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Name: Anna. Clean and classic.

Parents: Lady's owners. Seriously, who doesn't want to be raised in a beautiful Victorian house with a bunch of dogs?

Siblings: Anna because she's fun, extremely loyal and never gives up on her sister. I'd totally build a snowman with her!

BFF: Ariel, then we could go swimming together and I could learn all about mermaid stuff and she could learn about human stuff haha.

Eyes: Cinderella. They kind of remind me of Marilyn Monroe's.

Hairstyle: Ariel. Her hair is amazing and seems fun to play with, especially the bangs.

Skills: Rapunzel. Seriously that girl knows practically everything. Cleaning, reading, arts, star-charting, hair-pan-combat skills, etc. Not to mention her people skills, which are exceptionally impressive for someone who had been locked in a tower for 18 years.

Place to live: Eric's castle. Living in a castillo and be por the playa every day? Fun, fun, fun!

Relationship: Snow White and the Prince. Their amor is so romantic, so sweet, so pure. They're truly the fairytale love-at-first-sight.

Sidekicks: Maybe Snow White's and Cinderella's birds and animals. It would be really cool to communicate with these lovely creatures.

Vacation: Norway, with the northern lights, and fjords and all.
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