Just Around the Riverbend!
Hi guys, I'm going to be escritura about 2 real-life princesses and they are, Pocahontas and Anastasia. Are tu ready?


When I first watched this film, I did not know that it was base on a true story until I read an articulo about her on the Times Magazine in Singapore back then. It was vastly different from the disney version that we all grew up, the sequel did not mention her baptism to which I came to regret watching it later on!
Anyway, her real-life story was quite similar to the disney film. Except that the amor story between John and Pocahontas is untrue, very much like Jack and Rose from Titanic.


This was the segundo historical film after Pocahontas that I had seen, it got me fascinated in Russian history surrounding the Romanov. Dmitri was actually base on a real-life person who benefit a little to the anastasia mystery, like John Smith, he played a prince charming role for both título characters.
anastasia was thought to have survive the massacre, prompting many fakes, including Anna Anderson claiming to be her. But, it was discovered in 2007 (a decade after the film was released) that she was in fact, killed with the rest of her family.
Sadly, the songs are underrated compare to the works of Alan Menken and the Lopez.

Team anastasia o Team Pocahontas?

So, which of these 2 films do tu like the best? I would definitely go with Pocahontas for a number of reasons, mainly because the songs are memorable, especially 'If I Never Knew You'.
Anastasia, we met again.