Hi guys, I know Snow is not the most beloved princess, but I´m glad everyday she gets más amor and appreciation from people. ^^ So for those people that may just not care about her o don´t like her, this articulo is for tu :D

--Character Analysis--

Snow White is the 1st disney Princess and the protagonist of SW7D, also the 1st disney movie. The movie starts with an old storybook that tells us a little bit of Snow´s story: her parents died at childbirth and she lived with her evil stepmother that abused her por treating her as a scullery maid and dressed her in rags so she couldn´t surpass her beauty.

This means that Snow is a 14 año old girl that has grown up without love, without any knowlegde of the outside world, so she uses her imagination and dreams about how her life would be if someone could take her out of her prison and make her dreams come true, there she meets Prince Florian, she runs away scared but he sings her a song about her beauty and her voice, that´s maybe the only interaction she had with someone that didn´t mistreated her and actually was kind to her...

Grimhilde sees Snow getting más attention than her for the first time and years and just decides to kill her, so she commands a hunstsman to kill her. Snow smiles for the first time in forever, now she lives in her own dream, she has met a prince and her stepmother, has let her take a walk and pick wildflowers, what she doesn´t know is that the huntsman was actually there to kill her. The huntsman feels pity for her, and sees a oportunity for Snow to run away for the nightmare she has been living since she was born so she tells her to run away and never come back, even if it means the huntsman´s own death.

Snow makes it to the dark forest and meets some animals, she even feels sorry for having scared them, and finally she makes new friends with a smile and a song. She doesn´t overreact even if she does know her stepmother wants to kill her, she is intuitive and smart and decides to find a seguro place to stay. Then she finds the dwarfs house, she cleans it only because she thinks the people living there are 7 little children and maybe if she cleaned the house for them they would let her stay (textual lines).

So with the help of her animal army she cleans the house and then she meets the dwarves and manages to control the situation and make them like her so they let her stay, she also teaches them good habits and act like gentlemans. She even knows how to run a cool party, I swear, she´s amazing :D Some days later, she sees a hag outside her house but she never lets her in until Grimhilde fakes a corazón attack, she uses Snow´s kindness as a weapon, and Snow accepts the manzana, apple because she doesn´t really have anything to loose.... At the end it seems a good corazón and a possitive mind is far más powerful than evil, she gets what she wants, a new life without her stepmother and with the freedom and amor she never had :D

__Why I amor her__
>Her diseño is iconic, no one can deny that
>Her personality
>Her beauty, she has lips red as blood, hair black as ebony, skin white as snow and golden eyes, she also slays short wavy hair, she´s a rarity.
>Her character development, she starts the movie as a girl with dreams that never seem to come true, and in her journey she makes friends everywhere she goes, she dances and has fun for the first time in her life, th movie ends with Snow having dicho goodbye to her lonelyness and starting a new life.
>How she interacts with animals, as if she had magical powers o something
>Her songs, my favourite voice of Snow White is in bulgarian
>And a lot más reasons n.n