Forgive me if I’m too poor at it. I am 99.9% sure about it! Sorry o not sorry, these fans remind me of disney Princesses!


•    Princesslullaby
I can’t help it! She just seems like she’s the real life Ariel. Sweet, spirited and reckless, she def is like that mermaid! Both of them are so spunky, Valiente and vibrant. Both of them are so straight-forward, sassy and really cute! OMG, They’re so strikingly familiar.

Snow White

•    Sparklefairy375
Yep! Both are just so adorable, plucky, loyal and optimistic. They laugh at the face of danger, that shows how plucky and optimistic they can really be. Both of them have attention in all little details, they sure can be a bit bossy, but are caring and cute inside!


•    Mongoose09
She is really sassy, yes, as much as Jasmine. She might be reckless but we all cheer when she speaks up for justice. She’s also as much as outspoken and cute as Jasmine. I amor how generous and defensive both are. Jasmine’s a clever, outspoken girl like her. So, it’s a fine choice.


•    Tiffany88
Again, a real life DP, duh! Both are really sweet, gentle and dreamy! Have tu seen how much creativity she puts into her icons? Duh, an imaginative combo! Both of them are familiar as both are so graceful, sophisticated and emotional.


•    MaidofOrleans
Empathetic, stubborn and understanding. Whom Else could match her?! Belle and her polite and modest attitude charms and interest every person they come across. Both are really intelligent and wonderful human beings, what a match!


•    Cruella
Kind, Valiente and smart, they make such a perfect combo. Both of them are actually humble, modest girls but whenever others are in trouble, they prove how courageous they are and kick some butt! So this is an inquisitive, Valiente and soulful pair!


•    Deedragongirl
Sometimes a little rude o reckless, but actually very pure and beautiful inside. Both are actually brave, loving and determined people. They’re feminist, funny and defensive! So, this is an excellent combo!


•    PrincessAyeka12
And how could I forget one of the sweetest people here! This combo is a sensible, strong and really kind one. Both are so diligent, determined and graceful! This user is as thoughtful, matured and compassionate as our dear Cindy is. So, it’s perfect lol!


•    SarahCorine
Matured, Noble, wise and calm, what a combo again! Imo, both of them are respectful, spiritually pure and headstrong. Sarah is resourceful as she contributes a lot to this club, and she is strong-willed as she speaks up for justice when anyone offends any other user. So, yup!


•    UnholyNoise
Yaaaasssss! She is goofy, sweet and a bit awkward. But let’s not forget----Like Anna, she is a badass and kicks any troll’s butt! Yo, they’re hella cool. Both of them are funny, feminist and incredibly unstoppable! What will tu call this energetic, quirky and cute combo?


•    MissCinco
Yea! Opinionated, kick-ass and smart gals. Both of the girls are ambitious, matured and honourable. They don’t Whine if anyone puts them down, and instead work hard to mover up, and aren’t afraid to speak their minds. So, yea.


•    Flowerdrop
She’s poised, soft-spoken, calm and resourceful, just like Elsa. Both of them are emotionally sensitive, matured, wise and reserved. This combo represents elegance, humility, open-minded nature and intelligence.


•    Adelital
Yup! Since I met her, I saw a striking familiarity between her and my Favourite Punzie. Both of them are optimistic, courageous, open-minded, kind, gentle, inquisitive, smart, creative, strong and determined. Rapunzel and she are just fantastic and believe in their dreams and stand up against injustice! What a combo!

tu can ask me preguntas that tu have, but I wanna ask tu one. Which princess I’m most like and why? Would amor to hear from tu all!