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Professor Poopypants and the Duke of Weselton were tired of losing all the time so they decided to team up.

Professor Poopypants dicho "This is going to be our biggest victory yet."

The Duke of Weselton dicho "I agree."

The 2 villains laughed and started attacking Principal Krupp's school. Professor Poopypants dicho "I will get my revenge on the silly school."

Principal Krupp angrily dicho "How many times do I have to remind tu that no villains are allowed to take over the school?"

George dicho "This looks dangerous. I think I know who we need."

Harold dicho "Lets get Captain Underpants."

George and Harold snapped their fingers. Principal Krupp changed into Captain Underpants. Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior dicho "It's hero time."

Professor Poopypants dicho "Actually it's 3:15 p.m."

Princess Anna and queen Elsa heard about what was going on. Anna dicho "Luckily I brought our costumes."

Elsa dicho "Oh no. Not those embarrassing costumes."

Anna dicho "These are new costumes."

Elsa dicho "Thank goodness."

Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior started battling the professor and the duke. Although the captain was strong it was hard for him to fight 2 villains. The captain dicho "I must keep fighting. I can defeat you." The professor blasted the captain. The captain was injured even though he still kept fighting.

Suddenly Anna and Elsa came to stop the villains. Anna and Elsa wore shirts that were so long that they looked like casual dresses. They didn't wear pants, but their shirts were so long that the 2 girls were dressed appropriately. Anna's camisa, camiseta is purple and Elsa's is light blue. Anna dicho "It's time to give up."

The Duke of Weselton dicho "Actually it's 3:25 p.m."

Elsa froze the Duke. The Duke dicho "Not cool. Actually this is cool. Too cool."

The professor dicho "You froze the Duke of Weaseltown, but tu can't freeze me."

Elsa dicho "Why?"

The professor thought about it and dicho "I dicho that so tu would leave me alone."

Elsa dicho "Well that won't work."

The professor dicho "Oh no."

Elsa froze Professor Poopypants. Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior dicho "Wow. That was awesome. We are a good team."

Elsa dicho "Thank tu Captain Nopants. I feel más comfortable with this long camisa, camiseta to cover me up." Suddenly the wind blew Elsa's long camisa, camiseta off.

Anna giggled and dicho "I'm sorry Elsa. It seems like the wind isn't on your side."

Elsa was only wearing her underclothes. She ran after her long shirt. She dicho "Please come back."

Anna dicho "While Elsa chases her camisa, camiseta we should go get some chocolate."

Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior dicho "Okay. I'll get us the best chocolate in the city."

George dicho "Make sure that tu use Principal Krupp's credit card to pay for it."

Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior dicho "Okay."