I know Anna isn't real - but I still want to wish her a Happy Birthday.
On December 21st 2016 (Technically 23 because I accidentally hit "Unpublish and Save" and had to editar it.), I wrote an articulo wherein I listed of 40 of my favorito! fan-arts of Elsa. It was her birthday, and wanted to write an articulo where I listed the contributions of other Elsa fans, as a tribute/gift.
Today is June 21st, Anna's birthday, and because I amor her almost as much, I want to lista off 40 of my favorito! fan-arts of Anna, to mostrar that she's a wonderful character that deserves just as much credit as her sister.

When I became a fan of Frozen, it was because of Elsa. Heck, I used to think that she was the main character because of how heavily advertised and popular she was. It's only after lectura Frozen's disney Wikia page that I realized that Anna was the main character, and that she had a lot más screen-time than Elsa. I didn't notice it back when I first watched frozen in March of 2014, because I was skipping parts of it.
My very first article, was meant as a way to express why I loved Elsa so much. I loved Anna, but not as much as Elsa. Over these two and a half years, I've grown to amor and admire Anna more, and that she means a lot to me, almost as much as Elsa. A lot of people say that Anna's inferior, when in reality she deserves just as much credit and admiration. So, I decided to dedicate this articulo to this bubbly, warm, energetic, brave, and kind-hearted woman.

Just a disclaimer, I will only include a few fan-arts from the Elsa article, because they feature Anna almost as prominetly as Elsa, and showcase Anna's characteristics.
Also, just like the Elsa one, I will not include any screen-shots o official art por the creators, as emotionally powerful and beautiful as they are; since this is an articulo dedicated to fans of Anna only.

With all that out if the way, let's begin the list:

1."Anna" por valar1a

This arte de los Fans is a recreation of Anna's holding hands with Hans when he offers to lift her up. In my opinion, it's recreated in the most gorgeous way. Both in the screenshot and this image, Anna's warm nature really shines. Mostly because of her little smile. Back in my 4th articulo that I wrote back in January of 2015, where I listed off the things I liked and disliked about Frozen, I mentioned that every time Anna smiled, I smiled too. She has such an adorable face that I can't help but squish it. The freckles, the rosy cheeks, the big eyes, makes her look so adorable.

That's enough about Anna's smile and cheeks.
Like I said, one of the reasons why I like this arte de los Fans so much is because just por looking at it, tu know what kind of a person Anna is; especially that she has a romantic interest in the person she's holding hands with, and that she has a warm and loving personality. Because she's in the center and is surrounded por brightness, draws our attention to her, which is ironic because Anna was desperate for attention.

The purple filter that surrounds the image makes it look like a dream, which is fitting because Anna just bumped into the man of her dreams. However, that purple filter is surrounding the image, while the center is bright and shows Anna. Purple is sometimes used in fiction as a color that represents evil. Anna bumped into the man of her dreams, who turns out to be a bastard who wants to use her in order to gain power.

2."For the First Time in Forever" por imDRUNKonTEA

I chose this one because it's a very stylized but also cartoony image of Anna swinging on a rope.
Once again, I like the smile that she has. It shows her eagerness and curiosity for the brand new world that she'll discover. Heck, like the anterior one, it shows off a little bot of Anna's personality, por mostrando a little bot of an awkward smile.
I also like how she's looking back. She's smiling a little awkwardly, but that's because she looking back at her old life, which she grew tired of, but will still miss.

3."Anna" por imDRUNKonTEA

Done por the same artist, this one shows her stuffing her face with chocolate.
I really like this one, as it shows that he loves chocolate so much, that she would take a brake from her song sequence to eat some. I find it very amusing, since this is a disney princess who sings, but prefers to eat some chocolate instead.
I also like that scared look on her face; that someone might see her eating sweets before the coronation and party actually begin. It shows that she still is a little girl at heart, and would steal some sweets without other's permission.

I also like what she's doing with the fan. One of the things I amor about Anna is that she's not the conventional disney princess, and doesn't know how to be as graceful as her sister, who is "The picture of sophisticated grace."
Because of how much Elsa ignored Anna, Anna started to believe that she was inferior to Elsa, and that she will never match up to her and felt overshadowed (How ironic that it implies to both the movie and real life.). She tries to imitate her elegant style with the fan, but fails to do so, which is why she's holding it that way.
Also, the fan is siguiente to the bust, which can be taken as foreshadowing for what happens in the end.
During her song sequence, she's looking at the bust as a representation of the man who will amor her. However, that man turned out to be lying jerk, and her waving the fan at the bust could foreshadow how she moved on from Hans.

4."Frozen Fever - Anna" por imDRUNKonTEA

Once again done por the same artist, this one shows her in her birthday dress (Not that kind of birthday dress.), holding a Snowgie in her hand. You'd think that makes it boring, but the way it's drawn and stylized is what makes it so good.

The smile on Anna's face is kind of like a faint smile, while holding up and looking at the Snowgie, that could be considered her nephew. I bring this up because the smile that she gives it looks like she's also going to cry.
Throughout most of her life, she's been shunned por Elsa and felt lonely. Without her, no birthday of hers ever felt complete. But now, not only did Elsa make an amazing birthday party for Anna, but Anna received the best gift she could ever have: Elsa letting Anna to take care of her.
Now, I bring this up because it shows that Anna is más than just a bubbly and energetic princess, but also a caring woman who'd walk a 1000 miles for someone she loves. The Snowgie she holds up could be interpreted that she's holding up another gift from Elsa: a new family member. It even has a cute scarf around it, which kind of makes it look like a rapping sash they use for presents.
I also like the bright smile she has, which could be seen this way: now that she has another family member(s), she sees it as a sign that the future will hold many surprises, and she's looking adelante, hacia adelante to experience them.

Also, because all 3 of these are from the same artist, I placed them in the exact order these events happened in the movie.

5."Nothing's in my way!" por tokunaga3046

Nobody is más excited than Anna, as they are finally opening the gates to the kingdom. She is happy to see other people, and hopes for the possibility of meeting that special someone.

I amor how joyful she looks here. She's running down like she's meeting the person she loves after a long time. It's very fitting, because she's about to meet people she's never met before, and ready to meet the man of her dreams. She's running the opposite way the people are going, as a way to symbolize that she's leaving behind her rotten past and is ready to embark on a journey to a whole new world (Pun not intended.), as she lets in the people into her better world.

The only thing that could've made this better is if the artist included Rapunzel and Eugine in the background, as a small nod that they appeared in the movie.

6.Assassin's Creed Anna.

While I never played any Assassin's Creed game, I do really amor the aesthetics, designs and world building of the games.
The main character, Desmond Miles has a really awesome design, and seeing Anna's winter clothes being fused with Desmond's make her look incredibly bad-ass. Heck, it actually has a warrior look to it, which fits with Anna's feisty personality.
I also really like that she's in the middle of what looks like a frozen river o fiord. It can either be reference to the climax of the movie, o to imply that she just broke out of the ice, and is ready to kick ass.

Fun fact! Kristen campana is a big fan of the series, and even voices the character Lucy Stillman in the games, and even gave her opinion on the themes and meaning of the story.

How ironic that Anna is the world of Assassin's Creed, along with another character that her actress played.

7."Anna" por RikaMello

This is a gorgeous piece that shows Anna in her own ice dress with magic ice powers like Elsa.
A lot of people dicho that because Elsa was cold and level-headed and had ice powers, Anna should have fuego powers, due to her warm and feisty personality. However, I disagree, since it robs the whole chemistry of the two; one is a normal girl with a great heart, while the other one is an emotionally unstable woman with immense power. Like what I dicho in one of my older articles: por making them both playful, tu lose something, and it makes them the same character. It's almost the same here: If tu make both of them powerful o normal, they lose the chemistry that made them so engaging and interested in the first place.

On the fan-art...it's gorgeous. While I'm not a fan of the idea, I do amor some the fan-arts made about it, and this is one of the best. Her version of the ice dress makes her look más distinct from her sister, and if tu look closely, it looks like there are mariposas on it, which could symbolize her sense of new-found freedom, if she had the same backstory as Elsa.
I also like how she "extracts" her arm, in a way that says: "Come with me." Even mostrando off her snowflake, implying that she wants to play and have fun with her powers with a companion. That companion being us, the audience.

On the topic of Anna having powers... I actually think it could work, but only if they switched the roles around, which leads me too...

8."Anna the Snow Princess and queen Elsa of Arendelle" por SandButterbeer

While I relate más to Elsa than Anna, and I think the ice fits her more. However, this is role reversal; a "What if..." kind of story: "What if Elsa and Anna had different roles. Elsa was normal, and Anna was the one with the magic ice powers.

As I've dicho many times before, I compared Elsa to Marry Poppins, in that they're both kind and loving women, but are also strict, intelligent, and can say no. Because Elsa has no powers, I'd imagine she's más close to Marry Poppins in terms of character. Giving out orders to Kristoff in a stern manner, while also being formal and gentle.
Also, I amor the fact that the artist made switched the hair colores around por having Anna's hair be platinum-blonde, and Elsa's hair brunette. Not only does Elsa look great, but according to the creators, the reason why Elsa has platinum-blonde hair, despite her parents and Anna having brown hair, is because of her powers. Here, however, Elsa was never born with her powers, and instead Anna was born with them, which is why she has platinum-blonde hair.

As for Anna, because she was born with powers, I'd imagine that she's doesn't want to hide it, probably even más so than Elsa. She has to learn how to control them, but due to the pressure she's being put through, especially por her sister and her people, she can't take it anymore and runs away. It's similar to Elsa's, while also keeping true to Anna's character.

As usual, the artstyle matches that of Britney Lee's, and not only does it look beautiful, but it's also very fitting. Here, the roles are reversed, and using Britney Lee's artsyle, who's the concept artist for Frozen, makes it look like it's going back o paying homage to its roots.

I also like how the two lovingly embrace. Even when they're roles are reversed, they still amor each other to the very end. The look on their eyes is alone to give tu what they're both feeling, without even uttering a word.

9."Anna" por SAkURA-JOkER.

This arte de los Fans is nothing really special, but I think its simplicity is what makes it good.
Her smile is as adorable as ever, and the artstyle is cute, colorful and fits Anna perfectly.
Heck, the artsyle makes it look like she's the 3D model brought to 2D.

10."White Anna" por kiiro789

This is a rather depressing and disturbing one, as it shows Anna being terrified as Elsa's curse is getting worse and worse.
One of the things that made me like Anna's transformation into the ice statue is that it looks like some kind of disease. A disease that sourced from the fear and anxiety of the person she loved; a result of her reckless behavior for not listening to her warning of others, especially her sister.

This could be a metaphor on how many young people tend to get sick for being reckless, even if he/she had good intentions. But, at the end, the amor they shared together helped her cure her disease, which allowed the both to grow and become better people.

11."Frozen" por godohelp

Like the anterior one, this arte de los Fans shows Anna in her cursed state, but unlike the anterior one, this one shows her accepting her fate. She's folding her arms in a way that looks like the way the arms are folded on corpses. In fact, her vacant expression and the image of her just standing their, with a blank expression makes her look like ghost in the icy fog of the Snow Queen. A lost soul, who lost her life, her way, and lost the person she loved.

12.I'd see tu again

This arte de los Fans shows a sequence of events from the Anna's past, where she spends her life, but is actually feeling lonely without Elsa. Hoping that one día they'll meet again, only for it to come true.

I like how it showcases some of the events in this fan-art. I like the one where she wears a rain capa and is starring in curiosity and confusion to a bird. It's very adorable. I also like the one where she's running barefooted with a dog. My favorito! one would have to be the one where different versions of Anna are knocking on Elsa's door, only to get the same result.

But the wait ultimately pays off, as they're reunited at the end, and it's really adorable and heartwarming.

13."Family" por PONZU

I'm actually surprised that I didn't include any work from PONZU, but I guess it's better late than never.
If tu don't know, PONZU is a Japanese teenage artist, who's a big fan of Disney, and does absolutely phenomenal disney art. I always amor the combination of disney and Japan, because they look beautiful, but PONZU is por far the best. Her art is not only fantastic, but is filled with a lot of emotion. I'm actually a big follower of her Twitter page.

About this fan-art...it actually hold nostalgic value to me, because I publicado this arte de los Fans on Fanpop's disney Princess site, the día after I wrote my analysis of "Let It Go". One commenter called "324anna" dicho "Awww". It's nothing special, but it described this arte de los Fans perfectly.

If tu look closely, tu could see a tear is coming out of Elsa's eye, while she embraces her sister, whom she missed the most. It's a tear of joy, because they're finally reunited after 13 years, and no longer have to deal with the hardships that may come from it.

14."Young Elsa and Older Anna" por jungie14295

In the Elsa version, I placed an image of Elsa taking care of a much younger Anna, having a relationship similar to that of Nani and Lilo. Here, once again, the roles are reversed. Anna is the older sibling, and Elsa is the younger one.

In the Elsa article, I dicho that it reflected Elsa's viewpoint on Anna: a little sister that she needs to protect. In my opinion, this represents Anna's viewpoint. Unlike Elsa, Anna doesn't see her little sister as someone to protect, but rather as the most important person that she could have fun with, and is the most important person in her life. I especially like the part where Anna helps Elsa how to ride a horse. I actually think this makes sense, because Elsa never got to go outside, and couldn't learn how to ride a horse. Anna, however, spent a lot of time in the royal garden, which could explain as to why she was able to ride a horse. I cans see Anna teaching Elsa how to ride a horse properly, especially because Elsa's the queen and needs to look good for the people.

The one part I don't like is the last part, where older Elsa is angry that Anna and younger Elsa estola her chocolate. Does that mean that both versions of the characters exist in the same universe?

Still, one of the most adorable fan-arts I've seen of the two.

15.Anna comforts Elsa.

It's a pretty sad image. Elsa is begging for apology and tries to explain why she did it, which results in her breaking down, and Anna hugging and comforting her, which results in her crying, too.

I like how Anna is also crying, because it's a very subtle yet very meaningful metaphor on their contrast. Elsa is crying because she still feels guilty over what she did, and Anna is crying because she' happy to finally be with her sister, again.

The artsyle is nothing special, but it works good enough, and the emotions of the two is enough to put it on the list.

16."Still Beating" por asameshii

This is actually one of the few fan-arts was also featured in the Elsa article. I put it here too, because I think this is más of a arte de los Fans of Anna than it is of Elsa. Sure, Elsa is checking to see if Anna's corazón is still beating, but Anna, once again, is the emotional support for Elsa. I know some of tu might think that this arte de los Fans portrays Anna as the animated version of Mary Jane Watson from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies; a lifeless doll that exists just to comfort the main character. And Elsa is an emotional wreck. But it actually makes sense.
Both Anna and Elsa have spent 13 years in isolation, and both of them were scared for life. Elsa became depressed and anxious, and is always afraid whether o not someone will get hurt because of her. And Anna, finally happy that they're together, will do anything to make her sister happy and protect, even if it means comforting her.

Plus, it's clear that both amor each other (Not romantically, of course.), and they just want to make sure that the other is safe.

17."Best Sisters" por Nyamo

While I mentioned PONZU, I forgot to talk about another great artist who made some spectacular frozen art: Nyamo. Like PONZU, Nyamo is a Japanese disney artist who does simple but really great frozen art. The reason why it's great is because of how much personality it has.
She does multiple multiple frozen art that shows the characters in a possible and plausible situation that makes sense in Frozen's universe. This one is a good example. Elsa and Anna are being hugged por Bulda, who's practically Kristoff's surrogate mother. I find this a very adorable fan-arts, and it shows off Nyamo's talent when it comes to Frozen.

18"Elsa's Eyeglasses Comic" por mizzizabellaSMS

This is another one from the Elsa article. I put that there not just because it's very heartwarming, but also because it's very relatable to me, because in October of 2016, I started to wear eyeglasses because I become nearsighted. I've gotten used to it, but I still miss having 20/20 vision. I blame myself, because I tired my eyes out.

In the Elsa article, I explained why it's relatable to me, but I didn't mention Anna's part. She not only accepts that Elsa wears eyeglasses, but she's fully open to it. She doesn't shun Elsa, nor look down upon her. If anything, the glasses makes her look más adorable and wiser. She doesn't look at Elsa's glasses as a crutch, but as something to help her sister, which she sees as a gift, and it helps Elsa look más intelligent. Heck, I wouldn't mind if in the sequel, Elsa's going to wear glasses.

And that last kiss on Elsa's forehead is truly heartwarming.

19."Wavy-haired/pig-tailed Anna"

While I much prefer weeing her int he coronation hair and the pigtails, this is a very fitting haircut. It's shows off her bubbly, childlike nature, and it makes her look más adorable. To be honest, I think this haircut fits más to 9 año old Anna, but still, a very "adorkable" haircut for a very "adorkable" character.

20."Baking with Anna" por Tuttava

I amor this one. Once again, it shows off their contrast in personality, while also being hilarious. Elsa and Anna are cooking, but Anna decided to also play with the cocina equipment, bugging Elsa in the process.
I'm pretty sure many people can relate to this one. As expected, I relate más to Elsa and how she's trying to focus on her work, but Anna is the one who shines here. Here expression is absolutely priceless, and her fighting pots with her fists is hilarious.

21."Anna comforts young Elsa"

Young Elsa is scared to death, but Anna is helping her calm down; placing her hand on Elsa's face, and saying that it's all going to be alright.
Once again, I like this one because like the one with Anna being the older sister, here she tries to reach out and help Elsa, who's just a young girl, something that their parents couldn't do. The fact that it's in the dark could symbolize a sense of light and hope in a place of darkness and despair. Elsa is despair, but Anna is giving her hope.

22."Anna and Gerda"

If tu didn't know, my favorito! book por Hans Christian Andersen is The Snow Queen. I grew up watching the 1957 Russian adaptation. Over time, I began to consider it as H.C. Andersen's botella doble, magnum Opus. It's one of the reason why I liked frozen is because it's based on the book. Now, you'd think I'd be furious that they changed almost everything about the book, but the fact that it gave me an relatable story that has the two most selfless and relatable disney characters I've ever seen. Other adaptations like the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist, while not following the story it's based on, it managed to be it's own thing and became something unique. It' the same thing here.

Now, aside from that, this arte de los Fans is really funny! Seeing Anna meet her book counterpart is hilarious, especially because Gerda is asking about her friend Kai, but Anna thinks that she's talking about Kai the servant.
I actually think that something like this can happen if they ever met/crossed-over. In fact, I'd amor to see that. Two stories that I hold dearly to my corazón meeting to become something else.

23."Krstanna" por NightLiight

I'm not a shipper type of person, but I do ship Anna and Kristoff. I think they look adorable and they make a very fitting couple.
This arte de los Fans is actually a compilation of multiple fan-arts of them forming a family over time.
The first one shows them after having sex, covered in blankets, while Kristoff's big arm folds over Anna. Considering what happens after, it's very plausible that this is where Anna got pregnant.
In the segundo one, Anna's expecting and tired, so she spends a lot of time resting in her room. To keep her spirits up, Kristoff keeps her company and entertains her por playing with the little baby booties they'd gotten as a gift. They're so small, the father-to-be can barely put a finger in them.
In the third one, The morning after the baby is born, the new parents, both exhausted, have a quiet moment together for the first time as a family.
Anna hands their son over to Kristoff for the first time to hold him. Incredibly nervous, he keeps the tiny baby nestled in both his arms protectively. But in an instant, Kristoff forgot his worries and gazed at his little boy with such amor and wonder.
Anna watching them both lovingly as she lies comfortably siguiente to her husband, eyes heavy and tired from the labor, her hand never losing contact with him.
In the fourth one, Anna and Kristoff have a segundo child, while the first one crawls on parte superior, arriba of her father's head.
In the fifth one, Kristoff and Anna’s 4 año old daughter, wanted to make special navidad wreath crowns for her family as a gift. She pleaded for her 8 año old brother to help her with them. He did so, somewhat reluctantly. As her big brother, he can never bring himself to say ‘no’ to her. And he happily helps her place them on the tops of their heads the siguiente morning.

It's a very emotional compilation of the most adorable Kristanna fan-arts ever.

24."Pregnant Anna" por Nyamo

In my Elsa article, I put some fan-arts in that shows Elsa as a mother. However, while I think she's make a wonderful mother, I believe Anna is más fitting to be mother. I already consider Olaf, malvavisco and the Snowgies to be Elsa's sons, so she already is a mother. Anna being pregnant is más fitting for her character. She'd be the type if mother who pushes tu to the very end and supports you, until tu reach the top.

I always found pregnancy to be very attractive. Maybe the idea of a fertile woman bearing new life in her body is what makes it such a beautiful experience.

If tu look at Anna's finger, tu can see her wearing a silver ring, which means that she's married to Kristoff.

I also have nostalgic feeling towards this fan-art, because literally last year, for Anna's birthday, I recreated this arte de los Fans on paper. On a Thursday afternoon, after school was out, me and my mother went to the psychiatrist and I showed her my drawings, and when she saw the one with pregnant Anna, she asked if there's a part two where she's pregnant. I dicho no, I just made that because it's adorable.

25"Do tu Want to Build a Snowman" por cherryboniu

Last year, I wrote an articulo where I analyzed "Do tu Want to Build a Snowman", but it got taken down. Which is a shame because it's my segundo favorito! song in the movie.

"Do tu Want to Build a Snowman" has to cram all this exposition and character development into 3 and a half minutes, but it doesn’t do too badly.
At the end of the song, when Elsa was crying in the room, I felt so sorry for her that I started crying. I just wanted to hug her tightly saying that everything will be alright. During her isolation, her parents we're the only ones she could interact with, but now that they're dead, Anna was the only one left and she could never see her again because she wanted to protect her from herself, so she basically had no one else left in her life, only her grief and loneliness. I also felt really sorry for Anna because Elsa was the only one left and yet she is shutting her out of her life, thinking that Elsa hates her, and making her feel less self conscious about herself. Both of them want to be family again they can't because their parents forbid them.

26."The Hike" por samanthadoodles

Ever wondered what happened to Elsa's belongings after she fled up the North Mountain from Arendelle?
In this fan-art, Anna is lost and is trying to find Kristoff, but instead finds something else: Elsa's glove. When he sees it, she starts to have flashbacks to what happened at the coronation, and feels guilty. Blaming herself for what happened, she breaks down, begging for Elsa to forgive her.

Up until this point, I've talked about Anna's warmness and playfulness, but I didn't mention one of her stronger and most defining traits: her low self esteem. Because she was locked out of Elsa's life, and having no one beside hers, aside from her parents, she started to think that that Elsa hated her for something she did, even though it was the other way around. Because of that, her self esteem has started to dwindle, and became desperate for affection. Her solitude got so bad that she started to talk to the paintings on the wall.
While I relate a lot más to Elsa, I also relate to Anna when it comes to her low self esteem. Every time I make a big mistake, o forget about something important, not only do I feel like an idiot, but as a burden who has no use for the people around him. I contemplated suicide many times before, but I never went through with it. Whenever something goes wrong here, I always blame myself the most. For example, back when I was in elementary school, I was having lunch in the cocina and used a condiment to give it some taste. My grandmother was also in the kitchen, and I told her that there's another way the condiment is called, but suddenly she slipped on the floor, and her leg broke. After informing my mother about what happened, I quickly ran outside, blaming myself for distracting her. I felt guilty for my grandmother's leg injury, because instead of letting her observe her environment and be más careful, I distracted her with my comentario about condiments. My mother dicho that it wasn't my fault; the floor was just slippery because it was washed up.
Thank God, she's still in good health and her leg is fine. However, that still doesn't make me feel better over what I've done.

Plus, I can relate to Anna when she talks to the walls, because I also have no companions to talk to, so instead I talk to myself and practice my language.

27."Princess Anna" por Tokio92

In my Elsa article, I mentioned that there's an Anna version of one of the fan-arts that showed her development over the years, while also copying Britney Lee's artwork.
As I dicho before, I amor Britney Lee's artwork because of how simplistic yet elegant it is.

I amor all the expressions Anna has in this image. She goes from a sad little girl, to a young woman who tries to mover on from her past life. She goes from sad and tired, to free-spirited and playful, to young woman who seeks amor and is ready to take on the world.

28."The dressing room" por godohelp.

This arte de los Fans shows a how the dressing room scene would've looked like if it was animated.
In my "Getting to know Renegade1765 (Updated Version)" article, I dicho that if the dressing room scene was kept in the movie, then it would've been my segundo favorito! scene in the movie. I have two reasons why:
1) It's the scene where I saw myself the most in Elsa. Almost as if she was meant to be the character I always wanted. I related to everything about her: her intelligent,rational and stern personality, her snarky and jokey personality, the tendency to inform others about what they should do, and the tendency to lash out at the ones I amor out of fear of getting stressed up and hurt them, but still apologize.
2) While I understand the creators' intentions por not having them interact that much in the movie because of their broken relationship, But the problem is that por not having them interact that much, it's hard for people to connect with them o even care about their relationship because they don't mostrar us any scenes with them interacting before the incident, except for when they play in the snow. While the movie would've been drastically different if they had kept this scene, it's still a great scene that shows how much their relationship has rotten.

29."Selfie Elsa and Anna"

I have a confession to make: I don't like selfies. Personally, I see selfies as a sign of narcissism and vanity; something that only arrogant and self-absorbed people would use to take fotos of themselves probably to masturbate to it.
I always viewed fotos as a way to commemorate a special moment; a moment that left such an impact on tu that tu want to memorize it, look back, and remember how that moment effect you, and how times have changed.

But enough about my vistas on selfies; what about the fan-art? Once again, it shows off their contrast and chemistry, and it's adorable. Anna is making faces, goofing around, and looking funny; while Elsa is calm, reserved, and tries to read a book. The serious/angry face they make in the 3rd panel is truly hilarious. In fact, each of the fotos are placed in a way to mostrar the progression of the moment: First, Anna is making faces at the cellphone while Elsa is reading; Second, they bot look at the cellphone, with both of them having a different smile; Third, they're making grumpy faces at the cellphone as a joke; And lastly, they're both laughing at how much they had.

I don't know why, but the artwork reminds me of a lot of someone who also does frozen fan-arts, but I can't recall who. Anyway, let's just say that the artwork is beautiful, and this is an adorable piece.

30."Anna tries to harvest ice"

Anna tries to lift up a huge block of ice, not listening to Kristoff's warning's, which resutls in both of them getting wet.

I really like this one. Both Anna and Kristoff are in character, the idea of Anna trying to harvest ice and failing is really funny to me.

31."Where is my mind - Betrayal and heartbreak"
por Astranya

In the descripción of this fan-art, the artist dicho that she wanted to depict a darker version of Frozen, and in my opinion, she succeeded.

One of the things that I liked about Hans' reveal is that Anna basically chose a scumbag over Elsa. Anna grew up believing that Elsa didn't amor her and did a lot of things that only villains would do; when in reality she did everything out of fear, since she loved Anna so much that if shutting her out would be the best way to protect her, she goes through with it. Hans, on the other hand is a scumbag who did many things that others would consider heroic and romantic; when in reality he did it to win Anna's trust and love, only to crush both of them at the end.

The reason why I bring this up is because it's a tragic part of Anna. That she chose a man who only pretended to amor her, over the sister who did things out of love.
At the end, she admits that she doesn't know what true amor is, because she lived in a lie from both sides - not knowing what the true amor means anymore. Not only is her corazón frozen, but it's also broken.

The arte de los Fans depicts them in a "Yin-Yang" sort of way, which for Elsa and Anna work perfectly, since they are two sides of the same coin.
Elsa is upside-down and is hollowed out with her eyes glowing, and the background looks like trails of blood. It could imply that after hearing that Anna died because of her, she could no longer oso, oso de the pain and wanted her life to end. When she broke down and Hans was about to strike her down, Elsa could've heard Hans unsieth his sword, but instead of fighting back, she accepts her fate. After all, her kingdom is in ruins and would go back to normal if she died, thus assuring a better life for the citizens; and her sister, whom she tried to protect at any cost, is dead por Elsa's hands.
Throughout the movie, Elsa sees herself as only a monster, but now that she literally lost everything and did everything a monster would do, she accepted her fate - for what use do the people have for a monster?
Also, that trail of blood is coming from Anna, as if to imply that she's responsible for her sister's death.

Both palaces are shown in the picture in the "Yin-Yang" manner, to mostrar their homes and kingdoms, and what they have control over. Only to find out that they have control over nothing.

The harsh and jagged edges of the ice and the artstyle really match the tone, since it is a harsh situation that both of them have to get through.

32."Spring Beauty" por Aozee

Well, I had one sexy image of Elsa in that article, I might as well have one with Anna, here.

I'm por no means a pervert, o that I masturbate to sexy imágenes of disney characters. It's just that I fin this to be a very cute arte de los Fans of Anna, even if she's in a bathing suit (I originally thought it was some type of lingerie.). I bet she wears the bathing suit and does that pose to arouse Kristoff and have some fun in the bed.

33."Do tu Want to Build a Snowman?" por TomperWomper.

For 13 years, Anna begs Elsa to open the door and build a snowman with her. However, when Elsa is at the North Mountain, she builds a snowman all por herself.

I know this may seem selfish on Elsa's side, but I can't help but laugh at it. XD

As funny as it may seem, Elsa didn't build Olaf alone just to screw with Anna. She did it because Olaf represents her relationship with Anna - but now that she's going to live the rest of her life in isolation, she says goodbye to it, por building one last snowman in Anna's name.

34."Princess Anna - DO tu WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN ???" por didouchafik

This is also one of the funniest. Anna got to sick of being asked if she wants to build a snowman, that she literally starts nagging about it.

I amor Anna's expression! tu can tell that she's annoyed and grumpy she feels, especially because of how many times she was asked to build a snowman. The song, o rather the phrase, has become so popular that it became a meme. And like most memes, I'm also getting sick of it. But still, that won't stop me from loving the song.

The artwork is beautiful and it captures Anna's annoyance perfectly.

35."Lonely Anna" por DrZime

This arte de los Fans depict a young and lonely Anna who knocks on Elsa's door as usual, but this time, she has an expression that represents not only her loneliness, sadness, but also probably even boredom.
The editing of the page to only mostrar Anna's half and expanding the room really build a sense of loneliness and separation, which is certainly appropriate for her.

36."Elsa and Anna - Snowball Fight"

During their snowball fight, Elsa hits Anna with a snowball and boasts about how Anna can never defeat her when it comes to snowball fights. But as she's boasting, Anna starts to cry. Elsa sees this and apologizes to Anna, only it was a trick por Anna to get Elsa in front of her, just so she can hit her face with a snowball.

There are many things I like about this fan-art: the cartoony and fun artstyle; the clever twist; but what I like the most is, of course, is that both are in character. Elsa is a gentle person who wouldn't even harm a fly, and Anna knows this. Anna isn't an idiot, so she takes advantage of Elsa's worrying nature to splat a snowball on her face.

It's a clever and funny little comic that I always look adelante, hacia adelante to seeing again.

37."Shimmering Crystal - Anna [Frozen]" por MitsouParker

This one actually have nostalgic value to me because it was the perfil picture of the very first Fanpoper who ever comentó on my first article: PeacefulCritic. She had this arte de los Fans as her perfil picture, and since then I never forgot about it.

The colores here are absolutely phenomenal. The crystals on Anna's Troll ceremony dress are absolutely gorgeous. The different variations of blue, green, purple and magenta are really striking, and it also helps Anna to stand out more. Her fresa hair and light-blue eyes are not only beautiful, but help her stand out.

38."I'll be right here" por Nyamo

I was planning on putting this as the 40th, but there is a fan-art(s) of Anna that I like más and stay true to her character a little stronger.

Back in March of 2015, I wrote the first articulo about Anna, wherein I talked about how Anna's naivete breaks the fallacy of amor at first sight. Because I didn't have that many fan-arts of Anna at the time, I used what I had. One of them was this one.
In fact, before I frijol, haba to write this article, I recreated this arte de los Fans on paper for her birthday.

The reason I amor this arte de los Fans so much is not just because it's adorable, but it also shows how much a strong, Valiente and selfless person Anna is. Her 5 año old self, 9 año old self, and 18 año old self are protecting Elsa, saying that they're there for Elsa, and they will protect her, just like how she protected Anna.

The difference between Elsa and Anna's selflessness is how they're selfless and how they made the sacrifice for one-another. Anna sacrificed her life and possibly her dream of being with her true amor to protect Elsa, whom she abandoned, and realizes that she needs her más than Anna needs Kristoff. Elsa sacrificed her own identity and emotions, after a traumatic incident which resulted in traumatizing her. Never using her powers again, out of fear of hurting her only sister.
One of the writer's dicho that both represent a certain emotion. Anna represents Love, while Elsa represents Fear.

Also, this image makes it look like that the Annas from the past and present are forgiving Elsa, and returning the favor for trying to protect them.

39."Anna and the little girl - Part 1/2" por Nyamo

Here we come close to the end where I'll talk about probably not only my favorito! arte de los Fans of Anna, but also the main problem I have with Anna.
Now, my problem with Anna isn't character based, o having insufficient screen-time, but her popularity. o rather, her unpopularity.

The problem I have with Anna is that people, myself included, keep praising and analyzing the ever-living crap out of Elsa, while barely any real attention is dado to Anna and her struggles. Even though she suffered just as much as Elsa, and had just as much character development. And yet people keep praising Elsa while Anna is shoved to the side. Back in 2014 when I became obsessed with Frozen, it was Elsa the one who got me invested because of how much I related to her. However, while I didn't ignore Anna, she felt like an inferior character por comparison, and that the movie should've been about Elsa and not Anna. However, over time I became más knowledgeable and began to appreciate and amor Anna almost as much. I relate a lot to her, too, and her bravery and selflessness are only portions that make her such a wonderful person.
And yet, people still praise Elsa a lot more, while Anna doesn't. I actually started to compare them to two very talented actors who had a similar problem: Bela Lugosi and Boris Karlof. Bela Lugosi, while talented, wasn't as revered and praised as much as Boris Karloff, who not only starred in más popular roles than Lugosi, but people kept praising him, while Lugosi who's equally talented, wasn't as well praised as Karloff. It's the same thing with Anna and Elsa. That's why I chose this as my favorito! - because not only are they heartwarming and adorable fan-arts, but also represent the way people view her.

But that's enough about long-winded part. Let's talk about something else!
I amor that hug at the end - it's really wonderful. I also amor how, even though Elsa is still más popular, there are still people and even children out there who amor and look up to Anna. I actually have friends online who like Anna more, but they acknowledge that both are equally wonderful characters.

Anna's unpopularity doesn't stop there. In a deleted scene that takes place before the dressing room scene, Anna finds a boy crying because he has lost his pig and can't find him. Anna offers her help, but the boy says: "No! I want princess Elsa to help me find him!" That alone is enough for us to understand how both characters are viewed. Elsa is seen as perfect and is loved por all, even though she's become cold-hearted; and Anna is seen as just a spare sister that screws up everything, even though she's an incredibly loving and nice person.
While this part was deleted, this proves how unpopular Anna is compared to Elsa, when in reality she deserves just as much credit.

While I still amor Elsa more, that doesn't mean I don't respect and amor Anna, because I really do. They're both two of my favorito! characters of all time, and they both hold a special place in my heart.

As always, Smell ya' Later.