So I'm also doing this with Divergent factions, and although I'm a fan of both, I am an absolute Potterhead, so I will probably enjoy doing this one more. I will go house por house and explain why each disney Princess would be in (in my opinion). This also includes Anna, Elsa and Moana!


First we have the house where Harry Potter himself was in, and also me! But nobody cares about me. Gryffindors are characterized por bravery and recklessness. Pride is also a trait, and many Gryffindors have confidence, not all, but most. These are basically the most Valiente and biggest risk-takers.

Mulan- She's also a bit of a Slytherin, but in my opinion, her bravery outshines her ambition. She's quite reckless, as seen throughout out the movie and she is pretty modest but prideful. Most of all, she has a lot of courage. In fact, I think the biggest and most admirable part of her character is her bravery.

Merida- I also strongly see her in Slytherin, so this was really hard. Especially since her Slytherin traits and Gryffindor traits go hand in hand. However, I decided to put her in Gryffindor, as a lot of her ambition is caused por her pride, and I feel like she would be más Gryffindor. I always imagine her at Hogwarts being like her father, who I think would also be Gryffindor.

Anna- This was really hard, as I also see a lot of Hufflepuff in her. Although she is very loyal and trustworthy, she's definitely not the most hardworking and patient princess. She is very reckless, Valiente and even sometimes prideful. Although Anna isn't overly prideful of herself, she holds great pride in her sister, and confidence in both herself and others. She is brave, and probably the most reckless princess.

Moana- I actually also see her in Ravenclaw, but like Merida, I feel like if it weren't for her Gryffindor traits, her Ravenclaw traits wouldn't be there. Most of the largest specks of her character are her Gryffindor traits. Her bravery her pride, and she's even kind of reckless. I think Gryffindor is the better choice for her.


Okay, I have más princesses here than people averagely have here. So let me start off por saying, just because I put someone here does not mean they're evil! People always make Slytherin out to be an evil house, because a lot of antagonists in that house, but the book did make a big point that not all Slytherins are evil. Now onto the traits. In my opinion, Slytherins have many traits from other houses, o could easily be mistaken as other house traits. They're clever, ambitious, cunning, resourceful and for the most part, the most misunderstood house.

Jasmine- jazmín is definitely cunning, and pretty ambitious and above all, she is manipulative. I feel like this was her biggest strength as a character, but I can also kind of see her in Ravenclaw as well, as she is very curious and a dreamer.

Tiana- I actually was going to put her into Hufflepuff because she's hardworking, but I see in her case, was actually más ambition. Also not to mention, she doesn't fit a lot of the other traits. She wanted to open her own restaurant, and she was willing to do whatever it takes- sacrifice her social life, work all the time.....kiss an amphibian. If that isn't ambition, I don't know what is....

Rapunzel- Here's an unpopular opinion, but hear me out. Rapunzel, I actually almost put her in Ravenclaw, and she could also fit into Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, but I feel like she's más Slytherin. I mean she's really manipulative, even if she uses her kindness as manipulation a little, she still finds away to get people to do things, with an exception of Mother Gothel. She is also resourceful, using her frying pan as a weapon, and is quite ambitious. Risking all the things her mother told her about outside the tower to live her dream. She is also shown to be quite clever. Really, although this opinion is uncommon, I actually think Rapunzel is the most Slytherin of them all.

Elsa- Here is the reason I had to point out that not all Slytherins are bad....I am always astonished of how personally offended Elsa fans get when I sort her into Slytherins. I can see Elsa in three of the four houses- that being Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. However, I feel that her Slytherin traits are más dominant, and drives her más than than the other two. She is shown to be ambitious at many points throughout the movie, as giving up her freedom for the sake of her sister and even running away. Also she is misunderstood in the same sense Slytherins are.


Ravenclaws are mostly seen as intelligent, but there are many other traits and factors for Ravenclaw. Actually, I más often sort people into Ravenclaw based on other traits besides intelligence. These traits include curiosity, creativity and original. They are thirsty for knowledge

Ariel- Here's an example of that. I don't find her to be particularly smart, but she is curious, and is always thirsty to learn more- especially about humans. The reason why I say this is because she often goes searching for things under the sea finding things to learn from the human world, and she loves learning about thin. At the same time her curiosity sparks ambition.

Belle- Belle is actually both intelligent and curious, as well as original and unique. This is shown when the townspeople are talking about how different she is from everyone, and she wishes to go on adventures, like the ones in her books. She is always curious, for example going to the west wing to see what the beast is hiding. I feel like Belle is the most Ravenclaw of them all.

Pocahontas- I think she'd also be in Gryffindor , but she is really curious and I think this is what guided her bravery as well as she is smart, unique and is actually very wise, especially towards the end.


Let me start off por saying that this is my favorito! house aside from my own, and I hate when they are described as pansies. They're not! So I do not think about the stereotype at all when I choose this. Their traits are loyalty, tolerance, hardworking and patient. So they're the kindest house, basically.Also, all the classic princesses fall here as I find them to be the kindest:)

Snow White-Snow White is very tolerant and hardworking, and loyal. She works really hard, and even offers to clean the dwarves place, while she stays with them. She is really kind to the dwarves and cared for them in a más motherly way.

Cinderella- Okay, so here we have, in my opinion, the most Hufflepufflish. Despite how poorly treated she was por her step family, she always managed to be tolerant and loyal towards them. She was also, obviously hardworking and was even loyal to her animal friends. She treated everyone kindly and tolerantly, and I could never find myself doing it. So, to me, she's 100% Hufflepuff.

Aurora- Aurora is really kind, tolerant, yet I find her most recognizable trait to be her loyalty, especially towards her "aunts". She had done many things to make them happy and is seen to be quite trusting.