Curious? Aren't I nice?
Hi guys I am Violet, but some friends call be Vi o Villo. I joined fanpop recently as Lavendergolden!
Basic info
Now it is the time tu know about me. I am a mix of boyishness and girliness! My name is violeta o violeta Wulff, and I’m 22 years old. My birth fecha is in 8th December in 1994.
I live in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. This Swedish place is really beautiful, I amor the pines shining in sunshine, nice flores and nature, pretty comfortable weather and I like the deep snow in winter.
My hobbies include going to the gym, reading, poetry, cooking, swimming, canto (I sound my best when I sing ‘Colors of the wind’ o ‘Let it Go’ o ‘Part of your world’), dancing, drawing, swimming, sewing, karate, Fanpoping and of course, Acting! My ambition is to become an Actress, author, fashion designer o disney animator. I have my Mamma Olivia, Papa Lucas, Younger brother Liam and sisters Elsa,( Doesn’t ring a bell? :3 )Agnes and Michelle! Liam is really good at swimming and athletes. Elsa is a born musician, Agnes is good at dancing and Michelle loves sports! I have wavy silky fresa blonde hair, aquamarine deep set eyes, a geek nose, pouted lips, arched eyebrows and a cute smile, and I am 5’9 in height and pretty fit for my age. I am such an animal lover, my family loves animals, so I grew up with cool pets! Currently I have my perrito, cachorro Will, kitten Sweety, dog Ken, a bit old canary Ella and loro Rose and Goldfish Angel! My favourite color is turquoise and I amor eating pizza! Sweden has very nice pizzas, but that doesn’t mean I am unhealthy, I am pretty fit, kind of I amor to eat many fruits, vegetables, leche products and healthy stuff. You’ll see me as a creative, brave, loving and smart girl but at my worst, I am stressed, anxious, shy and snappy. I am quite nice at drawing, though!
My Obsessions :
1)    Glitter
2)    Galaxy
3)    DIY
4)    Being healthy and active
5)    Hollywood
6)    Role playing games
7)    Fashion
8)    Emojis!!
9)    Fanpop!
10)    DISNEY!!

My life’s special things
Sweden is sandwiched between Norway and Finnland. Sweden’s famous for Vikings, we grew up hearing about legendary stories of Norse myths and Fierce Pirates! I was my family’s first child :D. So my family is pretty empathetic. One day, when I was 3, we heard the cry of a child while travelling. It was a village baby boy, suffering from malnutrition and crying his eyes out. We soon knew his mother died from Flu without check up, and his father was dead from Scarletina, so, out of sympathy, we adopted the homeless boy. We named him Liam and we both loved to play and swimming in our bathtubs, and although my Little brother, he protested whenever other boys bullied me (I hate bullies). But he, out of mischief, pooped in the cama and then rubbed it into my muñecas xD. Soon we had another member, she was my 1st sister, and she was christened Elsa! I was excellent in studies, yup, I mostly got A+, I’m pretty smart and brainy! Soon we had to mover to America o USA for Papa’s work, I was pretty excited and overjoyed on thinking about those tall buildings, nice people and wonderful food. In my elementary school, my grades were brilliant and I made so many friends. The names I remember were, Angelina, Ardell and Kiara. They were so friendly and nice, we ate lunch and played and sat together, and yes, they taught me makeup, and I was pretty good at it, and one día one girl named margarita dicho “You’re gorgeous!” :D. Then my 2nd sister, Agnes was born! Yay! But my happiness soon faded and I was weeping a lot when I heard my parents talk about going to China for my middle school. We moved to China, the buildings were so nice and so was the food. But the school rules were so strict and the teachers seemed utter rude, the students would make fun because I didn’t speak Chinese so well! We had to go through the lines every SINGLE day, No bangs, 100% natural colored hair in two pigtails....Blah blah blah....clean school shirt, polished nice shoes.....Blah blah blah.....Socks above knees, falda lower than knees....blah blah...... no earrings, makeup and always have your ID card and school belt....and all other rules. One day, for talking, me and my friends were to stay in push up position for 1 hora and the teachers would slash and cause a blow upon our shoulders and behind. But I got honours in my studies a lot, and some teachers were good, we would enjoy skits and teacher didn’t give us all the same homework, we were dado homework according to our needs. My favourite subject, is no doubt, maths along with history but my least favourite is geography, not that I am poor in it (I got so many full marks in it) but this subject is frustrating! Soon my parents realised Chinese school rules were too tough for me, and sent me to a Swedish high school. Sweden seemed like a dreamworld to me, I amor my nation! I then got my 3rd sister, Michelle! At first, I was really lonely and suffered bullies, but when I got many prizes and was ranked 1st many times, many students got to know me and become my friends. Soon I joined college, and met a truly nice guy named Erik. He has dark brown hair, and dark blue eyes. I remembered that we were friends since 7. First we both had problem opening up as we met after so many days, but soon we knew and understood each other much better, and yes, fell in love!
Some misceláneo stuff about me
I amor Disney, yea, I am a big Disnerd! Also I am a big nerd who loves Harry Potter and Marvel, yup, I can be a tomboy! My favourite ice cream flavour is chocolate chip cookie dough and my best friend is Anne. My favourite movie is ‘THE GODFATHER’ and my favourite type of place is a biblioteca (I can be a real life Belle, o Rapunzel at times)! My favourite animal is a bunny and my greatest fear is Deforestation, o Lonliness. When at work o a practical task, I wear modern, but sophisticated clothes with neutral palette but when in a party, I’d wear a warm colored fancy evening vestido o a cool parte superior, arriba with shorts o skinny jeans. My favourite book is THE HOBBIT and my favourite Harry Potter character is Hermione yet my favourite House is Ravenclaw!
My favourite DPs are :
1.    Rapunzel
2.    Belle
3.    Moana
4.    Tiana
5.    Mulan
6.    Pocahontas
7.    Merida
8.    Cinderella
9.    Ariel
10.    Anna
11.    Elsa
12.    Jasmine
13.    Aurora
14.    Snow White
My favourite disney unofficial princesses are:
1.    Esmeralda/Elena
2.    Kida
3.    Leia
4.    Lottie
5.    Alice
6.    Wendy
7.    Megara
8.    Giselle
9.    Jane
10.    Tinkerbell

My favourite non-Disney princesses are:
1.    Anastasia
2.    Chel
3.    Miriam
4.    Tzipporah
5.    Sailor Moon
6.    Winx fairy Flora
7.    Princess Aisha
8.    Opal
9.    Winx Tecna
10.    Marina
My favourite DP cine are:
1.    Tangled
2.    Beauty and the Beast/Moana
3.    Aladdin
4.    Mulan/Frozen
5.    Snow White and the Seven dwarves
6.    Brave
7.    Sleeping Beauty
8.    The Little Mermaid
9.    Princess and The Frog
10.    Pocahontas

My favourite non- DP cine are:
1.    The Lion King
2.    The Hunchback of Notre Dame
3.    Toy story 3
4.    The zorro, fox and the Hound
5.    Finding Nemo
6.    Up
7.    Big hero 6
8.    Bambi
9.    The Jungle Book
10.    Monsters Inc.
My favourite non- disney cine are:
1.    Anastasia
2.    The Prince of Egypt
3.    The road to El Dorado
4.    All perros go to heaven
5.    Coraline
6.    The cisne Princess
7.    Quest for Camelot
8.    Antz
9.    Balto
10.    Sindbad
My favourite barbie cine are:
1.    Barbie: Princess Charm School
2.    Barbie in the 12 dancing princesses
3.    Barbie as Princess and The Pauper
4.    Barbie in A Mermaid Tale
5.    The barbie Diaries
6.    Barbie: A Fairy Secret
7.    Barbie in the rosado, rosa Shoes
8.    Barbie as the Pearl Princess
9.    Barbie Spy squad
10.    Barbie as Rapunzel
My favourite barbie princesses are:
1.    Blair
2.    Merliah
3.    Corinne
4.    Mariposa
5.    Kristin
6.    Alexa
7.    Elena
8.    Tory
9.    Genevieve
10.    Rapunzel
My parte superior, arriba live action disney cine ;
1.    Beauty and The Beast
2.    Marry Poppins/ Chornicles of Narnia
3.    Maleficent/ The parent trap
4.    Princess Diaries
5.    Enchanted

So, now tu have known me so well! Many of tu were confused when will I write my siguiente article, and some of tu wanted to know me más ‘coz tu don’t know ‘bout me except the stuff tu see on my perfil page typed up! I use this emoticon too much <3! Bye for know my beautiful fans!

tu are worth más than gold, diamond or....1000 pizzas?
Watch out haters, I'm winning hearts through
Coolest dancer there
Made me cry, I never get bored
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3