Well, here's part two of the results from the Most Similar Pairs of Princesses Countdown. These are the pairs thought to generally be relatively similar, and they get más and más similar as the lista goes on... and ultimately, which pair will get #1? Read this articulo to find out!!!

20. Ariel and Snow White

Ariel and Snow White are thought to have a lot of similarities. Both members of this pair are young, bubbly, naive, and fun. However, people also think that Snow White is a lot más contented than Ariel, and several people who voted for this pairing also think that Snow White is calm and shy.

“Ariel goes out to fulfill her dreams. She takes risks. Snow White does not.”- ppgbelle4

“But Ariel is a fun - loving dreamer and Snow White is calm.”-LionaChoco

“Snow White comes off as really innocent and sweet. She would probably be quiet and shy. Ariel is a little más loud and expressive!”-breebree446

“I think Snow White & Ariel are a lot alike, actually.
Snow White isn't calm o shy!”-princesslullaby

“Snow White is so calm and kind and shy. Ariel is outgoing, rebellious, and energetic.”-bellelena

19. Ariel and Mulan

Both of these princesses are thought to be very stubborn about going after what they want, as well as being very Valiente and risky. But Ariel is thought to be selfish, and mulan is thought to be selfless. Ariel is also generally considered to have a younger personality, and tends to have her head in the clouds más often, and Ariel is thought más to be of a "boyfriend" person, while mulan is thought to focus más on her family.

“I find Ariel más adventurous than Mulan”- Tigressfan10689

"Ariel & mulan are both determined. However, Ariel can be considered selfish while what mulan did was very selfless. mulan is clumsy and makes a lot of mistakes that make people angry at her (aka her first día in the army), while people seem to amor Ariel's mistakes. Ariel somehow makes hers seem charming and innocent. Ariel is más fun and girly, mulan is más laidback. Ariel is a dreamer."-princesslullaby

"Ariel ran away from inicial to chase after a guy. mulan ran away from inicial to be a guy. Ariel's reasons for running away were a lot más selfish; she wanted to see her mysterious man again and live happily ever after. mulan only wanted to protect her father who would die if he was sent to war. They both have different views; mulan is más family-oriented while Ariel is más of a "lover" "- lepetitsouris

"Ariel and mulan both ran away from home, they are both very determined and brave, and they are making extreme measures to get what they want. However, they do it for very different reason. mulan is devoted to her family, and she does everything for them and neglecting her wishes , while Ariel leaves her family in order to fulfill her wishes. Also, Ariel's story revolves around romance and it's Ariel's main motive, while Mulan's story doesn't focus on romance at all."-cromulanfav

18. Belle and Jasmine

Belle and jazmín are thought to have two things in common: both dream for a different life and that both didn't like their conceited suitors. But that's where their similarities are thought to end, since jazmín is thought to be much más impatient and active in carrying out her plans than Belle, who is thought to be much más responsible and más long-term in her dreams.

“TBH I think they would hate each other. jazmín would hate Belle for having so much freedom and not going after it, Belle would hate jazmín for having a good life and abandoning responsibility. Plus I cannot see jazmín falling for the Beast in anyway, she would leave the castillo immediately if she took her father's place, o she would've put up much más of a fight before taking her father's place.”-princesslullaby

“Belle has dreams, just as Jasmine, but jazmín wants freedom and she runs away from the palace, and Belle wouldn`t leave her inicial for freedom o maybe even to make her dreams come true.”-LionaChoco

“I pick this mostly because it trumps the others when I thin about it. They are from different countries, economic situations, Belle wants to leave but has responsibilities whereas jazmín is bored with her life.”-hrrypttrfn328

“I think one of the only things they have in common is that they didn't settle for someone who just wanted them for their beauty.”-VGfan30

17. Belle and Pocahontas

Basically, this pairing is considered to not be the most similar o the most different. Some perceived similarities include that both are loyal to their families and both would not take anyone as a husband. But Belle is generally thought to be less determined and más of an outcast, and this pair is thought to have a completely different relationship with their loves.

“Belle is less ambitious, she longs for adventure but doesn't go after it. Pocahontas doesn't even pregunta wanting adventure, she just goes down waterfalls. Belle is thought of as odd and made fun of for it, Pocahontas' tribe loves her oddness and listens to it. Pocahontas runs off to meet John Smith, they're immediately attracted, Belle hates the Beast, runs away from him. Belle/Beast not together until the end, Pocahontas/John together and then seperate at the end.”-princesslullaby

“Belle would mostrar Pocahontas a book and she'd scream "MURDERER!" at her. xD”-Straggy

16. Ariel and Pocahontas

People generally think that this pair is in all o nothing deal: either that these two are exactly alike in one regard, o they are the opposite. Both of these princesses are thought to be very adventurous, free-spirited, loved, and daring. But they also have a very large amount of perceived differences, including Ariel's selfishness compared to Pocahontas's selflessness, Ariel's bubbliness compared to Pocahontas's seriousness, and Ariel's girliness compared to Pocahontas's tomboyishness.

“Ariel basically will sacrifice nothing for others and is selfish while Pocahontas would sacrifice anything for her tribe.”-lepetitsouris

“Ariel's fun and Pocahontas is so stiff”-KataraLover

“I think these two share a lot in common, except for one thing. Ariel picked a man over her people. Pocahontas didn't.”- lepetitsouris

“Pocahontas is boring, mature and serious, Ariel is funny, immature and irresponsible, Pocahontas leaves her amor for family and people, Ariel leaves her people and family for a guy. And Ariel is much más girly”- cromulanfav

15. jazmín and Tiana

Coming from such different backgrounds, these two are thought to have a few things in common, most notably their determination to get what they want. But Tiana works much harder than Jasmine, and Tiana is thought of as más realistic, while jazmín is thought of as a dreamer.

"Tiana works hard to reach her goals, while jazmín just lies around complaining and whining about how hard her life is."- lepetitsouris

"Tiana knows she must work to make her dreams come true and jazmín tries to make them true, butnot with working."- LionaChoco

"jasmine is a princess that has everything she wants (material things) and dosen't have to work o do anything, but she is lonely and she is más of a dreamer, tiana has to work hard to have the money to pursue her dream, she is más realistic"- luinwen

14. Belle and Snow White

Belle and Snow White is a pair that is generally though of as not too similar o too different. While both are thought of as princessy and gentle, they differ in their general attitude- the cheery, naive, contented Snow White's nature contrasts with the más serious, seasoned, and longing nature that Belle has.

"Snow White is cheerful, childish positive, naive and she is happy with ordinary life, Belle is serious, mature, and wants más than provincial life"- cromulanfav

"Snow White is kinda naive unlike Belle"- CuteDiana

13. Belle and Tiana

Basically, the perceived differences in this pair are their wants and dreams. Tiana is not thought to want adventure o daydream, and works very hard all the time. Belle in contrast is thought to want adventure and she daydreams about it, but is thought not to have the drive to pursue her dreams. The most noted similarity between the two of them was that neither one of them was impressed with their prince at first.

"Tiana doesn't want adventure, has a single, self sufficiant mother, goes after her dreams, and doesn't sit around all día soñar despierto (I'm pretty sure that whole "Almost There" montage was a one time thing). Belle runs on mountaintops canto about adventure, has a single, helpless father, doesn't go after her dream (she may have had reasons, I'm not going to go into it), and daydreams/reads all day."-firegirl1515

"Belle has many dremas and she wants a new life, but she does nothing to make her dream come true, and Tiana works a lot to have money for her dream."-LionaChoco

"Belle likes lectura and is kind of passive type. I don't think that Belle works a lot either. Tiana's hands are full of work. She's más like "I'll do this because I decided to do this". I think Tiana has stronger personality.
What they do have in common is that Tiana really doesn't care who Naveen was before and Belle doesn't care who Adam was before (like Naveen was this womanizer and Adam was selfish and rude)."- FullMoonFever

12. Pocahontas and Tiana

These princesses have differences mostly relating to their differences of Poca having multiple things on her agenda, while Tiana is thought to be más dedicated to her one thing (her restaurant). Read the comentarios for más reasons:

"Pocahontas loses a bit of personality with her prince. Tiana gains a bit of personality with her prince. Tiana has only a mother, Poca has only a father. Poca's best friend is rational and tries to keep her out of trouble. Tiana's best friend is irrational, wild, and fun, and she has to help keep her out of trouble. Poca doesn't seem to like working much, and she only does when she has to. Tiana works all día every día as a choice. Poca is wild and fun, and Tiana needs to loosen up. Poca knows that she needs to find her path, whereas Tiana thinks she's on the right track although she isn't."- firegirl1515

"Pocahontas is más carefree, Tiana has a lot on her mind. Pocahontas seems to be this big thinker and dreamer, Tiana just sort of has one thing on her mind: her restaurant. Tiana seems like a one-track mind kind of girl, Pocahontas likes to stop and smell the roses."

11. Aurora and Belle

Both of these princesses are generally thought to be romantic, gentle, caring, princess-like, and are generally thought to be less proactive than some of the más modern princesses. The differences mostly stem from the fact that Belle is thought to be much más clever, outspoken, and curious than Aurora.

"Aurora's not really smart and Belle is"-bubbles4u22

"Aurora is extremely shy, polite and obedient and Belle doesn't mind telling tu where to stick it!"- DreamyGal

"Belle is más outspoken and witty, and doesn't really listen to what she's told, hence when she's told not to go in the West Wing, she does. Aurora on the other hand listens to the hadas and somehow ends up with her true love. She doesn't break any rules o anything."-lepetitsouris

"Belle's outspoken and curious. Aurora's told she's a princess and we never see her express even slight curiosity. In her position I think Belle would have many preguntas and would insist on being told what the heck was going on. Aurora seems to just sadly accept it with no preguntas o interest in the details of her true identity and new life.
Belle's also más reckless and stubborn. If Aurora was having instructions screamed at her por Beast (COME TO DINNER! DON'T GO TO THE WEST WING! etc) she'd do what she was told."-lepetitsouris

10. jazmín and Mulan

Both of these princesses are thought to know what they want and to go after it, and both of them are not thought of as damsels-in-distresses. But the differences mostly stem from the fact that jazmín is a princess, while mulan is only a princess in the sense of the franchise. jazmín is considered to be graceful, romantic, girly, and confident, which contrasts sharply with Mulan's clumsiness, less romantic nature, tomboyishness, and unsure of herself.

"Mulan is más of a tomboy, jazmín is girlier. mulan is clumsy, jazmín is graceful. jazmín is a born princess, mulan is . . . well, technically she's not a princess. jazmín has a pet tiger, mulan has a pet dog. mulan has chores, jazmín has servants. mulan runs away and doesn't get brought back, jazmín gets caught. jazmín was always romantic with her prince, mulan wasn't. Mulan's villain is an evil badass with an army backing him who wants to gain power through awesome evil hostile takeover, Jasmine's villain is an evil jackass with a bird backing him trying to gain power through hypnotism and the magic lamp.

jazmín is captured por her villain, and mulan beats hers . . . TWICE. mulan also never gets saved por anybody. And jazmín has this confidence about her that mulan lacks for the most part of the film (even after I'll Make a Man Out of you, mulan was awkward because she was surrounded por guys). jazmín isn't afraid to speak her mind to and displease her father, and if the Sultan gets angry at her she just acts moody and pissed. mulan was afraid to displease her parents, and when she finally spoke her mind to them and got yelled at, she cried (but since Fa Zhou is a much más intimidating character than the Sultan, it was perfectly okay)."- firegirl1515

"Mulan's very clumsy and tomboyish, jazmín is girly and flirty, graceful."- princesslullaby

"Jasmine's girly, Mulan's a tomboy.
mulan couldn't past the test, everything that is to be a woman and stay home, and pour tea. She went to war.

Jasmine, well, she DID leave home, but she's más feminine."-chericherry

9. cenicienta and Tiana

Continuing down the parte superior, arriba ten most similar princesses, cenicienta and Tiana both have a defining similar characteristic- both are very hard workers. However, their biggest differences seem to be their motivations- cenicienta wants to dream about a better life and going to the ball, while Tiana just focuses on obtaining money to build her restaurant. The goals that the más up-in-the-clouds cenicienta has and the más down-to-earth Tiana has are the same at first, but branch out to being different. Plus, cenicienta is thought to be más relaxed and dreamy than Tiana.

"They both hard - working, but cenicienta is very dreamy and she just wants to go to the ball and Tiana wants to earn money for her reastaurant."-LionaChoco

"While both very hardworking and polite, obviously cenicienta is only hardworking por force. cenicienta doesn't have any real ambitions in life while Tiana does. cenicienta has this charm Tiana doesn't have. And I bet cenicienta would be willing to kiss a frog! :P cenicienta has this calmess about her, Tiana is más uptight."-princesslullaby

"Cinderella doesn't work to reach her goals. Her chores actually prevent her from reaching them. On the contrare, Tiana works to get what she wants. They both have different ordeals in life. cenicienta wants a happy ever after and believes in fairytales, Tiana doesn't believe in magic and fantasy; she just wants to become successful in her occupation. Overall, Tiana is más realistic and practical than Cinderella."-lepetitsouris

"Both cenicienta and Tiana work very, very hard on a daily basis, but cenicienta is más of a dreamer, while Tiana is más of a doer."-fhghu

8. Belle and Cinderella

Both these princesses are thought of introverted, loyal, relatively passive young ladies who both do a lot of dreaming. But the difference here between them is that Belle is thought to have a lot más guts than Cinderella, and to be much más clear on what she wants.

"Belle helps her father, but she isn`t as half hard - working as Cinderella. They both dream a lot, but Belle does nothing to make her dream come true, ad Cinderella... can`t do something to make her dream come true, when she is living with her evil stepmother and stepsisters."-LionaChoco

"Tiana is más realistic, and CInderella tends to daydream. besides, Tia chooses to work, and cenicienta is forced to."-percyandpotter

7. jazmín and Pocahontas

While both of these princeses are thought of as free-spirited and independent minded, jazmín is thought to have a much bigger temper than the más even-tempered Pocahontas. Also, jazmín keeps a trait from Ariel that's different from Pocahontas-- she runs away from home.

"Jasmine is fun and Pocahontas is so stiff"- KataraLover

"Jasmine is más temperamental and has this angry temper when expressing her ideas. She's quickwitted. Pocahontas seems más "wise", but not very calle smart. Pocahontas is más polite when expressing her opinions, not very angry o forceful. jazmín leaves the palace, Pocahontas feels a duty to her people."-princesslullaby

"Both Poca nad Tiana are american and they both try their best to impress their fathers, however, Tiana needed to learn that there is más to life than hard work, and Pocahontas learns that even for a promise, her friend Naomi had to tell Kocoum for the saftey of her friend."-Tigressfan10689

6. Aurora and Snow White

Aurora and Snow White are earlier princesses both considered to have the sweet, lovely, romantic temperament characteristic of many of Disney's earliest heroines. But the differences between these two are often age-related-- the mature, relaxed, pessimistic, graceful Aurora contrasts with young, energetic, optimistic, bubbly Snow White.

"Aurora is más mature and calm, Snow White is sort of hyper and childish. Snow White seems like a jump around having fun kind of girl, Aurora would rather sit and relax. Aurora cries when she's seperated from Phillip and sort of pessimistic. Snow White, actually, out of all the girls handles her break up from her prince well. She just stays hopeful that he'll come get her and doesn't focus on it."-princesslullaby

5. mulan and Pocahontas

Poca and mulan are generally thought of as quite similar heroines. They both are bold, tomboyish heroines who look out for their families and are thought to be the bravest of all the princesses. But the differences here include mulan is introverted while Pocahontas is extroverted, and that mulan has less daring moments than Poca, who dares without thinking about it. Poca is also thought to be graceful and free-spirited in contrast to Mulan's clumsy and obedient behavior.

"Pocahontas is very extroverted compared to Mulan. mulan can actually be pretty shy at times, but to me Pocahontas is like a daredevil."-ppgbelle4

"Pocahontas is very graceful and free spirited, doesnt do what people ask. mulan basically does what people ask of her (until going off to war) and is very clumsy. I find mulan to be a lot smarter than Pocahontas. Also Pocahontas is very confident in her body & skin whereas mulan is not."- princesslullaby

4. Aurora and Cinderella

This pair is thought to have a lot in common. Both of these princesses are thought to regularly dreamy and romantic, generally más passive and less rebellious than the más modern princesses, and both are generally thought to be sweet, mature, and elegant. So what separates this pair? The differences proably stem from background, with cenicienta being born as a scullery maid while Aurora was born a princess, and that cenicienta is thought to be a bit más irritable as well.

"Cinderella is sorta más edgy though not that much this is hard"- KataraLover

"Cinderella had to work to be a princess while Aurora was born with it."- lepetitsouris

"You don't really see much of Aurora in the movie to really relate her to Cinderella's hardworking skills. I see cenicienta as a más hardworking kind of person, whereas Aurora just kind of sings about being a princess. Yes, cenicienta does that too, but that really was all Aurora did, whereas cenicienta had más character to her."-boolander25

"I think cenicienta is más hardworking but just because she has to. Aurora is cheery. cenicienta is like a peasant (which she kind of is) and Aurora is much más graceful. Plus, in my opinion Aurora is más kind and dreamy."- FullMoonFever

"Cinderella is seen be más hard-working than Aurora in their movies. cenicienta does chores all the time, while Aurora is seem to have very less chores. If I can recall, one real chore Aurora did was dusting. They both wished for a better life, but the start and the outcomes on the risks they take are somewhat different. cenicienta had a very bad life and risked herself going to the royal ball and ends up falling in amor with the prince she danced with. Aurora wasn't allowed to speak to strangers while she was picking berries, yet she she sang, danced, and fell in amor with Philip. They both had shocking reactions when they came to realize the truth about their amor interest o the life they really had. They both had upsetting moments as well. Aurora was upset because she thought she'll never be able to see Philip again, to who she thought wasn't royalty. cenicienta was upset when she was locked up in her room right after her stepmother found out she was the girl who danced with the prince at the ball. With the help of their friends, they were able to make their dreams come true"-PrincessVandal

"Aurora and cenicienta are both mature, sweet, graceful, and big dreamers."- VGfan30

3. mulan and Tiana

Both of these princesses are thought to be dedicated, determined, and close to their families, earning them a very high spot on this countdown. Their differences are thought to be relatively small, but mostly including Tiana's más the follow-the-rule planning attitude vs. Mulan's uncertainty and improvisation techniques.

"Tiana's girlier, not clumsy, uptight, más responsible, doesn't cheat her way through things...etc...."-princesslullaby

"Mulan short of improvises her future. Tiana has a lot of plans for her future and she know what she wants to do. mulan really doesn't know who o what she is."-FullMoonFever

"I think so... mulan was adventerous and brave, and Tiana rather wasn`t very fun - loving and super brave."- LionaChoco

2. cenicienta and Snow White

Both of these princesses are thought to be very dreamy, optimistic, kind, caring, and sweet, thus, they have earned themselves very high places on the countdown-- even their early situations were similar. The main differences between this pair generally relate to the fact that Snow White is far más young and excitable than the graceful, mature Cinderella.

"Snow White may be a dreamer, but she más outgoing and child-like."-VGfan30

"Cinderella's a bit más mature & calm than Snow"-princesslullaby

"Snow White waited for the prince while cenicienta just went to the palace and got him"- KataraLover

"Cinderella has a very maternal nature to me, while Snow white has a very youthful nature. Cinderella's the graceful mother of the princesses, and Snow White is the perky child of the princesses."- Mermaid-Tail

1. Ariel and Jasmine

And here is our #1 pair!!! Many people couldn't think of a difference between this pairing, and both are thought of rebellious, unhappy teens who have bad fathers. So, Ariel and jazmín have been determined to be the most similar pair of princessess!

"I just find Ariel & jazmín to be very very similar."- princesslullaby

"Ariel and jazmín are exactly alike"- KataraLover

"Ariel and jazmín are both the well off but dissatisfied, almost stereotypical teens, who want a life their well intentioned but accidentally hurtful fathers can't understand."-Mermaid-Tail