concerned for her father and her sisters- she says " If I become human, I will never be with my father o sisters again". So I am not going to sit and listen to anyone call her selfish anymore o use the word selfish like its not...
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posted by snowsowhite
All those people who criticize Dps and disney I think has forgot that he grew up with those, we all grew up with Disney. They criticize the princesses, not Cars, not disney fairies, only princesses, they say that they are not good role modelos but they are the best role modelos girls could have in any age, If they had barbie as role model they would be anorexic and they would give all their money in clothes, barbie is the role model that do the girls in those ages victims of a consumer society, making them buy más and más clothes, did the mothers that believe the critics wan't that. Disney...
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Now it's Jasmine's turn, we've reached the ethnic princesses so alot of my choices may seem cliche. Heck, tu probably already know who's #1.

5.Gemma Arterton
Prince of Persia wasn't all that good but this young lady did a great performance. Gemma has the essence of royalty and can clearly play a girl power princess. But she's white and European so she can only go so far.

4.Anchal Joseph
For those who don't know, this girl was on a season of America's siguiente parte superior, arriba Model apparently. Anyway, as soon as I saw her face, I immediately thought of Jasmine. She has the exact same facial features...
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Well I hope you'll enjoy this articulo :)

Snow White: Red bow

I've already explained why I amor the bow in 2 other articles, but as I've dicho before I've always loved this bow ever since I was a child and I will always have this as my favorito! accessory, it's so cute and I have the same hairstyle so I suit in bows perfectly well.

Cinderella: Blue headband

As tu know I really hate the bun, but the headband is very lovely and of course it suits the dress perfectly. I also amor how sparkly the headband is and I would amor to wear this headband someday.

Aurora: Golden tiara

I would...
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posted by DreamyGal
Well, what can I say. I'm bored at work, and thought about escritura a little bit about my favorito! princesses, so here they are...

9. Mulan
I don’t hate Mulan; I just like the others better. I admire her for her bravery and strength. She sacrificed herself to save her Father; that’s amor people. My favorito! line from her movie is “The greatest gift and honor... is having tu for a daughter”. It is such a loving and powerful line.
 Who is that girl I see?
Who is that girl I see?

8. Snow White
Snow White is so innocent and sweet, how can tu not adore her? I amor her sweet spirit and the fact that she keeps on...
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Users have been picking their least favorito! character for each round. Thank tu to all of tu who took part in this countdown! So here are the results:

19. The Matchmaker
 Too skinny ... not good for bearing sons.
Too skinny ... not good for bearing sons.
I was so surprised this stern lady o man left first... yeah not really. Nobody liked her because she is the most loathsome character in the movie and she isn't truly important to the plot to begin with.

''I could see the movie doing very well without even exposing the audience to the matchmaker, let alone her snobbish, inconsiderate tendencies. Mulan...
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Well let's get to it, also note: it took me 7hours 13minutes and 46 segundos to get all of this straight.

Disney movie list: parte superior, arriba 15
2. Snowwhite (came WAY up)
5.Beauty and The beast
6. Lion King (came up 4 places)
7. Mulan
8.Pirates of the Caribbean (if that counts)
9.The princess and the frog (came WAY up)
10. Enchanted
11. Tangled
12. Hunch back of Notre Dame
13.Pocahontas (though I have ranted About why I hate it ...if tu forget about history it's a good film)
14.SleepingBeauty (it's not my cup of tea, I find it sort of boring but it's still high on my list)
15. Toy Story (it...
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The segundo articulo for the Best disney Songs countdown, as voted por fanpop, mostrando the songs in 67st-56th place.

67. 'The Mob Song'- Beauty and the Beast

Yet again, another Beauty and the Beast song has left the coutdown.. what a surprise. I'm not saying this song is amazing o even particularly good, I admit it's not one of my favourties but I do think that it deserves to stay in the countdown más than some other songs that are left.

The song is about Gaston and a group of villagers making their way through the woods to kill the beast. It received 16% of the vote

The fact that the song...
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posted by pulgaenana
hola people on fanpop :D
Remember me? eeeh? Well I remember a loooong hace por march I comentó about having a disney theme quinces (if tu don't know what "quinces" are it's exactly like Sweet 16... but with 15... and in latin america :b)
But if tu have the traditional idea of the quinces naaah... I had the less conventional party ever e.e

I dicho I was posting pictures but I forgot, ugh... sorry. Well, after months here it is, hope tu enjoy (:
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posted by TheFabulousFAN
Well I've been on fanpop (particularly disney Princess) for a couple months now but out of all the artículos I've written i haven't told tu a lot about me so with out further ado let me tell tu about myself

My full name is Olivia Annabelle Fontaine o O.A.F
My birthday is August 28, 1998

What I look like...i guess
I wear glasses but try to wear contacts when ever I can, I'm a blonde o dirty blonde (depending on the light and season) I have brown eyes and I'm 15 I have a roundish face so people dicho I looked like Lottie when I had my hair short now that it has grown back people say I look like...
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posted by awkwardanna
Pocahontas and John Smith
-smacks Disney- NO HISTORICAL ACCURACY GOSH GO AWAY and er, I just really saw no chemistry o amor between them.

Ariel and Eric
I felt like their amor was quite shallow, like she was all like "Dayum, he's fine. Lemme become human so I can kiss that boy!" and while he was kind, and she witnessed it, I just didn't feel it was real.

Snow White and The Prince
This is basically again because of a lack of chemistry. I found it quite heroic that he saved her, but she was like, what? 14 (I think)? So I always was a little uncomfortable with that.

Jasmine and Aladdin
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posted by deedragongirl
 So good to see them together!
So good to see them together!
Since the 4 piece boy band are popular in Asia, including Malaysia. Here are my song choices from this British boy-band.

1) Don't Wanna Lose tu Again

The 3 classic princes will sing this to their respective princesses, even Prince Eric will sing this at the end while rescuing Ariel!

2) Like A Rose

From the Beast's perspective, he will sing this song about Belle and especially about the Rose as a constant reminder to break the spell.

3) Trust Me

aladdín and jazmín will sing this a duet, in this song, aladdín tells Princess jazmín to trust him!

4) Waiting for Daylight

Moments before the final...
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 Enchantress in disguise!
Enchantress in disguise!
Hi guys, I did a encuesta earlier and a sudden realisation about the Enchantress had struck me. So, I will write an interesting theory about her!

Beauty and the Beast

We first seen her in the Prologue as an old woman, when Prince Adam spurned her. Her true nature is shown and in retaliation, she turned him into a beast and tells him that only true loves can redeem him inside, as well as the outside.

Cinderella (2015)

Upon re-watching this, I just found out that the Fairy Godmother is actually the Enchantress herself. Only this time, when she turns into her true self, she changes her appearance and that she must have been watching Ella the whole time, I suspect that she doesn't want Ella to suspect that her beloved Fairy Godmother might have cursed Prince Adam!

Do tu Agree?

I was really surprise por this theory, considering that it is set in France! o is it just another disney doppelganger?
 Her live action from cenicienta
Her live action from Cinderella
 Her segundo form.
Her second form.
 Her true form with Adam.
Her true form with Adam.
Like I dicho the princess list, this just a vista previa of how well Moana does if o when she joins the lineup, so it's a smaller pool of users, no frases from users and no extravagant pics. Without further ado, let's get to it.

12. Brave-196 points

Fanpop is not very kind to this film at all, much like its princess. pixar made a very halfassed attempt at escritura a disney Princess movie and strangely, it doesn't feel like a disney film o a pixar film. Some may even compare it to early 2000s Dreamworks. (read: Shrek) People also find this movie to be a rushed mess with the only well done aspect...
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Wow, ok. It's been five years (oh lordy) since I last wrote one of these, and with a new princess officially in the lineup I think it's high time I revisited my list. Let's do this.

12. Rapunzel

Uuuuuuuuuuuuugh Rapunzellllllllllllllllllll I really wish I liked her más than I do. The funny thing is that I actually think she's a great character and she's also one of my most relatable DPs, but despite this she just doesn't do it for me. There are two primary reasons for this. Firstly, she is not a particularly believable character for me. Seriously, no one would be that socially well-rounded after...
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