I would like to write 2 new songs from 2017 reboot of the 1991 classic and the reasons why I amor them, here we go!


I first heard Josh Groban's rendition of this wonderful song, he nailed the song perfectly and I heard it played twice at the lobby at my hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam on way back to the airport twice.
Initially, I thought he was going to dub Dan Stevens,until I heard the latter. Prompting me to surprise and that he followed his Downton Abbey costar, Lily James who played the título character in the 2015 reboot of Cinderella.

How Does A Moment Last Forever?

Upon listening to this song por Celine Dion, I felt that this song really suits my personality as well as my relationship with my family.
I amor how Maurice sang a short reprise at the beginning, it really explores his character more. This is something that I really cherish!

Which Way?

So, which of these 2 songs are your favourites?