Note: Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior and frozen not owned and created por me. This story takes place after the Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior animated film. This story is for Fanfiction and Fanpop. Things at Mr. Krupp's school were actually going pretty good. Mr. Krupp often got mad at the antics of George Beard and Harold Hutchins, but the 3 of them became semi friendly rivals instead of being straight up enemies.

George Beard dicho "Things sure better now."

Harold Hutchins nervously dicho "Do tu think that things will get worse?"

George dicho "No way."

Harold dicho "I just hope that Professor Poopypants doesn't plan on coming back."

Meanwhile Professor Poopypants was planning on coming back. He was in his new lair and was working on a new invention. He dicho "Those 2 bratty kids and their oddly dressed captain defeated me last time, but I plan on changing things up this time. Last time I made the mistake of having my shrink rayo, ray and my enlarge rayo, ray together, but this time I will only bring my shrink ray. That way I will shrink the 2 brats and the captain and trap them. Ha, ha!"

The siguiente morning Mr. Krupp was interviewing Princess Anna who wanted to be the new science teacher so she could meet Captain Underpants. Mr. Krupp read her resume and dicho "It doesn't seem like tu don't have any experience teaching science."

Princess Anna dicho "That's true."

Mr. Krupp dicho "Have tu ever taught any type of class?"

Anna thought about it and dicho "I was once a substitute math teacher."

Mr. Krupp dicho "Good enough. tu are the new science teacher."

Anna smiled and dicho "Thank tu Mr. Krupp. I have wanted to work at this school ever since I heard about Captain Underpants. He seems like such a cool hero. He inspired me and my sister to be like him."

Mr. Krupp angrily dicho "Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior isn't real."

Anna dicho "Where is the science room?"

Mr. Krupp dicho "I don't know."

Meanwhile Professor Poopypants returned to the school. He used a megaphone and dicho "Come out comic book kids and Captain Weirdo."

Mr. Krupp angrily dicho "What is going on?"

Harold nervously dicho "I think that Professor Poopypants is back."

George dicho "I'm sure that it's somebody else."

Professor Poopypants dicho "I am Professor Poopypants."

George dicho "Oh no." George and Harold found Mr. Krupp and snapped their fingers. Mr. Krupp changed into Captain Underpants.

Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior heroically dicho "Tra la la."

George dicho "The evil professor is back."

Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior proudly dicho "Don't worry sidekicks. I will stop him." Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior ran outside and dicho "I will stop you."

Anna saw Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior and dicho "How cool."

Professor Poopypants dicho "Oh really?" Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior dicho "Oh yes." Professor Poopypants dicho "Are tu sure about that?" Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior thought about it and dicho "I am 90% sure - 10% + 15% - 25% + 30%." Professor Poopypants dicho "You could of just dicho 100%." Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior thought about it and dicho "Oh. You're right." Professor Poopypants got out the shrink rayo, ray and dicho "I have no más time for your foolishness." The professor shrunk the captain. The professor smiled and dicho "This is my biggest victory!"

George dicho "Technically this is your smallest victory." Harold laughed.

Professor Poopypants angrily dicho "No más jokes!" The professor shrunk George and Harold.

Anna dicho "Oh my. The captain is the size of a atom. He needs help. He needs another super hero. Luckily I am a super hero. Kind of."

Professor Poopypants dicho "Now that I have shrunk my 3 arch enemies I might as well shrink the rest of the school to prove to the world the dangers of making fun of mildly silly names."

George and Harold were scared. George dicho "I don't know what to do." Harold dicho "Neither do I."

Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior confidently dicho "I'm not scared. Everything will work out."

George dicho "Do tu have a plan?"

Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior dicho "Plans are overrated."

Professor Poopypants tried to shrink the school, but the shrink rayo, ray wasn't working. The professor dicho "I'm afraid that my shrink rayo, ray had enough jugo, jugo de left for only 3 people. I'll be okay as long as I don't suddenly get a new enemy." Suddenly the professor got a new enemy.

Anna showed up dressed as a super hero. Her costume was inspired por Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior so she was shirtless and pantless. Anna was only wearing her rosado, rosa bra, underwear, and a curtain that she used as a cape. She dicho "You should release the captain. If tu don't you'll have to fight Super chocolate Lover." Anna tried to look heroic and tough, but the professor thought that she looked ridiculous.

Professor Poopypants dicho "Heroes these days have terrible fashion."

Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior dicho "Actually I am very fashionable."

Anna dicho "Since your rayo, ray is out of shrinking jugo, jugo de tu are out of ways to defeat me."

Professor Poopypants dicho "That may be true, but I still have the captain shrunk and tu can't stop me."

Anna looked around and dicho "Where is the enlarging ray?"

Professor Poopypants dicho "I'm smart enough to not bring the enlarging rayo, ray with me. The only way to enlarge the captain and the kids is to break the shrink ray. I shouldn't of told tu that."

Anna reached for the shrink rayo, ray and dicho "Hand it over Peepants."

Professor Poopypants dicho "My name is Poopy, not Pee."

Anna dicho "Either way tu need to change your pants." The captain and the kids laughed. Anna tried to grab the shrink ray, but the professor kicked her. Anna dicho "It will take más than a little kick to stop me."

Professor Poopypants smiled and dicho "Luckily I had karate classes recently." George dicho "Why?"
Professor Poopypants dicho "Plot convenience."
The professor kicked Anna who crash landed into the school. Anna passed out.

Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior dicho "That's not good."

George dicho "We know that Captain Obvious."

Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior dicho "Actually my name is Captain Underpants. No offense, but tu should know that por now."

Professor Poopypants dicho "I can't be stopped now."

Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior dicho "Unless another hero in their underwear shows up."

Professor Poopypants angrily dicho "That better not happen." That's what happened.

queen Elsa showed dressed as a super hero. Elsa was also only wearing her bra, underwear, and a curtain cape, but Elsa's is light blue instead of pink. Elsa tried to use her cape to cover herself up and whispered "Anna will pay for pressuring me to dress like this."

Professor Poopypants had a villainous smile on his face. He dicho "I don't see any reason to be worried. I'll defeat her with my karate skills."

Elsa dicho "No tu won't." Elsa froze Professor Poopypants. Elsa broke the shrink rayo, ray which made the captain and the kids return to their regular height.

Anna got up and dicho "What happened?"

Elsa dicho "Don't worry Super chocolate Lover. I took care of the professor."

Anna dicho "Thank tu Super Icicles."

George dicho "If this girl has ice powers why didn't she mostrar up first?"

Anna dicho "Plot convenience."

Harold dicho "So tu dress like Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior too?"

Anna proudly dicho "We sure do."

Captain calzoncillos, ropa interior dicho "Well now that the villain is gone. Lets party."

Anna dicho "Alright. I'll bring the chocolate."

Elsa dicho "And I'll have plenty of ice."

Professor Poopypants dicho "Is anybody going to unfreeze me?"