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Friends! Family! Comrads! Amigos! ...Strangers? Oh how I've missed tu all! I've been away from my segundo inicial for far too long, but I'm back and with an exciting new series of artículos featuring myself, avatar_tla_fan and AudreyFreak (or as I'd like to call it, The Classic Princess Protection Team) :) I believe AudreyFreak came up with the idea upon realizing that the three of us have extremely similar opinions on quite a bit, so we decided to make a series of artículos out of it! And here's our articulo on our collective favorito! princesses! por the way, you'll be able to tell por reading, but there's an obvious disconnect on how much we decided to write for our descriptions, oops? (*´・v・) Either way I hope tu enjoy lectura it!

13. Belle
Average Placement: 12

dclairmont: 12

I always fight for whether Belle o Ariel will end up last, today it's Ariel, but Belle isn't too far. I simply find her too perfect, annoyingly so. She's sweet, admirable, intelligent, beautiful-it all just doesn't jell well with me.

AudreyFreak: 12

I like that she’s proper and elegant but she’s not very engaging and her snobbery is a turnoff.

avatar_tla_fan: 12

Oh look, another dull, boring, and bland character and completely Mary-Sue. (Wow, I sound so negative, lol.) There's nothing special about her. She has traits that other disney Princesses have, recycled over to make a "new, unique" princess that's easily relatable for people. She bores me. There is nothing special about her, she's pretty much like every other character that's been released. She's generic and unoriginal. I'd get más into her, but it has a lot of stuff to do más with relating to her, and that fits into another category.

12. Rapunzel
Average Placement: 11.7

dclairmont: 11

Like Belle, I simply find her to be too perfect. It seems as if they were just trying to create a likable princess to the mass market when they made Rapunzel. I amor her development and certain aspects of her character, but nothing jumps out with her.

AudreyFreak: 13

I don’t think she’s a very good role model even if she is generally sweet. She lacks originality and gets much credit for traits Snow White already had.

avatar_tla_fan: 11

She might even mover down soon. I find her less appealing each day, she could mover down a lot... (Well, a el espacio probably.) Anyway, I dislike her because well, she's uninteresting, boring, and a complete Mary-Sue. (See a pattern in my bottom three yet?) She's so overdone. disney tried to hard to make her relatable, funny, interesting, and all that for everyone. Well, that didn't really work for me. She's so overdone I almost feel like I'm being forced to like her as a character. She's pretty much a marketing device for everyone around her outside of the movie too. She doesn't have anything special to her. I find her unique, kind of, but not really in a good way. I also dislike how selfish she is, she ONLY wants to please herself, only wants to follow her dream, and FORCES OTHERS to help her with it. I know people will say, "Oh but she had an abusive life!" She didn't know that. She found her life boring, not troubling. All she wanted to do was leave for her own needs.

11. mulan
Average Placement: 11.3

dclairmont: 10

It saddens me that mulan can't be higher, but I really just don't amor her as much as the other princesses. I amor how she tries to please her parents and how awkward and quirky she is, but nothing about her compels me enough to mover her higher.

AudreyFreak: 11

I feel very neutral about her. I don’t think she’s as cool as everyone says, but her loyalty and humbleness are admirable.

avatar_tla_fan: 13

Oh guess who hasn't moved up. No surprise here. This might be a bit of a rant, so be prepared. I dislike Mulan, for a number of reasons. First, she's boring, has a plain and dull personality, and doesn't hold my interest. She doesn't go through a good development, it's really rushed. And neither of her "characters" are interesting. She's completely different por the end of her development. She's not really the same. She becomes a Mary-Sue. Her personality is an overused one, meant to be relatable and fun but failing entirely. She's not really relatable in the beginning, she's just a mess, honestly. And then she's perfect after her development. And before her development, she has a lot of characteristics that while I'm glad she lost, were gotten rid of too easily. Like her laziness for example. Yeah, throw that entire flaw, which was the cause for a lot of her problems, out of the window, whatever. I really dislike her and am perfectly fine with having her as my least favorito! disney Princess.

10. Ariel
Average Placement: 10.7

dclairmont: 13

Ariel is stuck at the bottom, sadly. I actually amor a lot of aspects of her-her fearlessness and the passion she has, but I can't relate to her in the slightest and simply find her actions to be reckless. She's certainly interesting though, I'll give her that.

AudreyFreak: 10

She’s grown on me a bit more- she’s just too reckless.

avatar_tla_fan: 9

Oh look, Ariel's not high up on my list… time to get attacked for it. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but I seem to be the only one who thinks she has way más amor than hate, whatever then. Anyways, I find her pretty selfish, though not as selfish as Rapunzel. She puts herself before others, is a bit of a spoiled brat... Etc. She refuses to listen to others yet tried to get others to listen to her, and that's probably my main problem with her. I do not dislike her however, I just find her selfish and I'm not exactly her biggest fan.

9/8. TIE Tiana/Elsa
Average Placement: 8.3


dclairmont: 8

Tia's absolutely lovely. I amor how she's got a bit of sass and is a bit of a know it all, is prim and proper, but as the movie progresses she starts to let down her walls and become más fun. Still, I like the princesses above her's personalities more.

AudreyFreak: 7

Her frog scenes are so boring, but she’s a nice character, even if her judgmental attitude annoys me.

avatar_tla_fan: 10

She's moved down a lot, she used to be in my parte superior, arriba 5 and was one of my favorites. Now she's not. Everything really goes downhill when she turns into a frog. She's not this determined worker who will still help her family, she loses sight of what she needs to do and needs to be. She becomes really rude and mean to people, and only tries to please herself. (I'm pretty surprised most people don't consider her selfish, to be honest.) Anyways, that's why I don't like her. Such a shame she had to drop, I used to amor her a lot.


dclairmont: 9

I really amor Elsa, despite her somewhat low placement. I can really relate to her and I find her perspective to be extremely compelling, but like Rapunzel I feel a bit of disconnect when it comes to Elsa that prevents me from putting her higher.

AudreyFreak: 9

Elsa has the means to be interesting but all we see are her emotions, little of her personality, though her regal, ladylike attitude is nice.

avatar_tla_fan: 7

Poor Elsa, she's not in my parte superior, arriba 5. I wish she had más love. She's the most hated princess on here, in my opinion. I amor her though, even if I have a few issues with her character. Main issue, selfishness. She puts her fear before everything else, even her own sister, she doesn't try to listen to others, she just runs away for the sake of it. She doesn't want people calling her a monster, so she sends a snow monster after her own sister... Yeah that's nice. However, I find her very interesting and relatable, and I do enjoy her en general, general as a character.

7. Merida
Average Placement: 6.7

dclairmont: 4

I really am falling head over heals for this girl. She's certainly different from my average favorito! princess, but I amor her just as much. Her character development means so so much to me and I absolutely amor her relationship with Elinor.

AudreyFreak: 8

Never a dull moment with her! But even más reckless than Ariel, and too harsh sometimes.

avatar_tla_fan: 8

I actually like Merida now. :) However, I still have a few issues with her, my main one being that she doesn't even develop! She says her apology and well then, she's considered developed, (Though Ariel isn't considered developed for doing similar..?) And I also don't like how she rebels for nothing. I can understand why she doesn't want to get married, but she really takes it to the extreme. However, she is the most relatable princess to me, even if I have issues with her, and I still amor her. I can look past a lot of her flaws, though not all of them, and I really do like her as a character.

6. jazmín
Average Placement: 6.3

dclairmont: 7

I desperately want jazmín to be higher on my list! If my parte superior, arriba seven could all be in my parte superior, arriba five I'd be so happy. I absolutely amor Jasmine, her sass, her compassion, her sense of worth, and more, but the fact that she forgives aladdín so easily does irk me.

AudreyFreak: 6

She can be bratty and impulsive, but it’s realistic. Like Merida, she’s exciting to watch and is a unique princess with her sharp mind and fearlessness.

avatar_tla_fan: 6

I amor how much she's moved up, she was my 10th for a while. I find her kind of selfish, she puts herself before others for her own benefit, but unlike Princesses like Rapunzel, I find her a not only interesting character, but a fun and charming one as well. I like the sass she has to her and it's not overdone either. Overall, I really amor her, she's could mover up higher, but I'm not sure about that yet, I amor my parte superior, arriba 5 too much and I have very little complaints about them, whereas I have a few with Jasmine.

5. Anna
Average Placement: 5

dclairmont: 6

Another princess who needs to get into my parte superior, arriba five! I amor her unrelenting amor for her sister and how caring she is. I amor her upbeat attitude and all around joyful personality, as well as her quirkiness and funny habits.

AudreyFreak: 4

Anna is super admirable to me. I wish más people, including me, were as sweet and forgiving as she was. And she’s hilarious!

avatar_tla_fan: 5

Anna, <33. She's moved up my lista so much. I used to hate her and she was my 13th, now I amor her and she's my 5th! I know many people compare her to Rapunzel, but I don't think they're that similar. If anything, she's basically Rapunzel done correctly! In my opinion at least. She's fun(ny), without being forced to be, interesting and has a good story behind her as a character, determined, flawed, foolish, lacking common sense and somewhat stupid, it makes her realistic, and that's part of why I amor her. I amor how selfless she is, she doesn't put herself first, it's always for her sister. She's determined to do what she think is best, even if it is not the best. It makes her realistic and easy to relate to. And that's why she's risen so much on my list. ^^

4. Pocahontas
Average Placement: 4

dclairmont: 3

Numbers two and three switch daily, but Pocahontas is here for today. I'm in amor with all the sides of Pocahontas, her indecisiveness, her wildness, her elegance, her sense of duty, it all just comes together to make such a fantastic princess.

AudreyFreak: 5

Very relatable, interesting to watch. I amor her free-spirited but elegant personality!

avatar_tla_fan: 4

She is so interesting to me! While I find her overrated, she is also a fantastic, fun, and well done character. I amor how she is able to stand up for herself and be a strong character. Whether she is historically inaccurate o not, I think that the character disney gave us is very satisfying and amazing. I truly amor her and she is definitely one of my favorito! disney Princesses. <3

3. cenicienta
Average Placement: 3.3

dclairmont: 5

I get such a warm feeling whenever it comes to Cinderella. She just gives me such a happy feeling and can always calm me. She's so strong and I admire her so much, yet also find her to be extremely funny and relatable as well.

AudreyFreak: 3

It kills me that Belle usually gets the credit for all Cindy’s good qualities. I amor that she never stops being such a good person, and her snark is entertaining.

avatar_tla_fan: 2

I amor cenicienta for multiple reasons. For one, I amor how kind and patient she is. She's had a lot of bad experiences in her life, and yet she can still remain kind and patient despite that. I really admire that quality in her. I admire a lot of qualities in her, a lot of which I don't have myself. It makes me respect her más as a character, and it helps me strive to be más like her. She is personally a huge role model of mine. I think it's a good balance in her character however, how she isn't all JUST kind and patient. She can have a bit of a sassy side to her as well. Maybe not as much as somebody.. *cough*Jasmine*cough* but I like how it's más just a part of her personality más than her personality as a whole.I amor how mentally strong she is. She is able to put up with her horrible life and still keep a smile on her face throughout it. She's definitely, in my opinion, the strongest disney Princess mentally. She knows what's happening to her, but she doesn't let it get to her. She stays strong throughout her life, and in the end, staying like that, and being kind and patient, pays off for her. She is able to get her happy ending.
Like I dicho above, one of the main reasons I amor cenicienta is because I admire her as a character. I really do. I think that it was very hard to stay kind, patient, and as strong as she was without pretty much going insane.
And NO, I do not think she is a pushover. She stands up for herself when there is a need to, and the rest of the time she doesn't, but does that mean she's letting her family walk all over her? No, it means she was smart enough to realize there was nothing she could do about her life, and that just trying to make the best of it was the only good solution, in my opinion.

2. Aurora
Average Placement: 2

dclairmont: 1

Who else? My one true love, the princess who's always been one of my all time favorites. I amor absolutely everything about this girl and she's the princess that I've always felt a huge connection to. The día she's low on my lista is the día the world ends <3

AudreyFreak: 2

She’s EVERYTHING I like in a character- artsy, demure, introverted, gentle, responsible. She’s the most imaginative princess. Her personality is obvious and it’s great.

avatar_tla_fan: 3

Yep, the so called boringfest leader of 2014 is in my parte superior, arriba 3. Like with Anna, I used to dislike her, and she was actually my 13th when I first joined this site. Well, now things have definitely changed, a lot. I amor her! She is definitely one of the most interesting DPs. She's very different from your typical teenage girl, she's elegant and mature, which I really like about her. She may not get that much time to mostrar how much personality she has when she's in the movie, but I really think she proved how great of a character she is. I really wish she did have más screentime though, she might be higher if she did have more, but I still amor her a lot anyways. Her and Pocahontas are probably the two most interesting DPs, in my opinion. Well overall, I really amor her and she's a fantastic character, in my opinion, but I just like my parte superior, arriba 2 más than I like her.

And The Classic Princess Protection Team's favorito! Princess is.....

1. Snow White
Average Placement: 1.3

dclairmont: 2

Snow White is pure joy and I amor her to bits. She gives me such a happy feeling and like cenicienta I find her to be so very strong. I amor her slight sass and manipulation as well as her overwhelming mothering qualities and positivity.

AudreyFreak: 1

Snow White takes no crap. She’s outspoken and a good leader but never loses her kindness, and she’s stronger than most heroines.

avatar_tla_fan: 1

She has a mix of what I like in a character, she's sweet and kind, but she isn't a pushover. She can be a bit bossy, but doesn't overdo it, and isn't forceful at the same time. Not only is she a bit bossy, but she also has some sass in her as well. It may not be as visible as it is with some characters, but it's in her. She's polite, respects others, and doesn't let things that have happened in her life get to her. I think she is really Valiente too. Some might say it's because she has no personality, but the only reason I think people don't believe she's Valiente is because she's so sweet and adorable, it's hard to believe she's Valiente and can stand up for herself, but I really think she can. She knows someone is trying to kill her, and she runs away, and starts to cry. Okay, okay, that doesn't sound brave, but what does she do after that? Gets over it immediately, and then sings a song. If someone was trying to kill me, I would be running for my life and freaking out, and here she is, sitting in the woods canto a song. I amor how emotionally strong she is, she doesn't let things in her life get to her. That's one of the main traits that I like about her, and it's a trait I also amor and admire in my segundo favorito! disney Princess, Cinderella. I amor how she acts like a motherly character, it really interests me how a fourteen año old can manage to act like a mother to others. I think she is a good role model, taking up the job of a mother is a hard thing to do, and remaining Valiente and positive during such hard times makes her a good role model too, I think. Now to get into that whole debate over her taking the apple. I don't think it was stupid, she was just trying to be polite to the woman. She did not know that the woman was out to get her. Okay, I will say though, it wasn't the best decision. I'm not going to fight for her until the end on this one, I do think that she wasn't stupid for doing this, but I do think that this was one of the decisions she made throughout her movie that made me pregunta a little how smart she is. But still, I don't think she was stupid for doing it. Overall, I amor her and she is my favorito! disney Princess! <3
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I wrote this same articulo a while back, but looking back on it, it really doesn't give Aurora the recognition she deserves! I've really been in a escritura articulo mood, so I thought why not update it! So yeah, I hope tu enjoy this article! :)

One thing I really amor about Aurora is how tricky she can be. We first see this with her aunts when Aurora knows that they're talking about her (shown por the suspicious smile on her face), but she pretends she doesn't suspect anything. She even says, "and what are tu dears up to?" to strike a little fear in them. We also see this with the animals, which...
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