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posted by Windrises
Princess Anna and queen Elsa got invited to a fancy party. Elsa made sure that she and Anna dressed fancy.

Anna dicho "This outfit is uncomfortable." Anna's dress was warm, long, and she had a mildly hard time breathing.

Elsa dicho "It's meant to be fancy."

Anna dicho "It's too fancy."

Elsa dicho "Nothing can be too fancy."

Anna dicho "Whatever."

Elsa dicho "You better be on your best behavior."

Anna dicho "I'll try, but I can't promise tu anything."

Anna and Elsa went to the party. Alice Kingsleigh was there. She was a ship captain who saved Underland. She was wearing her ship captain outfit.

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 Tonight! Tonight!
Tonight! Tonight!
Hi guys, since there was a encuesta about these 2 movies. It would be interesting if I were to compare both movies.


Okay, many of tu all know about her real-life story. However, in the disney adaptation of her life. She first set eyes on John Smith, to whom she will save later on in the movie.
When I watched this film again, they remind me of both Maria & Tony due to the fact that they are of different ethnicity and difficult complications arose when both parties declare war with each other.
During the fight between John Smith & Kocuum, the scene resembles to the Rumble between...
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~PART ONE~The girls I respect
~PART TWO~The girls I love

The final two on my lista consist of the girls I adore because they represent qualities of what I want to have. They are my favorito! but they have flaws that I can't stand of them. What's funny about these two is that while one, has always been my favorite, the other was once my least favorite. For a while, I couldn't decide how to rank them. Who to put first. Who to put second. Then I realized I didn't have to rank these two. They are tied because I amor them both that much.
I did something a little different with this part. I love...
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 Belle and Beast - 'Beauty and the Beast'
Belle and Beast - 'Beauty and the Beast'
1 Belle and Beast - 'Beauty and the Beast'

Sometimes it's the little details, like lady Lumiere in the background and dude!Belle's glasses in his pocket.

2 Cruella de Vil - '101 Dalmatians'

And sometimes it's just being uncomfortably attracted to one of the most evil people in the disney lexicon.

3 Elsa - 'Frozen'

There would be no eternal winter with this smoking hot King on the Thorne.

4 Esmeralda - 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'

Did God help the outcasts get ripped? Because dayum.

5. Hades - 'Hercules'

This makeover makes her derisive 'He's a man!' line even better.

6 Sophie and Howl - 'Howl's Moving...
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posted by TheMusicalMolls
These are simply based on how much I like/admire/relate to that character, and it's only my opinion, so tu don't have to agree with it. :) Let's begin!

12. Aurora
 Pretty, yes, but where's the personality?
Pretty, yes, but where's the personality?

She doesn't do much at all, and for me to like someone they have to actually DO something. She only gets 18 minutos of screen time in the whole movie, and only 18 lines! She's pretty and graceful and all, but I don't see any real personality o character in her, just a bland princess space-filler.

11. Elsa
 I think it's time to let Elsa go.
I think it's time to let Elsa go.

Honestly I don't know why the world is so obsessed...
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posted by 220340
 Rapunzel, anna, and ariel
Rapunzel, anna, and ariel
Did tu ever know that Elsa and Anna had a cousin? Well tu do now! Elsa and Anna have a cousin and there cousin is Rapunzel. Never knew that? Now tu know. Rapunzel is cousins with the sisters Elsa and Anna. Rapunzel seems like she forgot she had cousins. I am not sure about Elsa and Anna if they forgot they had a cousin. How are they cousins? Elsa and Anna's mom is the sister of Rapunzel's mom. Now they are Cousins. Another weird thing. Both shows are created por the same person. I never knew they were cousins till I saw a YouTube mostrar that dicho they were cousins. Another weird thing. Ariel...
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posted by gigglingjasmine
fanpop is a wonderful webside which is easy and enjoyable to use. tu can tell your opinions, write your artículos and tu know people are always going to hear them carefully. The most amazing part of it is that tu hear different opinions, negative o possitive, but in the end of the día the opinion tu once have can change and be más possitive o más negative, but people will still be here to listen to your opinions. Every single one of us is a part of my world, we are a small family. We have encuestas and quizzes. encuestas are very enjoyable, but believe me there's no such thing as escritura articles...
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posted by shanyuisboss
I really enjoy canto and happen to amor the DP canto voices, so I decided to go ahead and write out my lista and explain my reasonings. This is entirely my opinion, so no hate comentarios please. Without further ado, here's the list:

11. Rapunzel

I amor all the DP voices to be honest, so even though she is last I will admit she has a good voice. First of all, she sings with lots of emotion and has a really clear sound to her voice. Her voice suits Rapunzel very well and Mandy Moore really knows how to bring out Rapunzel's personality in the songs. However, although I amor Mandy Moore's voice,...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
mulan was still struggling in school. She couldn't manage to bring inicial any good grades, at all. Her parents had told her that she needed to bring her grades up.

Meanwhile, Snow White had just escaped from the woman, when she ran straight into mulan when walking down the street.

"Whoops! Sorry!" Snow White said, apologizing about this to Mulan.

"Oh, it's fine!" mulan replied to her, "I didn't see tu coming."

"You look really stressed. Are tu okay?" Snow White asked her.

How could she know that I'm upset? mulan wondered to herself.

"Oh, yeah. It's no big deal though, don't worry."

"Are tu sure?...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Ariel woke up.

"Other person? Are tu awake?"

Belle was not awake.

Ariel sighed.

She then noticed that there was a cut in her finger.

How did I get this?

Ariel wondered if there was anything sharp near where she was laying. She checked. Nothing.

Then how did I get this cut?

She had an idea. But she was going to need "the other one"'s support.


Belle woke up.

Ariel immediately got to her feet. "I need your help!"

"Um... Okay," Belle responded, "With what exactly?"

"I need tu to help me figure out how I got this cut." Ariel told Belle.

"Well, I don't know if I could figure that out." Belle...
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 Tygers_Eye's lovely icono :)
Tygers_Eye's lovely icon :)
Hola! As most of tu probably know, I have taken the liberty of restarting fan of the mes after a few months of inactivity due to Crazy_Rawr's absence. This is the first FOTM interview in months and it's with Tygers_Eye, FOTM for May. MalloMar provided the questions. Well, here's the long awaited interview :)

1. Congratulations! How does it feel to be fan of the Month?

A little surprising. I just learned that I won fan of the mes for May 2014. Since's it's now October, I imagine my shock.

2. Your favorito! Princess and why?

Princess Tiana. I think she has a great combination of admirable...
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posted by faya27
WARNING: This chapter has some unpleasant scary elements.

Chapter 5

Like Eric, everybody else went to sleep. However, there is one person that did not go to bed.

"AAAAAAAARRRRRRGH! I can't believe this!" A deep female voice screeched. Ursula came inicial late at midnight, stomping inside her house.

"What is, Ursula?" A young whispery male voice asked. His name is Flotsam. He was a lanky man around 29 with dark blonde hair, and dressed up in all green. Another guy, standing siguiente to him, is his brother, Jetsam, who is also tall and lanky and dressed up in green clothing, only with dark brown hair.

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I used to give into the hype and I still like her but I've recently realized that she's not that strong o effective of a villain. I've never seen the Angelina Jolie live action movie and quite honestly I don't think I ever will. This is all based on the original Sleeping Beauty.

Now, Maleficent definitely has the classic villain personality (sinister, petty, arrogant) and aesthetic. (she can turn into a dragon, and green fuego is cool) She's one of the most quotable and meme-able villains in all of Disney. In fact, I think she's the one who really perfected the look and feel of a "Disney Villain"...
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I don't really like Lindsay Ellis at all but I never thought I'd see the día where I agree with her on something and she'd have a video that perfectly sums up how I feel about disney today.

I was watching her Beauty and the Beast 2017 review and she pretty much hit the nail on the head of all my issues. She was basically complaining about how years of whiny, nitpicky nobodies on the internet like tu and me going on and on about "plothole" this and "problematic" that regarding disney cine has pretty much resulted in the hot culo messes modern disney films are today. How Beauty and the Beast...
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Out of the entire princess lineup, only three of them were the biggest part of my childhood. cenicienta was sorta part of my childhood but mainly the Brandi Norwood version because I preferred that one over the animated version. And I’m not counting Rapunzel because her movie came out when I was almost an adult.

3. Mulan

A lot of tu might know that mulan is my favorito! princess and she’s been number 1 on my lista for years. I was 5 years old when I watched her movie on tape and I remember being so in amor with her and the movie immediately. mulan was one of the biggest feminist iconos in my...
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 disney has encantada us for decades with its beautiful, canto heroines.
Disney has enchanted us for decades with its beautiful, singing heroines.
As many of us know, Disney Princesses are not always viewed in a positive light. Some people believe them to be passive, codependent damsels in distress. But is this really true? o does each Princess offer a kind of strength in her own way? Here, I have carefully ranked the princesses in terms of being good role modelos for young girls. We'll start at the bottom of the lista so we can work our way towards, in my opinion, disney Princess' best role model. I have spoken to plenty of parents to make sure that I have diverse research and opinions.

9. Aurora

The third disney princess to ever...
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 Early concept art of Belle and the Beast
Early concept art of Belle and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast; often considered the botella doble, magnum opus of the Walt disney company was released on November 13, 1991. As most people know, it is the only traditionally animated film to fecha to have garnered an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. This may have been due to the approach to this film. It was so unusual for an animated film; having a screen writer, actuación director, flawless score, elements that were typically reserved for high-budget live-action films. So much care and detail was put into this film that entire libros could be written about...
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As an adult, I viewed the name Gaston of Beauty and the Beast's villian, Gaston, as Gaston's last name. I only assume its his last name because 1)the triplet girls call him "Monsieur Gaston" which is basically saying "Mr. Gaston" in the opening song called "Belle" in the reprise that Belle sings por herself the line "Madame Gaston, his little wife?" Most of the time saying "Madame (name" would be like saying Mrs. Gaston. And there's the fact Gaston is a first name but it could also be a last name as well. The name of Phantom of the Opera's author.
 This is basically Elsa's character in a nutshell.I can relate to those words easily.
This is basically Elsa's character in a nutshell.I can relate to those words easily.
Elsa is without a doubt my favorito! disney character ever because she's the one I related the most out of all the disney characters out there.Let's get into más detail why I amor her so much,shall we ;):

Originally,I didn't amor Elsa that much,I thought she was okay and felt neutral about her.That is until I re-watched the movie 2 months hace and from that día on,I realized just how much I have in common with her.
It was like I was seeing myself in her,for me that meant so much,and I'm thankful for that.
tu see,my mom told me to hold back my emotions at school because I have big anger issues...
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Just a quick articulo to compare Gaston to the Beast and decide who is really the villain...

Gaston: Vain, selfish and doesn't really care about anyone else.
Beast: Spoiled, selfish, cursed for not having any amor in his heart.
Gaston: Only wants Belle because she's beautiful.
Beast: Only wants Belle because she's the first girl who's come along since the curse.
Gaston: Locks up Belle and her father.
Beast: Locks up Maurice and keeps Belle prisoner.
Gaston: Relatively level-headed. Acts más out of jealousy than anger.
Beast: Quick temper. Yells a lot for...
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