Thanks to the ones who have recently comentó on my artículos :D. So, despite I have a lot of interests, I never get bored on picking mine and my friend’s Zodiac sign traits. I’m Sagittarius because I was born on 8th December. So now, let’s get started!

Snow White – Cancer

popular Opinion, duh! She is Def a Cancer girl! Cancer people are kind, sweet, plucky, loyal, emotional and motherly. Emotionally grounded and fair to all, Snow White inspires us to always make the best out of a bad situation. The way she cares for the dwarves represents Cancer’s kind, cute and compassionate side. Cancer people are known for their loving and protective nature, which is what we amor about Snow. Surprising, yet true, she’s the youngest princess but the most motherly one. She finds her joy in serving and multitasking, and carries a sense of deep love. If we talk about the flaws, like a Cancer, she can be over-analyzing, overemotional, and can have sudden outbursts.

cenicienta – Taurus

I don’t know if many people agree on this one lol. She’s laid back, reliable, honest, patient, kind, focused and incredibly loyal. These are the traits of any Taurus. Cindy’s really self-reliant. She won’t let anyone mess with her amount of self-respect. If she was my friend, I’ll call her for an consejos as she’s full of common sense, like a real Taurus. Taurus guys and girls are known for their practicality and keep every crap real. Taurus doesn’t like to play games and they tend to be very direct and honest with people. Some people picture cenicienta as blunt, o passive. But that’s the goodness and realism she has in her mind. I mean, guys, common sense and kindness! Taurus can be a bit too dependent, pessimistic and overly self-indulgent. That’s their flaw.

Aurora – Libra

Libras are charming, reserved, calm, mysterious and romantic fellows. They tend to be dramatic, sensual and sophisticated when they’re in love, and yes, charm any man and they might sacrifice anything for romance, like Aurora. She’s a hopeless romantic and decided to run away for Phillip, ignoring whatever her aunts told her. Libra people tend to lose an argument than losing a good relationship, and spend a lot of time, thinking what they should do to others happy. Libras are graceful, balanced and fair as heck, that reminds me of Aurora, again! But, for Libra’s overly mysterious nature, others don’t get to know what the crap are they thinking. Also, they are not really good decision-makers and their passiveness in that situation might lead to their downfall.

Ariel – Gemini

Hmm, after a lot of thinking, I finally get my answer, what my 3rd favourite princess will be. Hmm, she’s Gemini! Unpopular opinion though. Gemini people actually try to avoid any hot, messy conflict, but when pushed to a corner, they won’t hesitate before retaliation. They are really loyal friends, allies and significant others. They have their mind always racing with thoughts, and they’re so uncontrollably independent. Ariel, like a true Gemini, is always up for soaking knowledge and can be an outrageous flirt at times. She’s encouraging and outspoken. These smooth-talkers and knowledge-soakers are known for their curiosity and restlessness. Wild, energetic and always on the go! For flaws, they can have extreme mood swings. From an outrageous anger-mode, they might shift to gentle sweet-mode...their anger comes and goes.

Belle – Aquarius

Aquarius people keep an open-mind and think of themselves a lot. They value humanity, and stay away from inflated egos. They’re Choosy, about whom they befriend. They are a load of self-love and are hella independent. Belle doesn’t like to be told what she should do and embraces a change. She is innovative in her own way and tries not to repeat the same mistake twice....she is a great listener and adviser. They are born intellects, and are a sponge of knowledge. They don’t try to judge people por their looks a lot, and look for the best in people, yup, always ready to forgive and give a segundo chance. They dream big and have strong opinions which they amor to express. Aquarius has some pretty bad traits too. These people are misunderstood and named as oddballs. They’re as stubborn and distant as heck! They’re like “Yea, I’m bad. I’m so proud of it!”

jazmín – Scorpio

Scorpios are competitive, dramatic, cunning and ambitious. They’re crazy observant, they’ll pin-point things other will miss. But when in love, they’re blinded por romance and get sensual and flirty. Although very picky about the ones they interact with, they can be really protective and kind to their loved ones. They’re resilient and won’t allow a little measly seatback to discourage them. Jasmine’s vivacious, confident and sticks to her work. She’s a load of passion, likes to follow her path in life. Let’s not forget, these sensual creatures are full of attention-seeking and seductive talents! Bad traits...they’ll either not speak their minds, which will keep people guessing who they really are o they will mostrar their true selves abruptly which will shock people not in a good way, they can’t shut up and are too moody!

Pocahontas – Virgo

A LOT of struggle and thinking on this one imo! Virgos just don’t talk about it...they do it. They have an analytical mind which helps them to find the solution out of hard matters. They might not mostrar it, but they’re emotional deep down. They can’t tolerate incompetence a bit, and are born perfectionists. They’re serious sceptics and only a few lucky ones see their ‘wild’ side. They try to avoid much confrontation and stick to the ground. They’re perfectionists and worriers. They hate being judged and admire intellect, confidence and ambition. Pocahontas is a calculated, cautious, cool and modest. She only becomes bossy when she has to get through a crap, otherwise she’s as cool as a cucumber. She’s loyal, humble, structural and progressive. The flaws are...they can be too critical of themselves, have problems dealing with their inner emotions and can come through a bit of ‘cold’ nature.

mulan – Leo

Leos have a big heart, have the utmost crap of ambition and their protective & loyal nature make people feel safe. They’re known as natural born leaders who lead on the party and are a ball of charisma. They’ll always give others the facts and are straight up. They can be shy but actually are social mariposas and want some attention. Yet they need me-time to unwind and even if a load of confidence..they’re sensitive and loving inside. They’re optimists who see the silver line of life, stick to their word and charm the pants off everyone. They’re fun thrill-seekers and carry an effortlessly cool demeanour. They’re crazy competition-holders and go to any lengths for ambition and passion, imo. When in love, they’re spontaneous, unpredictable and humorous. Yea, When mulan goes for something, she REALLY goes for it and loyalty is her middle name. Flaws....even if humble, they can be over-obsessed with themselves and can unleash their fury any time lol.

Tiana – Capricorn

Capricorns are incredibly practical, ambitious and resourceful. They’re really disciplined & patient and can often get a read on a person with a matter of seconds. Let’s not forget, they’re as determined and ambitious as hell! They look for facts before any conclusion and are so notoriously hard to fool for the people who hate them. They’re dependable fellows who keep their promise no matter what. Tiana’s clever and has really high-standards for anything. She keeps going even if people put her down and gives some seriously wise advice. They’re hella sarcastic and reserved, God! They like me-time and is an extremely loyal lover. But..flaws! They can bottle up their emotions at times and has a bad habit of over-thinking stuff. Also, they can be too impatient and unforgiving, and beware if tu see them pissed off, they’ll get rude at their tongue.

Rapunzel – Sagittarius

Well, I’m not being a bias as I’m a Sagittarius myself, Rapunzel’s a ‘true’ Sagittarius. Sagittarius is an optimist who dreams big and are hella candid. They’re witty with a wild sense of humour and don’t like to see their life sheltered from independence. They read people’s minds like a book and are allergic to toro crap. They seek freedom, are truly ten steps ahead in intelligence and can’t stand stupid dumbasses. And yea, Rapunzel, like a true Sagittarius is a smart risk-taker and a talented creative- mined one. She might like to prove those sore losers she hates are wrong, but she’s full of utmost empathy, generosity and love. She hates meaningless drama and just loves to be fun and spontaneous around. She is a great friend who can help and advise the ones in need. Like her, many Sagittarius people leave the past in the past and don’t hold onto grudges. She is hella adventurous & tries to do new things... she is cautious about whom she gives her corazón to. But, she might get too reckless, can try concealing her emotions and can get furious when wronged.

Merida – Aries

She is a natural, charged leader like any Aries would be and is downright fearless in the face of danger. Merida’s got a fierce, rebellious streak and is really unpredictable at times. People might see her a amargo, amargos badass, but she’s actually loyal and has zero time for any nonsense. Aries can be your sweetest dream, o the worst nightmare, and yea, she’s as opinionated as any hell. They don’t give up until they win the ultra competitive fight which they hold. Actually, they’re a BLAST to hang out with and hate boring, crappy routines. They have no fear taking bold chances and have their eye on success. tu know, Merida gets frustrated por naysayers and doesn’t dwell on her loses, yup, they dream really big! They actually have a sensitive which we shouldn’t play games with and be extremely generous. Their bad traits are, like Merida, Aries people can be extra aggressive and bossy, don’t do a good job if hiding anger and are impatient

Elsa – Another Libra

Yup! Libras seek for meaningful relationships with people and even if they easily forgive, they never forget. They’re fair and balanced, and are quick to admit what’s the wrong way. They’re crazy clever and their mind’s always ‘switched on’. These people don’t believe in anything before seeing it with their own eyes first and like Elsa did, they can talk people out of doing dumb things. They’re very observant and can’t stand selfish people. They have a laid-back approach to life and are extremely persuasive. They can be really shy, but when they are confident, they charm the crap off everyone. Elsa ignores the haters to go after what she wants, hates selfish amor and is hella calculated. She totally gives some killer consejos and feels the happiest when others are happy. Like a true Libra, Elsa is known for being cool, sophisticated, wise, graceful and reserved. The flaws are...they put on too much pressure thinking what they must do to make others happy and can ‘weigh’ things up too much if making a decision

Anna – Pisces

Totally! Pisces people have a big corazón filled with amor to give to others, bring out the best in others and Follow their instincts even if they’re dumb. They’re endless dreamers, romance-suckers and are deeply emotional creatures. These fellows have a knack of adapting with all sorts of people and preferring quality over quantity. They’re giving, generous, and spiritual. They are very artistic and value sincerity and honesty. They fall in amor really hard and even if social butterflies, they need some time to be alone. They hate rejections and are quite the enigma. They’re good at telling if their loved ones are in need and can have surprisingly kick-butt outbursts at many times. Sure, they have flaws too...they can be maddeningly indecisive and stupid. They’re ridiculously sensitive and too emotional imo. And yes, they fall on their face after failing and can be notoriously over-dramatic.

So, here my articulo approaches its end. Please share your opinions and tell how did tu like this one OMG.