These are just my opinions regarding the two cine compiled together. BEWARE SOME SPOILERS!!!!

Weirdly enough, I liked Emma Watson's speaking voice better than Paige O'Hara's (though Paige O'Hara is definitely the stronger singer), and I think it may be why I even liked 2017 Belle slightly más than 1991 Belle. Emma Watson's voice is más down-to-earth while still being elegant and classy, fit for a magical fantasy, while Paige O'Hara's speaking voice sounds like well...a campana (get it? cause her name's Belle). Her voice sounded too perfect, if tu know what I mean, which probably made Belle felt a little bit like a "too perfect" character in the original. But both are valid interpretations of the character, and I like that they played Belle differently. Of course, Emma Watson (and the movie itself) still kept Belle's core character the same. Emma Watson felt very Belle-ish and I couldn't imagine another actress for that role. Even though Paige O'Hara definitely wins in the canto department, I'm glad Emma Watson sung differently and brought another interpretation to the songs. The British accent was better suited and made it seem classier. Emma Watson has the sort of quiet elegance and magic that made the fairytale feel like a fairytale.

The voice acting/singing was still better in the animated version. I don't really like Ewan's McGregor's voice actuación as Lumiere. While Emma Thompson sang decently well, no one can ever beat the perfectly nurturing and iconic voice of Angela Lansbury. Chip wasn't as cute in the live action. His voice was too formal, elegant and grown-up imo. Overall, the music/singing was better in the animated version.

As for visuals, it was a hit and miss. Some of the scenes were beautiful, while others looked pretty shabby. I'm not really a fan of CGI, so I didn't really like the castillo exterior nor the castillo surroundings. Nor did I like the Beast's diseño nor the diseño of the encantada furniture, which are too intricate. The simpler designs in the animated original brought out the encantada furnitures' charm and made them cute and funny. I especially didn't like the diseño of Mrs. Potts. The whole point of having a sentient teapot is that the spout looks like a nose, so if tu put the entire face on one side, then what's the point?

I liked that they kept most of the characters' personality. Mrs. Potts was still warm and nurturing, Lumiere and Cogsworth were still the awesomely dynamic duo, with Lumiere being free-spirited and outgoing and Cogsworth being careful. The dog taburete still had his dog-like charm. The Beast in 1991 was better and más dynamic than the tame housecat in 2017. I could barely hear what the Beast was saying in live action. Most of the time he sounded like he was muttering (idk if this was on purpose)? I didn't really like the added backstory of the Beast's mother dying. That was too depressing and the blaming of other parents is just old and overplayed. We can already assume that the Beast was mean for whatever reason. I would rather they keep it simple, like a fairytale, than try to make it complex. I think Beast's character arc of becoming a better person was already redeeming enough in itself. We don't need to add the bad father and dead mother to the mix. However, I did find the Beast transporting Belle to the past and seeing her mother was interesting, since Belle is the protaganist, and the purpose was to mostrar más of Belle than to "justify" the Beast's actions. Maybe it was just to let Belle and the Beast "bond" over their lost mothers? Still, I didn't really like it.

2017 Belle seemed to like Beast más than the 1991 version. Emma Watson seemed like she had a crush on Belle. It's probably easier to tell from a real person actuación than mostrando it in animation. The 1991 Belle's affections for the Beast, felt más mysterious. Either way, it's a good difference that they both have.

The Be Our Guest scene was más beautiful in live acton. It took over a año to plan and shoot, so no wonder it looked so good! But the canto was slow paced and felt like it dragged on. The faster tempo of the song, musically, was better in the original. The scene where the wardrobe tried to dress up Belle was also beautiful and the biblioteca scene felt very fantasy-like. But I missed how Beast surprised Belle with the biblioteca in the animated one. The Gaston scene with the dancing on the tables was also good.

I also liked the little town scene in live action better and the addition of Belle teaching a little girl how to read. That was a cute scene. LeFou teaming up with Ms. Potts after Gaston left him was a funny touch. Belle trying to escape the castillo por building a rope was also interesting.

In the live action, they turned the encantada furniture into actual objects so the people in them "disappeared" which I find kind of scary, because it felt like the servants were dying, which wasn't fair because they didn't do anything wrong. It sucks enough already to be furniture. Adding the actual enchantress was interesting. I think it suits to have the enchantress in live action, while the animated was better off without seeing her. Also I liked how they cleared up in the live action that the Beast was not rejecting the enchantress because he was cautious of strangers, but because he was actually rude and mocking and laughing at her merely for her looks.

My opinions on the wardrobe are reversed. In the animated version, I find her dresses boring and overrated and only liked her golden ballgown. In live action, I liked her clothes better but didn't like the yellow ballgown as much. It was just okay, not great. The ballroom scene actually looked kind of nice, but I might have done something differently. Overall, the live action had some good parts, but I still like the animated one more.