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Hello! As March's fan of the mes I was charged with the task of interviewing April's winner, 234anna, also known as Alexandra o Alex. She's a kind and intelligent user, so I was delighted in doing so. Most of the preguntas I asked were borrowed from my own interview with LibelluleBleu (which didn't actually happen, because I had no idea what to write and adele is MIA...oops), but I think I added one o two myself. I tried to put together the best articulo I could, so I hope tu like it, Alexandra!


1. Congratulations! How do tu feel about being fan of the Month?
Thanks! I'm really flattered and honored for being voted FOTM and it feels great to see that people appreciate the work and time I've dedicated to this club.

2. How did tu discover fanpop and how long have tu been active on this site?
Like most of the people here, I discovered fanpop through google Images. Then it was just another site, but then I started searching for DP favorito! lists in internet, I saw it again and I started coming here often. I stalked the DP spot for about 3 months, until I finally got the courage to sign up. I'm here since September 2013, even though I'm not so active lately because of homework and stuff.

3. Who's your favorito! disney Princess? And why?
Cinderella. :) When I first came here, she was my least favorite, but many users here (including tu Gus) convinced me about how amazing she is. She's a lovely role model, hard working, patient, sweet, kind, dreamy, optimistic, elegant and intelligent. She's basically what I want to become, but of course I can't because I'm too awkward, grumpy and not at all princess material, while cenicienta was BORN a princess. I also amor how nice she is to all the animales and how, despite her kind nature, she actually speaks her mind and has a hidden sarcastic, sassy side. And because I like counting sequels when they're good, I appreciate how in Cinderella: A twist of time she was so Valiente and how she acted so nicely towards anastasia despite everything she had done to her.

4. Who's your least favorito! disney Princess? and why?
I think Anna, but lately she has grown to me, so I'm not sure. Anyway, I honestly amor her, just not as much as the other princesses and sometimes I find her kinda stupid and annoying.

5. Who's your favorito! Prince? And least favorite? Why?
My favorito! prince is Shang, at least for now, cause I'm not really sure about my favorito! Prince List, but anyway. He's really brave, selfless, mature, loyal and I don't believe he's too serious o anything, he's in a war for god's shake! I also find his awkwardness with mulan very cute and realistic.
My least favorito! prince is Snow White's prince. I have nothing against him, he's just not as interesting at the others (and yes, I find Prince Charming más interesting than him and not just because I count his sequel). He's really sweet though.

6. Has your favorito! princess ever changed?
SO many times! Rapunzel, Elsa, Rapunzel AND Elsa, Mulan, Cinderella...and I don't even count my favorito! princesses BEFORE I came to fanpop... I've mentioned many times how indecisive I am...

7. What's your favorito! DP couple and why?
Rapunzel and Eugene. They're very sweet, funny and I can see that they genuinely amor each other, they both make sacrifices for the other and their development from strangers to couple is realistic in my opinion. I just amor watching them interact.

8. Which disney heroine do tu wish was considered to be a princess?
Esmeralda. Because she's my favorito! animated heroine and I believe she deserves to be más popular (as well as her movie). Also, I want to be able to talk about her in this spot, cause I have my friends here and while I amor the CAMH club, it's not so active.

9. Which Princess do tu relate to most and why?
Mulan, I think. We're both shy, awkward and insecure. We want to make people see our real selves, but we can't because...that's not how things work in this society. Reflection describes me perfectly. I also don't want to disappoint my parents and I'm not like the other girls of my age. And I can work hard if I really want to achieve something.

10. Who/what is your...
Most beautiful DP: Jasmine
Least beautiful DP: Snow White (but I still believe she's beautiful)
Smartest DP: Mulan
Favorite DP movie: The Princess and the Frog
Least favorito! DP movie: frozen (I don't hate it, I just still can't get over my frustration because of HOW good it could have been and how they ruined it por changing the plot, villains, songs, etc.)
Favorite villain: Mother Gothel (a little bit underrated imo)
Favorite wardrobe: I have a tie between Anna, Elsa, Tiana and Jasmine. I'm really sorry for not giving an answer but I have to analyze their wardrobes VERY carefully to finally decide and that'll take me más than a few days...

11. favorito! disney movie? (Not being a DP movie)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (I'm obsessed with it)

12. favorito! non-Disney movie?
The Prince of Egypt (Another obsession)

13. Name your favorito! character in each DP movie (apart from the princesses).
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Grumpy. I amor how...well, how grumpy he is.
Cinderella: Lady Tremaine. She's that type of villain that tu just want to bang his o her head in a wall, tu truly despise him o her, unlike villains like Maleficent for example. They're just so MEAN. And awesome.
Sleeping Beauty: Maleficent
The Little Mermaid: Sebastian and Ursula
Beauty and the Beast: Lumière
Aladdin: Genie
Pocahontas: John Smith, I think. Now I realize that besides Pocahontas, all the other characters are pretty boring.
Mulan: Shang
The Princess and the Frog: Charlotte
Tangled: I have a tie between Flynn, Gothel and Maximus. Sorry, but I can't choose.
Brave: King Fergus
Frozen: Olaf?

14. What's your opinions on disney sequels?
I don't like them. I don't judge all the sequels before I see them, just because they're not the original movie and I know some animated sequels (non Disney) that are better than the original, but honestly, most of the disney ones are just horrible. I can't really see the point of making them, if people pretend they don't exist anyway. The only sequels I don't regret watching are Ariel 3 (because I liked the animation, even though the plot sucked), Lady and the Tramp 2 and cenicienta 3.

15. What do tu expect for frozen Fever?
I don't really care about it, because it's not a whole movie, but I hope that it might give us some information about Elsa's character without focusing on her powers and maybe a nice song.

Illustration: Adrienne Adams, for "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" por Andrew Lang*

16. What fairytale would tu like to see siguiente made into a disney Princess Movie?
I would amor to see a hand drawn (or CGI, because it seems like they won't bring back 2d animación any time soon) animated disney version of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, but I doubt it will happen, since it'll be too much trouble having to make 12 princesses and then they'll have to decide which one will be a DP, etc.

17. Of your contributions to this site, which is your favorite? (i.e. articles, picks, forums)
Articles, I guess. :)

18. What do tu amor most about this club? What do tu like least?
I amor how we are a big family with a common amor for disney how there are so many interesting, amazing people here with whom I can share my thoughts and feelings. Now, I just don't like how some people get angry over insignificant things o just because someone disagrees with them, but this happens everywhere, so I can't really complain, most users here are wonderful.

19. What are other hobbies of yours?
I amor dancing, drawing, writing, playing the piano, singing, actuación and reading.

20. What are your hopes for the future of this spot?
I want to keep coming here and continue having a great time with my friends from this club (so that implies that I don't want any of the users here to leave as well). ;)

21. Would tu like to give a shout out to any user?
tu are all amazing, so I don't really want to choose a particular user, so I just give a shout out to all my friends in this club, I hope that's okay with you. :)

*I did not alter the picture besides cropping and resizing it, since I don't have the rights to. link tu can buy the book in Amazon.