I'm not just a princess tu know. That's only half of who I am!
Alright, this articulo is going to be really bad and thrown together, but I need to write it while I still have the words. I get really tired of people hating on any princess, but this is the complaint that gets on my nerves the most: jazmín has everything and still wants more! Doesn't she get how lucky she is?

I'm hoping this articulo will get Jasmine's motives across to you, because I'm really going through the same thing. I have a nice house, my parents both have jobs and are happily married, I got a scholarship to the high school of my dreams, I go to disney World once a year, and my brother is amazing. But there's always this deep longing for something more.

jazmín knows her life is great- she's not stupid. She realizes that she lives in a paradise. But, as it often turns out, the one thing she really needs is the one thing she can't have- freedom. jazmín is a free spirit who just wants to go out and do something, anything, on her own. She wants to break away from her dull routine of wake up, get pampered, go to sleep. Remind tu of another princess who wanted more? Unlike that princess, however, it is literally impossible for jazmín to go after her freedom without breaking the rules and disregarding responsibility. Sure, it wasn't very smart, but Jasmine's only 15- even younger than Ariel! So I want tu to imagine something:

There's this one thing tu need. It's not a material thing, it's a longing. A deep longing for something indescribable. It tugs at your heart, and drives tu insane every time tu think about it. Your life is dull and uneventful, and tu feel the only way to find that one thing is por leaving it behind forever. Would tu go? Would tu go, so that tu can finally complete yourself, your soul? o would tu remain broken forever, trapped in a world of oro encrusted walls and false smiles?

I'm fine if tu still want to say Jasmine's a bitchy little brat. I just wanted to see if maybe I could make someone understand. If after lectura this tu can honestly say that her running away was unfounded, then be my guest. But, if you've made it this far, than thank tu for lectura and trying to understand *gives warm pie*