Another bun, yay!

10.Tiana's bun from building site
Many people dislike this hairstyle, I have no idea why. Maybe because they, I don't know, wanted to see her hair LOOSE at once. But no, we got another - BUN, yay!

And the person who was really persistent to eliminate this one is: TigerRanma, so I gonna include some of her comentarios for this one.
"If tu don't like my bun, one out of 20, I will kick tu with this hammer"

"I don't like buns that much. She's dressed all casual in this scene. Would've been nice to see it loose here for a change instead of all the buns."

"No likie the buns"

"I don't like buns"

"Still voting for buns"

"Wow, no más buns..."

slut (I din't say this)

9. Jasmine's high ponytail
I really like this one, it goes great with whole outfit. I liked this hairstyle always, I guess that's because I'm slut deep, deep inside.

Lets see what our fanpopers have to say about it:

Like seriously, it looks so cartoony and unreal.
Garbaaage, dislike this"


" I do not like this hairstyle.It makes her look like a lion...actually like "The king of the Jungle" cause there's a HUGE crown too...!!!!" Jill_17

"This hairstyle is horrible on Jasmine. I have no idea while it's still here. And that damn Tiara, could they make it any bigger. Plus, as I dicho before, I don't jazmín would wear her hair like this. Jafar made her wear this with magic because he's a perv." VGfan30

"Is there a chance for me to win this countdown?"

8. Ariel's pinned hair
If tu ignore the rosado, rosa dress, hairstyle itself is really nice. It's cute and makes her look elegant. I think to little clips is really great way to style her voluminous hair.

But lets see what's problem with it:

Um- no

"meh. the little clips in it are ugly, and her bangs are flopping so much they could probably cover her entire head. it's made worse por being matched with that hideous dress." percyandpotter

"hate these clips" founten

"My favorito! hairstyle is Ariel's pinned up!" princesslullaby

see the horror on her face when she looks at the mirror

7. Belle's half updo
I have to say with chagrin that this one is so early eliminated. Sure it looks like it's little messed up and so.. And of course no one would ever wear such hairstyle with dress like that, but it's Belle, she can do whatever she wants - even wear ugly hairstyles, kidding, I like this one.

"I don't like the updos that much... this is pretty, but I like the long, flowing hair that the other candidates remaining have." AlegroGiocoso

"Belle's hair is just blegh. But I think it looks worse in this weird little "It fell out of the bun? I don't care, it'll do" style." Straggy

"Hate this hair" Anaji

6. Mulan's hair pinned with flor
I seriously have no idea how this got this far. I like almost all of her hairstyles más than this one. But I guess it's cute because her father made it. It's made with love, aaaw...

Perhaps if her dad did her hair for the matchmaker, she would find husband earlier

"It's angled funny" TigerRanma

"I like her hair all the way down, o pulled up...dont care for this particular look." DreamyGal


5.Jasmine's low ponytail
This one is really great IMO.. It looks regal and suits her great. And look all that hair, it's probably to do anything with it, but it's styled great

... and regal

"The worst out of these." VGfan30

"This is hideous." livelydebate
See, it looks greeny

4. Aurora's hair with tiara
It is of course beautiful, and it was hard to pick between this and the one with the ribbon, but in the end, this one is eliminated because her Aurora's hair color looks weird altogether with golden tiara
and now too much yellow

"there is so much yellow, it could probably jump off her head, overwhelm the human race, and take over the world. add some jewels to the tiara o something!" percyandpotter

"Will this leave already? I mean, seriously, oro crown and yellow hair look way worse than the headband/ribbon. It's absolutely gorgeous, but still the worst out of these." firegirl1515

( my little brother picked this picture, isn't it cute)

3. Ariel's loose hair
And what else to say. Hair is absolutely beautiful, it's just that red color that makes this hairstyle worse than the siguiente two
Damn, it looks great in water and on surface

"ughh...ugly hair" pretty_angel92

"I dont like the colour of her hair..... Anaji

" I like Ariel's hair but those bangs can be a bit ugly at times." VGfan30

Doesn't it totally occupy your attention

2. Pocahontas's loose hair
"Naturalia non sunt turpia"- what's natural isn't ugly, again me, mostrando off with my knowledge from Latin. Pocahontas has really beautiful hair. I think that her hair makes the most the movie actually interesting, while it's floating around her.


"If it was Aurora with her tiara, this would be a different story. But as it stands, nothing can beat Pocahontas' epic win of a raven waterfall of hair." Straggy

"Yeah, I prefer Ariel's thick hair and Aurora's curls." TigerRanma

Isn't her hair gorgeous? Even her bangs look great

1.Aurora's hair with black ribbon
And here it is: The winner! Although her blonde hair may looks kinda washed out compared to that black ribbon, it doesn't matter. Her golden curls are extremely pretty and that ribbon really suits her dress. I think it's no wonder that this hairstyle made at first place.

And sorry fanpopers, but your comentarios are worthless comparing to only correct MeaghanDavis's comment:
"I think wearing a tiara and Ribbon will not look good for me and if I had my hair up in a bun o half up I would wear a tiara instead of wearing a ribbon and I don't like wearing them but the tiara will look better than anything:)"

I used the same picture when she won for the best hair: Aurora mostrando of with her hair (kidding)

Thank you, all of tu for voting and commenting, tu helped me a lot.

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