Good day, everyone! I decided to write my opinion about each princess( except Moana because I didn't watch the movie and have personal reasons not to watch it, sorry). It would be difficult for me to rank all princesses so I'll give tu only my TOP-4. The rest won't be ranked, just characterised por me. Please, respect my opinion and don't write angry comments.

The princesses who are not in my TOP-4 ( misceláneo order) and why


Elsa is relatable but I prefer admirable princesses to relatable ones. I really dislike Let it Go and its message, I really dislike Elsa's Snow queen outfit and en general, general she is rather boring to me.

My first princess. First but not favorite.

The en general, general cenicienta movie is my least favorito! DP, the most boring, the least beautiful and with the worst cast. And I don't find cenicienta too good for her movie. I used to be annoyed por her because in my childhood dub cenicienta says to Tremaine, “I beg you, mother, don't lock me!”(SHE IS NOT YOUR MOTHER!!!). But I found out that Cindy doesn't calls Tremaine “mother” in this scene in original. This makes me find her less annoying now that I used too. But I am still neither a fan of cenicienta o her movie.


I find Aurora pretty boring( please, look at my TOP-3 before saying, “You just hate girly girls”) and don't get the hype about her looks( she is not that gorgeous in my opinion) but I respect her sense of duty towards her country.

Common in everything, despite looks and selfishness.

I amor her design. When I saw Merida on the poster, I was excited. I find her looks very outstanding, unusual and striking. But it's the only thing I like about her at all. I find her personality and attitude pretty cliché and boring, yet another rebellious princess who stands against arranged marriage( I expect más unique protagonists from modern movies). Merida is also the most selfish and the least heroic of all DPs that fall under this type. She was mean to her mother. She put herself over her country's safety. Her movie is called Valiente but I don't think Merida justifies this title. I prefer Mufasa's understanding of bravery. Yes, she ruins the stereotype about virtuous and heroic tomboys and it's probably good but it doesn't make her más likable.

Snow White
The most nurturing of all.

My favorito! classic DP. She en general, general pretty boring and I don't recognise any of my positive traits in her. But I respect her hard-workiness and warm, nurturing, caring personality. I dislike her fashion style though.


I am pretty indifferent towards both her and her movie. She is a good person, she is más heroic and honorable than Merida( at least she used the deal with a witch to change herself, not her father), I like her curiosity but I find nothing especially touchy o lovable about her. Giving up everything to be with a guy tu barely know makes her unrelatable to me because my values and pritiorities are really different from Ariel's.


Another princess I am rather indifferent too. I find her kinda boring. But she is better character than Merida because at least the safety of Agrabah wasn't at stake in her case.

The most tragic princess.

mulan is extremely well-writing, touchy and sympathetic character. I amor how cute and clumsy she is in her first scene. Her willing to save her father's life is so relatable to me. I've never felt sorry for any princess más than I felt for mulan because I think that she was unfairly treated por most of cast for whole her movie, even somewhat por herself. My least favorito! thing about mulan is how self-hating she is. Her low self-esteem is unjustified in my opinion in her case, much less. She has always been awesome. I wish I could defend her and tell her how awesome she really is. Another thing about her I dislike is Shang.
mulan is a very inspiring character. I think that she is the one whose movie should be titled Valiente and she is also the one whom I'd prefer to hear saying “I don't care what they're going to say”.


Belle is very relatable and I amor how progressive she was for her time. I think she one of the most beautiful princesses, her looks is both gorgeous and relatable. Her personality is also very relatable. Oh, I have just used this word thrice! I haven't done it for nothing. I believe that this is word that describes her the best. I also amor how dignified, sophisticated and chaste she is, this is what makes her más attractive than Bimbettes(IMO). She also has a great sense of style.

My TOP-4

The incarnation of spring. Beautiful, childish romantic, charming and hopeful.

While I find Elsa relatable( and not in good way, all my traits I recognise in her are negative), I find Anna admirable. And this is why I prefer. I amor how both feminine and strong she is, I admire her communicative skills and sociability. I amor her looks and sense of style. I admire how she was able at recognising best in Kristoff. Kristoff and Anna are very nice couple.
I wish I was más like Anna.
She is just #4 because I find her somewhat boring compared to my #1-3.

3. Rapunzel
She is able to make the darkest night light and the moodiest person smile.

My unpopular opinion on her is that isn't just cute in looks but absolutely gorgeous. Especially I amor her eyes because they ruin this disgusting green-eyes-are-not-for-angelic-ingenues stereotype I hate. I guess that being green-eyed ingenue would be enough to be in my TOP-3 and Rapunzel is much más than this! I amor that her goal is different from finding her love( this is why she is higher than Anna). I amor how curios she is and how many hobbies she has. I admire how multitalanted she is. In my opinion she has the best fashion style of all DPs. My favorito! language is German and it's her mothertongue! Rapunzel and Eugene make a nice couple.
I feel sorry that I don't relate to her. She is perfect and is an awesome role model.

2. Tiana

Tiana is another princess whom I think is gorgeous-looking. I also amor that she a hobby. I amor to eat and I have a thing for people with culinary skills. And I prefer the meal Tiana cooked to dish Snow White cooked. I also amor that Tiana's primary goal is related to her hobby. It's awesome that she self-motivated and at the same time she is kind and capable of love. She is not too altruistic o too selfish. I also amor her wardrobe. I gladly sort her to Slytherin. She is awesome.

1. Pocahontas

Pocahontas is and will always be my favorito! disney heroine. She is both relatable and admirable. She is a very complex character. I amor how she mixes childishness and playfulness with wisdom and deep thinking. I amor how much she loves her homeland and her people. Her spirituality and ability to have an unconventional point of view on things aare awesome, colores of the Wind is definetely my favorito! DP song. I amor how she sticks her beliefs. I admire her dutifulness and ability herself before others. I accept the decision to stay in Virginia( what makes my TOP-3 is that all three didn't put romantic amor on the first place, it's also pretty relatable.