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posted by CRaZy_rawR
I've written a lista articulo o anything like that in over nineteen days, o-o I miss escritura artículos back to back, lol. Hopefully this summer! <33 This is just a basic my favorito! canto voice list, because I just organized it. (:

12. Jasmine

Lea Salonga does a better job with Mulan, in my opinion. With Jasmine, she sounds nasally and really breathy. It's not that I don't like Jasmine's canto voice--it's amazing, matter of fact. I can only judge on one song.. If Jas had a solo song o a part in another song, I would like it better. It is somewhat pleasant to my ears, but just not to my tastes voice-wise.

11. Ariel

Just saying, Jodi Benson is boss. I just amor involved she is with Ariel and I couldn't imagine anyone else playing Ariel. :3

Anyway, back to subject. Ariel has some of the same problems jazmín has. She sounds very nasal oriented. She doesn't have too much that it overpowers Jodi Benson's strength. She has a sweet tone to her voice, which I like, and it is much más appealing to my ears than Jasmine's is.

10. Aurora

*sighh* I amor Aurora, her voice, her beauty, her everything, but all she has done is slip in my lists. D: Aurora's voice is beautiful, no doubt. With operatic tones and sweet melodies, Aurora's voice is near perfect. I just don't amor it as much anymore. When I listen to her, it's just not my style of voice. Not to mention she sounds way too old for a sixteen año old.

9. Mulan

I absolutely hate to have both of Lea Salonga's girls in my bottom four.. I amor Mulan's power behind her voice and the emotion. I amor her range. I amor her contribution in I'll Make a Man Out of You. Her voice just sounds so sweet. I think Reflection kinda ruins Mulan's voice for me. Lol, I hate that song now. XD I wish I could put her higher, but the other voices are más toward my tastes.

8. Belle

Just putting it out there, I amor Belle's voice, leaning más toward adore! I used to not really like Belle's canto o speaking voice, but honestly, I don't think I paid that much attention to it. Her voice has a deep, rich tone to it that I love! Her voice is literal perfection in Something There.

7. Tiana

I don't know why, but I felt obligated to put Tiana in my parte superior, arriba five for almost everything way back when. I guess I felt sorry for her. :3 Nowadays, she remains in my parte superior, arriba five for favoritos and prettiest, but I think that's about it. I do think Tia's voice is very sweet with charm and strength, but I just don't amor it as much as I used to. Doesn't mean I don't amor it though!

6. Snow White

I know many complain about how her voice is annoying and too high-pitched. I know some appreciate Adriana Caselotti for all the training she had to go through to make her voice fit Snow's character. She was the perfect choice for her. x3 I amor the sweetness behind her voice. Snow White's canto is impeccable, in my opinion. I could listen to it all day, which isn't a very popular opinion.

5. Elsa

As many issues I have with Elsa and her character, her voice is amazing. I loved Idina before frozen happened, actually. I first heard of her when she made appearances on glee then I watched some Wicked. Idina has serious talent. Though Elsa's speaking voice isn't my favorite, her canto voice is awesome! The strength, the ability to hit those high notes. I can't help to amor Elsa's voice!

4. Rapunzel

A lot of fans on this spot don't like Mandy Moore's canto voice with Rapunzel because it's too poppy. Actually, I was one of those people months ago. I've started to fall in amor with Rapunzel's canto voice. It's just so fresh and happy, with soft tones. It is breathy, but with just the right amount. (:

3. Pocahontas

*clap clap for Judy Kuhn* I absolutely adore Poca's voice! It has such strength, power, emotion. She hits those high notes with easy. Like legit, songs she sings can send chills up my back. That's how much I amor her voice. There is not one song that I dislike her canto in. My favorito! would have to be Savages Part 2, because Poca's voice is pure perfection in that.

2. Cinderella

Yay Cindy! Her voice is so soft and endearing. It literally just draws me in. When I hear her voice, I think of clouds, lolol, is that weird? Anyway, I can't imagine cenicienta with any other canto voice! The richness is so amazing with her voice. Ahh, I can't take the beauty of her voiceeee. ♥

1. Anna

Ever since I saw Frozen, I knew Anna would have my favorito! canto voice. Kristen campana is my queen, like woah. Her voice is so amazing! She has control and power, and has soft and sweet tones. Anna's voice just exudes happiness and optimism. Her canto is just right up my alley. There is nothing I don't like about it!

Happy first night of Passover, DP club!
let it go
posted by KataraLover
First of all ignorant Ariel haters are advised not to read this because I am being brutally honest and not holding back. For those who say I'm being harsh they mostrar no respect for Ariel's fans and treat her like she's some kind of heartless monster so I don't owe them one bit of respect and will not mostrar them any because they don't deserve it. Also I will not be doing the cliche of comparing Ariel to Merida, I've already done that in my Ariel vs Merida article. Besides, people do that enough already and I can't stand this war between them, it's really annoying. However I will be comparing her...
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posted by BelleRose829
 Is basically what he said...
Is basically what he said...
I want to do this for all the disney princesses but mulan has to come first she is like my favorito! princess, but still not my favorito! princess. She is just so awesome. I'll try to not be redundant but pardon me if I do. Without further introduction, here are the reasons I amor Mulan.

mulan shows independence, maturity, bravery, everything a lot of the mother princesses seem to be lacking. She is a amazing role model for young girls, por her being the heroine, saving a whole country and the person she loves, yet putting her family before love, and making her man come to her rather than the...
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posted by CRaZy_rawR

I mean, I've dado an opinion here and there about the villains, but I have never written a legit list. I've been thinking about it lately, so aye, here we go. c:

Side Note: This was hard, quite frankly. Like.. I amor all the villains!

12. Mor'du-Brave

The only reason, and ONLY reason Mor'du is last is his lack of screen time. This guy is awesome. He has an awesome backstory, imo. It was a brilliant story for Merida, and I would have loved más of him in the movie. The only problem is they did not mesh him in enough. Which means, he doesn't become the main villain....
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added by Emmalou13
Keep in mind this is an opinion article. ;) This is not a "defending the classics article", it is stating why cenicienta is the best Classic princess.

While I amor all three classics, cenicienta has always stood out to me. And no it is not because of her ball gown( although it is lovely). Many criticize her for being weak and passive but she is not at all that. Many people have been defending Sleeping Beauty and The Fairiest of Them All Lately. Also known as Snow and Aurora. But here is why Cindy is the best out of them all in my opinion.

Cinderella is one of those people who always treats...
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posted by dclairmont
I wrote this same articulo a while back, but looking back on it, it really doesn't give Aurora the recognition she deserves! I've really been in a escritura articulo mood, so I thought why not update it! So yeah, I hope tu enjoy this article! :)

One thing I really amor about Aurora is how tricky she can be. We first see this with her aunts when Aurora knows that they're talking about her (shown por the suspicious smile on her face), but she pretends she doesn't suspect anything. She even says, "and what are tu dears up to?" to strike a little fear in them. We also see this with the animals, which...
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Such a cute song. I wanna cry.
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I thought this was really fun to watch. This group of girls basically wear princess makeup. They do it for all the princesses.
snow white
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tell me who is your favourite disney princess...
my favourite princess
snow white
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