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posted by sweetie-94
 My favorito! fictional character and my most beautiful fictional female <3
My favorite fictional character and my most beautiful fictional female <3
I think this is the 4th time I'm escritura this article, but I felt like escritura this again so that new users knows who I am, but those of tu who have read at least one of my anterior artículos can read this one too so hope you'll enjoy this articulo :)

I actually don't have a story behind my username, I just thought sweetie was such a cute word and 94 is the last two numbers of the año I was borned, 1994

My real name is Teresa and I'm 19 years old and my birthday is on September 16th which means I'll turn 20 this year

I'm from Sweden and live only about 10-15 minutos away from Stockholm, recently I got to know that the island I'm from is part of the Stockholm archipelago and from what I can think of it's probably the biggest island in the archipelago, so that means there's water around and I live pretty close to two places where I go swimming during the summers
 A map of my hometwon, in the bottom left corner tu can see Stockholm
A map of my hometwon, in the bottom left corner tu can see Stockholm

 Here's a part of my hometown, not so far away from where I live
Here's a part of my hometown, not so far away from where I live

My favorito! interests are birds, running, listen to music, baking and cooking to name a few

My favorito! color is red and my favorito! flor is red rose

My favorito! animal is dolphin

When it comes to música I can listen to pretty much any sort of music, but I have a special liking for gótico and symphonic metal, my favorito! band is Within Temptation and my favorito! solo artist is Britney Spears
 The front singer in Within Temptation, Sharon guarida, guarida, den Adel
The front singer in Within Temptation, Sharon guarida, den Adel

 I couldn't resist posting another picture of her, she's gorgeous and I amor this picture of her
I couldn't resist posting another picture of her, she's gorgeous and I amor this picture of her

 The lovely Britney Spears
The lovely Britney Spears

As tu notice in the first two pictures above I really amor Sharon guarida, den Adel, not only is she gorgeous (which is amazing cause she's almost 40, but I think she looks a little younger), but she's an amazing singer and person, below is a link to one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard

Another woman that I think has a gorgeous canto voice is Sarah Brightman, when I was younger I listned to her songs a lot and I still amor her canto voice a lot, below is a link to one of my favorito! songs of hers
 Sarah Brightman has one of the most gorgeous canto voices imo
Sarah Brightman has one of the most gorgeous canto voices imo

When it comes to cine I amor animated cine the most, but I can watch almost everything except horror movies, my favorito! movie of all time is Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, my favorito! live action movie is The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (in both cases mentioned it's of course the disney versions) and my favorito! Non disney movie is Harry Potter And The Philophers Stone

About my family, I have 4 older siblings, 3 brothers and 1 sister and all of them are at least 10 years older than me

Something odd about me is that I really amor Slavic languages like Russian, Polish and Ukrainian, they speak so softly and there's something else that I love, but that I really can't explain, but my favorito! language besides my own and English is Dutch, if I had to learn one language besides English and Spanish it would be Dutch, but I also really amor Hebrew

Now to finish off this articulo here's a picture of me and my nephew from when I visited Londres in the beginning of June
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posted by audreybrooke
Thought I'd do one of these, finally. My lista changed a little bit (Ariel and mulan switched places and I rearranged a few at the bottom), so here are my new and improved disney Princess rankings.

Below is my opinion (warning: it gets a little repetitive...). Feel free to disagree! :)

Favorite Princesses
1. Aurora
2. Rapunzel
3. Ariel
4. Mulan
5. Pocahontas
6. Cinderella
7. Tiana
8. Anna
9. Jasmine
10. Belle
11. Merida
12. Elsa
13. Snow White

Prettiest Princesses
1. Aurora
2. Ariel
3. Rapunzel
4. Pocahontas
5. Cinderella
6. Jasmine
7. Tiana
8. Belle
9. Mulan
10. Merida
11. Anna
12. Elsa
13. Snow White

Favorite Singing...
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So,I wanted to write an articulo about favourite villians from each DP movie.
I want to state that this is just MY opinion,I don't mean to hurt o hate anybody.
Enjoy :)

It's not suprising that he's here.He doesn't have a personallity at all.He isn't actually a villian,he is just...A bear.He is supposed to act like that.HE IS A BEAR.I mean,Brave really needs a better villian.
Well,at least he is scary...

11.Governor Ratcliffe
I liked this guy when I was little.He was such a funny character.But now...Yes,I still find him funny and all,but he is annoying and racist,and I don't like that.I...
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posted by BelleRose829
Ok, so for those of tu that have been in the Unpopular Opinions (confessions) foros this is just the paragraphs about Jasmine, Ariel and Merida. These are considered the "rebel" princesses always breaking out the mold for obedient followers, but this is my "unpopular opinion" it's sort of a grey area for me.

I find Jasmine, Merida and Ariel to be very bratty, I like Merida más because in the end she learns from her mistake and (hopefully) isn't as selfish. But jazmín and Ariel aren't quite off the hook. (Badumtss) I don't quite like how they treat their parents jazmín is a princess and...
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 LibelluleBleu's icono c:
LibelluleBleu's icon c:
I won January FOTM, so I got the honor to interview Adele! This articulo is overdue, but nonetheless, we are finally getting all caught up! Please enjoy. c:

1. How does it feel to be fan of the Month?

It makes me happy and honoured, It means people notice my contributions and appreciate them

2. Who is your favorito! princess and why?

Belle ! I amor her to bits ! She's a wonderful person, I can relate to her and at the same time I admire her in many ways

3. Who is your least favorito! princess and why?

Merida. I don't hate her but I can't really say I like her either, she's a bit of the typical strong-idenpendant-badass-freespirited-tomboy-idonotneedaman-imaprincessbutihateit...
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posted by dclairmont
This is an idea I came up with where we (others can do this if they'd like c:) describe what our "perfect" princess would be like. So, what they look like, age, personality, quirks, relationships, family ties, whatever! So uh, yeah, that's about it :) I'll describe my "perfect" princess.

Name: Nora
Age: 15


Nora is a relatively dorky, awkward girl, but not in your face awkward. She's más of a social anxiety type of awkward, as in she can't speak to people she doesn't know, speaks rather quietly and not confidently and has to pause mid-sentence a lot to regain her train of thought....
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WARNING: Swearing
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I amor her squeals!
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I think she does this song justice. Besides I think she's one of the most beautiful women in the world.
Another nice version.
Ok, I know this video is frightening, but hey!
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UNF. ROCK AND RULE SONGS. WITH ARIEL. YouTube really does have everything. 8'D
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