My opinion about prettiest princess lista are changed in times, so I want to share my most prettiest disney Princess lista in this articulo :)

11. Tiana

I didn't mean to say she's ugly, I just think Tiana is the most plain/average in terms of beauty department. She has nice eyes and those eyes are shining in some moments, but most of her other body features are plain and nothing special. Her hair is way too simple with some curls, she got too big nose and thick lip. Her skin was exotic enough as an African-American princess. Her dimples are fine, but at least it makes her has unique look, as she's the only one who have dimples. Feels sorry to put her low, but the others are way prettier than her.

10. Snow White

She is stated as "the fairest of them all", but I don't think so. Snow White actually has potential to be pretty, but it was ruined por some aspects. I'm not a fan of her animation. Her hair, like Tiana's was too simple but in hers it seems like her hair was drawn with inks and it's not complete yet. Her eyebrows are looks like to be drawn with pencil. Her eyes are too small and also her nose. Her lip is fine. She is overally looks like a cute porcelana doll, with pale skin and rosado, rosa blush on her cheeks. Also, she was still young so maybe when she was grown up she would be prettier, that's why I put her higher than Tiana. Instead, she looks better in disney Princess franchise. I would rank her higher if she has better animation.

9. Merida

Merida has unique look, her hair was kinda untidy, but it was detailed and blown like a fire, it has natural reddish color. pixar did well for it. Her eye colores are beautiful and so blue, but she has no eyelashes so it makes hers are looks like a boy's eyes. I like her small nose and lip. She's also got realistic body for girls in her age. Unless her face shape is too round and it makes her sometimes looks like a child, o maybe a baby. Her eyebrows are kinda weird for me. She's overally cutesy pretty. But she isn't higher than this placement as I think the others are way más beautiful than her.

8. Mulan

mulan has underrated beauty in my opinion. Except for her look in makeup (that looks weird on her) she's overally good looking. Her thick eyebrows, slanted eyes and thick lip are nice, she got fluffy, straight black hair, and her body is proportional enough. I also like her smile. Not a fan of her nose. But her beauty being underrated doesn't really matter, as she spends most of the time to be disguise as a man so she was designed to have not-so-girly look, and she was appreciated for her act rather than her beauty.

7. Pocahontas

She have beautiful smooth, straight long black hair especially when it blowns in the wind. One of the best hair! Her skin is really exotic. She's also got nice body, hers looks like kind of body that supermodels have. Although her face structure, consists of eyes, nose, and lip are mostly plain and too simple-looking Her eyes have almost no eyelashes and just plain black, her nose is plain, and her lip is too thick and weird. In terms of beauty department, I have to say she's exotic pretty and kind of mature-looks.

6. Rapunzel

Rapunzel is cutesy pretty. Her long blonde hair was detailed and smooth, amor her hair in a braid with flores (ugh why it was cutted >_<). Her eyes are sometimes too big, less-shaped and just circulo, círculo (reminds me with anime eyes), but her eyeballs have beautiful colores in green. Her nose and lip are just okay, her freckles and rosado, rosa blush on her cheeks made her looks cute. Her skin is sometimes looks a bit plastically. She's generally looks a bit too young than her age.

5. Cinderella

cenicienta is a mix of beautiful, claasy, sweet, and elegant. She has beautiful color of her hair, unless it's ordinary and less styled. Her bangs is weird and looks puffy. She has pretty nice light blue eyes, they're not too small and not too big. Her lip is beautiful. Except her nose that was hardly ever seen. But during the original movie she was sometimes inconsistenly drawn and she was often seen to be plain and her face was less detailed. Instead she was prettier in the third sequel.

4. Aurora

Thanks to Flora's beauty gift, Aurora/Briar Rose growns up to be the gorgeous young woman. Another princess with elegant and classy beauty. Her wavy, golden blonde hair is definitely her best feature. Though I'm not much a fan of her bangs. She has pretty violeta eyes but unfortunately her eyes are drawn inconsistent, sometimes it seems as blue o black in some scenes. Her nose, jaws, chin, and face shapes are a bit too pointy. Her lip is beautifully drawn. She has tall body but a bit too skinny.

3. Ariel

She has many beautiful scenes during her movie. Her red hair is stunning especially on underwater, although the colores are too bright, looks like color of red tomate and a bit of unrealistic. Her bangs are unusual but also unique in same way. She has really pretty shining blue eyes, a bit too big and less shaped but I still like it. Her lip is also drawn nicely and so red. She has beautiful smiles. I'm a bit creepy with her body though, she has really tiny waist. She's one of the few 2D animated disney Princess that drawn consistenly in her original movie.

2. Jasmine

Like Pocahontas, jazmín also has really exotic skin. She somewhat looks cartoony, maybe it's the impact of her movie's animación that was really cartoony, but she's also beautiful in many scenes. I amor her eyes, it has nice shapes, a bit too big but it's fine. She's also got beautiful lip. Her hair was actually nice, straight and long black hair like Mulan's when it's loose, but her hairstyles are mostly weird and have too many volumes that was unrealistic. Her nose is really weird and again, another tiny waist. She is gorgeous especially when she's smiling and her eyes are closed.

1. Belle

Like the meaning of her name, Belle is the most beautiful disney Princess in my opinion. Many peoples told that she was inconsistenly drawn and generic-looking, but it doesn't change my opinion about her. Her eyes, especially its color (hazel), eyelashes, and shapes, are definitely the best! Also amor her nose and lip. Her face structure is really proportional, not too big o too small. Her hair was ordinary if compared with the others, medium-length brunette but still great, except for the bangs, that was kinda weird but I don't really mind. She's pretty in both outside and inside :)