This is my lista of favorito! DP cine in order :)

11. Brave
When the commercials for this movie came out I was so incredibly excited. I've always been excited for cine that feature women who can uses swords o bow and arrows (It's why I amor Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean and why I amor Yona from the anime Yona of the Dawn). The way the movie was advertised it looked like it was going to be about a mother and daughter who fight about what she should do for her future, there's an adventure in an encantada forest that'd almost be like Terabithia and a lot of other badass stuff.

I go to the cine and what do I get? A mother and daughter who fight about an arranged marriage and a plot similar to Brother Bear. Now don't get me wrong, I amor Brother Bear. But after I spent weeks getting pumped and having all these expectations, needless to say I was really disappointed. I think the only parts I really liked were the climax (a literal mama oso, oso de fighting evil oso, oso de is badass) and the "Legends are lessosn. They ring with truths" line

However I do amor the animación for this movie, all the details, and Fergus has to be one of my favorito! disney dads!

10. Pocahontas
I thought this movie was kinda boring when I was a kid. I loved it all up to colores of the Wind but then after that (amazing) song I lose interest. I also really don't like John Smith and I despise Mel Gibson and the fact that this movie is so incredibly historically inaccurate has always bothered me. I don't mind cine that are based on a true story even if they're not accurate like Balto and Greatest Showman but the fact that Pocahontas was aged up for a lie that John Smith told is just gross.

What I do amor is Grandmother Willow's wisdom and her song Listen With Your heart, I LOOOOOVE Meeko, Flit, and Percy to death, I amor the songs, and Wiggins is my favorito! character in the entire movie.

9. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
This is a movie I don't watch too often, when I was little the part where the queen transforms into an old woman always freaked me out the same with the part where Snow White got lost and scared in the forest.

But I always did amor the songs and I even remember marching around the dining room mesa, tabla canto Heigh Ho and my go to cleaning song used to be Whistle While tu Work. This movie would be higher but I haven't seen this movie since I was 9 but I want so badly to rewatch it now that I'm old enough to actually appreciate it. I mean this was Walt Disney's first movie and this is where the disney Princess lineup starts.

8. Sleeping Beauty
Like Snow White I didn't watch this movie too often when I was a kid because Maleficent scared me.

I watched this movie for the first time in years when I was 16 years old spending Valentines día alone (I was having a DP movie marathon, awesome night) Maleficent didn't scare me so much, in fact I absolutely loved the fact that she cursed a baby just because she didn't get invited to a party. Cursing babies, obviously, is very wrong but come on. Phillip is a prince I think is one of the most badass heroes in animated history, I amor that the three hadas each have their own personality and weren't exactly the same (and <3 Merryweather's little angry wiggle), and I wish there were más princessed who sang like Aurora. The princesses are all beautiful singers but as an alto I always had an easier time canto Once Upon a Dream than I did When Will My Life Begin.

7. Cinderella
cenicienta was another movie I didn't watch too much as a kid. Obviously not because it freaked me out, but because it felt a little boring, at least after the So This is amor part. Any time I did have the movie on it was just for background noise while I played with my toys.

Cinderella's book opening was always my favorito! and I honestly loved the Lucifer vs mice scenes, and Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo was the musical number I looked adelante, hacia adelante to the most in this movie. When I got older I started to like this movie and it helped me with my watercolor painting. I don't know what it was but every time ABC Family showed this movie I'd set up my paint set and I'd paint flores o something from Disney. I even hum Sing Sweet Nightingale when I paint now.

6. Princess and the Frog
I was 16 when this movie came out, which was kind of the age where I had this phase thinking that I was too old to watch disney movies. So when I saw the trailer for this movie I just kind of shrugged, thinking I was never going to see it. And when it came out on dvd I still didn't have any thoughts about watching it, especially not when disney spoiled the end of the movie in their commercials (seriously disney really thought it'd be a good idea to put in the "You just kissed yourself a princess!" line in the commercials??)

But then my sister had her baby and we started renting disney cine again. One of them was Princess and the Frog. I watched it with my sister and her newborn so she wouldn't be alone (my family and I are the kind of people who don't like watching cine alone) and I was blown away. Tiana's voice actress had an amazing canto voice, charlotte was the spoiled friend I expected her to be but she was the BEST spoiled friend anyone could have, the animación was beautiful and is one of the reasons why I miss 2d animación in movies. One of the biggest complains I have with this movie is Facilier's plan. It didn't make too much sense and it bugs me to this día how kinda lame it was (still an awesome villain though)

5. Little Mermaid
I really don't like Ariel and I reeeeeally don't like Triton but I hate a hard time hating this movie. This movie is what started my amor for water and ocean life and why I wanted to be a mermaid so bad when I was a kid. I loved the water animación I loved that the animators worked so hard with the bubbles, the way the sirenas mover always caught my attention no matter what the scene was, and the way Ursula was designed was awesome. I amor Ursula not only as a villain but as a character as well. I amor her confidence in herself, she has all these potions and magic so she could easily make herself thin. But instead she's fat and has all this gray hair but she still sees herself as beautiful. Part of Your World and the reprise are my go to ducha, ducha de songs and I amor listening to the deleted song One Dance and the broadway song If Only. Whenever I'm down I like to think of Scuttle's scenes and I find myself quoting him sometimes, calling the fork a dinglehopper ever now and then.

4. Aladdin
I've watched this movie since I was a baby and its magic has never worn off. Jafar always creeped me out and made me laugh, I amor Jasmine's sassiness, the Genie has been and always will be my favorito! character in movie history, and of course I amor the songs and the animation, especially in the A Whole New World scene. Robin Williams was one of my favorito! actors and I was so heartbroken when I heard about his death. I still remember Disney's tribute to him por playing aladdín all weekend and the "In memory of" picture they had for him.

3. Beauty and the Beast
This was another movie I didn't like watching when I was little because some parts scared me. When it was rereleased on dvd for the first time I was 10 years old and I still didn't want to watch it. But then my stepmom got it and she told me to give it another chance so the siguiente time my sister and I visited our dad and stepmom we popped the dvd in and I felt like I was watching it for the first time ever. Even to this día I am still floored por the animación (I actually feel like the animación for this movie is Disney's best), the singing, the voice acting, the jokes, and I amor Human Again (I still remembering watching that song with another sister and laughing at how mad she got about the new song). When I heard that this movie was getting a live action remake with Emma Watson (something I had only dreamed about) I was so excited and I begged my husband to have us see in in IMAX on opening night but then after watching it needless to say I was pretty underwhelmed. In fact it made me amor the original more

2. Mulan
Those of tu who saw my DP lista knows how much I amor mulan and how much of a badass I think she is (SHE STARTED AN AVALANCHE TO TAKE DOWN AN ENTIRE HUN ARMY). I watched this movie when I was 5 o 6 years old and I was so excited and surprised to see a woman lead be able do all the stuff mulan did like registrarse an army, learn to fight, and come up with solutions to life threatening situations. I'm not a big fan of Eddie Murphy but he was the perfect choice for Mushu and I amor the voice actors who played Mulan, Shang, and Chi Fu. In fact I was really excited when the three of them were in the same episode of Law and Order SVU. Even though there aren't a lot of song in this movie I still amor every single one and of course the música playing when mulan is doing her badass runaway scene fit PERFECTLY. I also loved that this movie showed how serious war is instead of sugar coating it. I remember being in complete shock when the burned village and the killed army was shown and I really appreciate disney for not having Mushu o Cri Kee make light of the situation por making a flippant comment. Funny enough, even though I'm a girl I didn't understand the swimming and reveal parts for the longest time! I didn't get why mulan tried so hard to hid her chest, I didn't get why she got a little freaked out por naked Yao, I didn't get how Shang realized mulan was a woman. But I guess that's what happens when you're 6 and don't know anything about the human anatomy

1. Tangled
This movie is what got me so into disney again. When I saw the trailers for it and disney made it look like Rapunzel's hair moved on its own I was uninterested but then when it came out on dvd my sister and I rented it for movie night. I instantly loved it. I've been a fan of Mandy Moore since A Walk to Remember so I loved her as Rapunzel and I loved Eugene's voice actuación and singing. Mother Gothel was a realistic villain and I loved it because she didn't have to have any powers o minions to be a great villain. Instead she was manipulative, emotionally abusive, and she thoughts things through enough to make it work out for herself. There's so many things I never noticed the first time watching that I had to watch a few más times to see and really appreciate like Rapunzel lifting her parents' lantern back into the sky and the fact that while Gothel is always brushing Rapunzel's hair in front of her face Eugene always brushed Rapunzel's hair AWAY from her face. When I heard that Tangeled was getting a tv mostrar I was hesitant to watch it because I'm not a big fan of spin offs but after watching the movie pilot and seeing that not only do the actors act the way they did in the movie, the original actors actually came back to work on it.

I hope tu guys liked lectura this lista and thank tu for lectura it :)