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Bonjour! How is everybody today? Today I'm just going to explain why I am most like these princesses and maybe tu guys can get to know me más in the process.

I'm very artistic and creative - I quite like art, however I'm not very good at it like Rapunzel is. I amor lectura and sometimes read the libros I like over and over again - my favourite Roald Dahl book, the BFG, I've read around six times! I prefer spending time indoors most of the time and I've always wanted to be able to be in control of my own life and make my own decisions instead of watching my over-protective parents do it for me. (When will my life begin?) I like Flynn too and my eyes are green and I amor long hair. My voice sounds a lot like Mandy Moore's when I sing. I've always wanted to explore the world and I'm awful at being a rebel but sometimes my friends say I need to, that I'm too innocent.

 Oh Rapunzel, you're so good. I wish I was motivated to stretch :)
Oh Rapunzel, you're so good. I wish I was motivated to stretch :)

I have a very good relationship with my parents as well as Mulan. However, they expect much of me, for instance, my Dad wants me to have a career in medicine, whereas I hate science and prefer writing, languages, history etc. So sometimes I disappoint him o don't live up to their expectations. The only expectations I strive to live up to are my own and I think that is what mulan does, despite wanting to make her parents proud. mulan is mature and responsible and I like to think that I'm like that too, however I'm not a big risk taker. She's clever and intelligent and I do really well at school. Sometimes I get on better with guys then I do with girls but only sometimes. I'm an introvert like most of the princesses on this list. Above all, I amor battles! Lord of the Rings type battles, with swords and bows and arrows! Amazing! I wish I was part of some fantasía world like in my stories where learning to fight with swords is part of every día life!

I wonder if most people would stop lectura this if they knew I was like Ariel because she's been getting a lot of hate lately. I believe Ariel did some silly things but I do not think she is a selfish, spoilt, bad character. I actually really like Ariel; partly because of nostalgia and the admiration and amor for her movie, but also because I thing I'm a little bit like her. I've always wanted to be part of another world as mentioned previously, however I've never been outside of Australia (where I live) and I've always wanted to experience another culture, like France. I admire Ariel's passion and determination to make her dreams come true and improve her life and I go through life the same way. I don't believe in amor at first sight and to tell tu the truth I am a bit cynical when it comes to that sort of thing however I like to see the good in people as Ariel does towards the humans and prefer to make my own mistakes, thus figuring things out for myself and not having a parental figure doing it for me - I like to live my own life. I am also curious, amor swimming and the beach, and really wish I was a mermaid!!!!

 Her eyes are just filled with passion and determination and I find that incredibly admirable
Her eyes are just filled with passion and determination and I find that incredibly admirable

I believe I am most like Belle and the other disney Princess on this list. I probably look most like Belle; I have golden brown hair however mine is longer and I often wear hair ribbons and blue but my eyes are a greeney-blue colour and not hazel. I amor French culture, French comida and of course the French language which I have been studying for the past four years and would like to continue. I am assertive sometimes, like, when I need to be o if I am defending someone but usually not. I am not interested in guys like Gaston at all and I hate sexism and promote gender equality. I amor libros very much and hope to write my own one day. As I dicho before I believe I am mature and responsible. If I'm going to like someone, it's going to take me a while to do it. I often don't judge people and try to see the good in everyone (which is why I like all of the disney Princesses - I'm bad at seeing flaws.)

 Did somebody mention French food?
Did somebody mention French food?

Maybe people might not like this either because Elsa gets lots of hate too, however I absolutely amor Elsa and I think she is a very relatable character. I'm introverted as I dicho and prefer to spend time alone o in smaller groups. Don't mistaken being an introvert with being shy; I have great social skills I just don't work well in a big group and I think Elsa is the same. Elsa is very dutiful and sacrificial; she often puts others' needs before her own and I try to do that too when I can. She cares a lot for her younger sister and I have a younger sister who I am responsible for and have taken care of and loved forever. I don't need amor right now, I'm happy. I mean, I don't hate the thought of it, and it will happen, but I'm just saying I don't need it to continue my life. I'm not physically strong but I'm más mentally strong, the opposite of my sister, who I believe is más like Anna. I guess I'll let the lovely Sk8er_grl tell tu the rest:
"You remind me so much of Elsa! Your an introvert like her, seem highly intelligent like Elsa, and tu stand for what tu feel is right and tu perceive over judge. tu are also not afraid to admit your mistakes shown in artículos from you, and I don't know why but tu seem like the kind that likes chocolate, lol! tu seem to be be ISFP in Meyer Briggs portraits from what I can tell." - Sk8er_grl. She described me perfectly and I think her comentario was really nice, so thank tu if tu are lectura this! lol chocolate is the best!

 Unlike Elsa, I probably do not look cute when I'm angry.
Unlike Elsa, I probably do not look cute when I'm angry.

Out of my lista of princesses I think I am like the most, which one do tu think I am like the most? o tu could say a different one, just be honest and say why I'm like them. Just curious! Thanks!
Have a lovely día and I hope tu enjoyed my article!
Merci et au revoir!
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 Today I'll focus on why I amor mulan
Today I'll focus on why I love Mulan
Today it's 11 days until my birthday and today I'll focus on my 11th favorito! DP mulan and why I amor her
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Mulan is one of my least favorito! disney Princesses, but I still amor her

I amor how clumsy and awkward she is in the beginning of the movie, honestly I would amor her más if she was like for the whole movie, but I do amor her development in the movie from being clumsy and awkward into being a hero

I also amor how she cares for her family, she wants to make them proud which leads me to something else that I amor about her, her selflessness, she takes...
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 Starting the countdown to my birthday with my least favorito! princess Tiana
Starting the countdown to my birthday with my least favorite princess Tiana
Today it's 13 days left until I turn 20 and there are 13 disney Princesses so to make it less boring to wait I decided to do a countdown with a help of the disney Princesses, each día I'll make an icono and a collage of one of the princesses and write a "Why I Love" articulo of that princess, it'll be in order from my least favorito! princess to my favorito! princess and on my birthday I'll do a Getting To Know articulo with a picture of me and you'll decide if I look younger o older than 20 o if I look like 20

Anyway, even though Tiana is my least favorito! disney Princess I still amor her

I love...
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