First let me apologize for the pictures. My life is mermelada packed right now and I wanted to get this articulo published seeing as that we are already past jazmín month. So I used tiffany88's moodboards instead.

Well, it's that time again, now that jazmín mes has ended to give tu my lista of who I think Jasmine's favorito! princesses would be. Sorry that it's a little late. As always, I don't profess to be an expert on this. Also, I eventually just ended up posting this because I couldn't really come to a conclusion.

10. Cinderella

Yeah...I think we all saw this one coming. Though it's predictable, it's not without merit. jazmín and cenicienta are possibly the two most dissimilar princesses. While cenicienta handles most issues with tact and foresight, jazmín is immediately temperamentally responsive and impulsive. I think Cinderella's situation would totally frustrate jazmín as well as Cinderella's propensity to trust blindly in faith and dreams; jazmín doesn't believe in any of that and takes matters into her own hands. Also, Jasmine's tenacity in speaking her own mind would clash terribly with Cinderella's "keep your head down and just keep believing" mentality. I could see jazmín yelling at her screen, imploring cenicienta to speak up for herself and tell the stepsisters off.

9. Aurora

Like Cinderella, Aurora also blindly goes where she is directed and we never see jazmín have any sense of duty towards being a princess, and I think she would be very frustrated with Aurora accompanying the hadas to the castillo after she discovers she is a princess; jazmín would surely run away to prevent being condemned to that life. I think she may find Aurora a least a bit clever, we don't see Aurora's sass o outspokenness at all, so I don't see any reason jazmín would have any fondness for her.

8. Snow White

I think that jazmín might be really bothered por the stereotypes that Snow White perpetuates, but I think she would at least care más for Snow White's mouth and snark and how Snow White managed to care for herself out on her own, because that's something jazmín wanted to do.

7. Rapunzel

The strong parallel here is being cooped up and never leaving one location; Rapunzel has never left the tower, and jazmín has never been outside the palace walls. I think the disconnect begins with Rapunzel's insecure, optimistic, and endlessly adorable attitude. jazmín is not easily approached o impressed and while she can definitely be naïve, she doesn't allow the wool to be pulled over her eyes as often as Rapunzel does. I think Rapunzel also doesn't have the level of independence that jazmín seeks.

6. Belle

jazmín would be very fond of Belle's persistent rejection of Gaston, her refusal to back down from the Beast's outrageous demands, and how Belle longs for adventure, but they don't really have a lot in common. jazmín would probably never change places with her father and if she did I think she would hold a lot of contempt for the Beast. I highly doubt jazmín would ever be friends with the Beast, let alone fall for him, even if he started treating her with kindness. Frankly I don't think that would happen because I think the conversation between jazmín and Beast would be MUCH más explosive and I think jazmín would have tried to escape and she certainly wouldn't try to heal his wounds (though I don't think she would leave him to die in the snow). I don't think she would understand how Belle would ever amor her captor, even if he did change for the better, although I don't think she would necessarily blame Belle for it. I think she also may be part of the pack that gets irritated that Belle laments about her situation but doesn't do anything about it, considering that jazmín was forcibly cooped up por the law and the physical constraints of the palace, and Belle never had those kind of constrictions. I think jazmín would definitely like Belle, but not as much as some other princesses.

5. Tiana

jazmín would definitely admire Tiana's independence and how she's made her own name for herself and works hard towards obtaining her restaurant. jazmín wants to be autonomous and have her own identity besides 'princess' and I think she would amor that Tiana creates her own dream and does everything on her own. She would especially amor that Tiana gets to be a princess in the end and have all those luxuries but it's más of a bonus along with her finally obtaining her restaurant. I think jazmín would also amor that Tiana doesn't suffer fools and constantly spurns men and criticizes Naveen because I think jazmín would see Naveen as deserving of it. I see Jas as a little más fun loving than Tiana so maybe she would wish that Tiana would take más risks and let loose once in awhile, but mostly she would amor her.

4. Pocahontas

I feel like jazmín would have a girlcrush on Pocahontas. Pocahontas basically lives Jasmine's dream life. Pocahontas has indepdence and all the freedom in the world and people respect and value her opinions when she voices it. Pocahontas is also expected to marry Kocoum but clearly does not want to, although jazmín doesn't seem to carry any burden of responsibility for her people the way jazmín does for her tribe. So Pocahontas also is going through the pressures of being forced into marriage. The whole war/two sides plotline between Pocahontas and John I could see jazmín finding somewhat romantic as well, and she may understand Pocahontas feeling so torn about John because if Pocahontas saves John, she risks disapproval from her people and possible outcasting. I think where the frustration with Pocahontas would come in would be Pocahontas' specific impulsivity. She rides waterfalls but when it comes to interpersonal confrontation she’s reticent. I think that would frustrate jazmín who has no problem getting in faces.

3. Mulan

While they don't necessarily have a lot in common I think it wouldn't matter because what jazmín has in verbal tenacity mulan matches in her actions. They're almost opposites-- jazmín talks the talk más than she walks the walk and mulan is the reverse, still putting her head down and caring about honor and respect por the end of the film. jazmín would think mulan is absolutely amazing in cutting her hair, freeing herself from her societal constraints and proving herself in the army. I think she would amor that mulan knows how to fight, how she uses her intellect and strategy in war and how mulan proves everybody wrong and saves China. She would see mulan as some sort of amazing girl superhero. People may argue that Jas wouldn't like that mulan was willing to marry to make her parents happy, but considering that jazmín lives in the same culture, she may understand why mulan was going to go through with it, and appreciate that it didn't happen anyway. jazmín wants people to respect her and hear her out, and people definitely listen to Mulan.

2. Merida

There's not a lot I think jazmín would dislike about Merida. Mer is defiant and absolutely, más than any other princess, REFUSES to let herself be wed to a complete stranger. While jazmín is willing to marry if it's for love, Merida explicitly states she is not ready for marriage at all. I think jazmín would feel so inspired por Merida's "And I'll be shooting for my own hand!". Like Jasmine, Merida voices her opinion quite frequently but still doesn't really have a lot of agency and has to be rescued, but she does the best with what she's got. I don't think jazmín would be particularly bothered por Merida feeding her mother the cake, I think she would understand that the cake was not poisoned and wouldn't see it as cruel (Someone like Belle, however, would be totally disgusted por that action, poisoned cake o not.) jazmín would amor Merida's tomboyish streak even if jazmín doesn't have that herself, because jazmín can also get physical as well. I also don't think jazmín would be bothered that Merida isn't romantic. jazmín only wants to marry for love, so why wouldn't she be fine that Merida isn't in amor yet? I truly think jazmín would find Merida inspiring.

1. Ariel

What's to say here except that jazmín would amor everything about Ariel. I think the line "bright young women, sick of swimmin, ready to stand" would really resonate with Jasmine. Ariel is also a princess who has a lot of pressure put on her to live up to expectations that longs to explore. She stands up for herself but also actually follows through in trying to achieve her independence (whereas mulan showed everything through action rather than verbally, Ariel did both.) jazmín would understand the oppression Ariel feels as well as Ariel loving someone considered "forbidden" and having to change her father's mind. She would amor Ariel's risk taking nature, her excitability when she finally ends up in the human world and both of them have this teenage rebellious streak that may not be well thought out but shows their determination. She would amor how Ariel shows that just because tu have everything, it doesn't necessarily make tu happy. I wonder if she would be annoyed por Ariel's naivety when it comes to Ursula but jazmín also didn't pick up on Jafar hypnotizing her father, so I don't know. Like I dicho before, jazmín wants her voice to be heard, and Ariel makes people listen to what she wants por ironically giving up her voice.