Who will come out on top?

I really didn't enjoy The Princess and the Frog. And Tiana wasn't really and interesting character in my opinion. Honestly, I only liked Naveen and Ray. But everything else was just blah. Tiana just isnt my cup of tea. I admire her hardoworking nature and all, but I just... dont... really... I dont know I dont really have a reason but I dont like her that much.

12.Anna- I used to amor Anna, but now that I watched frozen again, I don't like her. She is a complete idiot, marrying a guy she just met. She is so impulsive and she acts before she thinks ALL the time. She just bothers me. She's a thirsty 18 año old girl who doesn't know a thing about love, in my opinion ( I added that so no one starts attacking me)

11.Ariel- Ariel has a lot of problems, but she is bubbly and cute, and I admire that in her. I don't feel she is selfish, but she isn't selfless either. She is in between. I mean, she just gave up her family for Eric. But I cut her some slack, because she wanted to be in the human world for a long time and it is good she wanted to unite the humans and mer-people.

10. Snow White- Snow White is so lovable and sweet. She is so motherly towards the dwarves. She reminds me of my grandmother. I see her as the first DP to not judge por appearances, not Belle. She didnt judge the old hag when she came to her door. She gets hate letting in the old hag all the time and it makes me feel bad for her. she needs to be appreciated más in my opinion.

9.Pocahontas- Pocahontas had always been one of my favoritos until the reciente years. I loved her in the first movie, but in the segundo movie, she began to lose her charm, and I also disliked how she changed because she went to Europe. I feel she just ditched John Smith. But at least in the end she went back to be with her people.

8.Merida- I amor Merida because we have never really had a princess like her. For one, she shoots arrows, and doesnt end up marrying someone she just met. She is probably the best role model out of most of the DP's in my opinion.

7.Belle- Beauty and the Beast was not my favorito! DP movie, but I have to say, I amor Belle. She is opinionated and she has a little snobby streak to her, which makes her fun to watch in my opinion. Her relationship with the Beast is cool, they first hate each other, but the both bring out the good in each other.

6.Mulan- mulan is so fearless, and I amor that during a time when men and women where treated unequally, she still stood up for herself and what was right. She never gave up, and she reminds me of myself sometimes because she is loyal to her family, kind to others, and clumsy like me!

5.Rapunzel- I have loved Rapunzel ever since seeing her movie. She always puts a smile on my ace with her curious attitude and how she has such perseverance.

4.Cinderella- I amor cenicienta because of how forgiving she is, and how she always looks on the bright side. People say she and Belle are alike, but Belle is más opinionated and pessimistic than her and doesnt give people chances until she gets to know them. However, cenicienta sees the good in everyone.

3.Elsa- I like Elsa waaaay más than I like Anna as tu can see. She is just far más intriguing, interesting and MATURE! At least she has the common sense to know tu cant marry a guy tu just met. Is disney sure they are biological sisters? She is smart and has power. She is a BOSS.

2.Jasmine-Jasmine is basically my favorito! princess, but my first favorito! is one step ahead of her. She is so fiery and feisty, and she has the most beautiful looks. She does not take any bullcrap from anyone! She also doesn't judge people, and I admire her being very forgiving. aladdín is a really awesome disney movie. jazmín is the kind of best friends tu would like to have. She is smart, reliable, and she would always stick up for tu no matter what.

1.Aurora- Aurora is my favorite. I have always loved her ever since I was a kid. I always wore her dress, her wig, and her crown to disney world. I amor her personality. She is SO graceful, elegant, and she is independent, especially during her encounter with Philip in my opinion, the way she turned her head away and turned him down. But she is so sweet and when she started to dance and fall in amor with him. Her curiosity is very visible throughout the movie, especially with her encounters with nature. She has the best canto voice, it is so powerful and strong. She is so beautiful, and poised, and... I cant with her. She is so amazing. I even wrote a PowerPoint on why I amor her. Sleeping Beauty is my ABSOLUTE favorito! disney movie. I amor her curiosity, her smarts, her grace, her beauty, her everything!

Caution- Loads of Aurora pictures below.

My parte superior, arriba two favorito! princesses.

There tu have it!!