Bonjour! Pretty much everybody has created (at least) one of these "prettiest disney princess countdown" articles. I thought I would have a crack at it. (Please note: These are un-biased opinions that do not reflect on the amazing qualities of the princesses at all. It's completely about the looks. And I believe that they're all beautiful, of course. Just some más than others.)

13. Merida
fanpop picked Anna as number thirteen

I amor Merida's bright blue eyes, her wild naranja hair, and also the fact that she's not incredibly skinny. It's just the round face and thick naranja eyebrows that bother me. I think pixar made her not-as-pretty-as-the-other-disney-princesses on purpose, because it was más about the message and values of the film then her looks. I don't have a problem with that at all, and I think it's actually about time, but I just thought that there were others who were much prettier than her.
(And poor Anna as last? I do not agree with that at all! She's not incredibly stunning but she's not last, I believe!)

pixar made her less pretty because it was about the movie, but I found her at her most prettiest as a child

12. Tiana
fanpop chose Merida as number twelve

Don't get me wrong, I think Tiana is absolutely gorgeous. I amor the shape and colours of her eyes and she has easily one of the best smiles of the dps. Her skin tone is a beautiful colour as well. I think the reasons I put her so low are because a) I'm not fond of her hair and b) she's a frog for the majority of the movie. (But quite an attractive frog at that, when it comes to frogs.)
(I agree with Merida being quite low, but it is sad to put people low. I'm sorry Merida!)

Clearly the best smile of all of the princesses - simply gorgeous!

11. Pocahontas
fanpop chose cenicienta as number eleven

I think Pocahontas is really pretty. Her skin-tone is really nice and her body is athletic and toned. I like her smile and the colour of her eyes, and even the thickness of her lips sometimes (just not in the close-up when she first meets John Smith). Her black, silky hair magically flows in the wind around her. I just don't like her nose, because it's barely there, and sometimes the lips do annoy me. But apart from that she's very beautiful.
(And I think cenicienta is más beautiful than eleven and a lot of people believe so too, so seeing her at number eleven was a bit strange and sad.)

Best body of all the princesses

10. Mulan
fanpop chose Ariel as number ten

mulan is one of my favourites because she dresses up like a guy and kicks ass. But there is the issue with the dressing-up-as-a-guy part. Obviously the animators had to make her less feminine and less pretty to pass as a guy. But I still think she's quite pretty. Her long hair is the perfect length and looks silky, soft and straight and I amor it. Her nose could be improved but I like the shape of her eyes and her smile. She just looks like a guy for the majority of the movie.
(And seeing Ariel so low was really surprising - most people think of her as really beautiful. I think she's much prettier than ten.)

She looks like a guy for the majority of the movie, but her eyes are lovely and her hair even más so

9. Cinderella
fanpop chose mulan as number nine

My appreciation for cenicienta has recently grown and I can't deny that she's beautiful. Her eyes and hair are a nice colour, her body is quite nice and her lips and smile are both very pretty. I'm just not very fond of her hair, both the up-do and when it's down. It looks like a nube when it's down and the shoulder-length thick hair is not very flattering to me. Also her eyes seem a bit small o droopy sometimes. But either than that she's gorgeous.
(I agree with mulan being at this position.)

Nice hair, eye and lips colours. Just the shape of hair and eyes bring her down. Still really beautiful though

8. Anna
fanpop chose Snow White as number eight

I amor Anna's big blue eyes and cute freckles! Her hair is my favourite feature, I especially amor it when it's in a bun on Elsa's coronation día with the ribbons and the braid across the front. I like the two plaits as well. And her fringe is really nice too. When she smiles we can't help but smile back because there's just optimism and joy floating around her!
(I know that most people hate Snow White but seeing her in the middle-ish was nice. I think her beauty is underrated.)

Her beautiful smile is contagious and her hair in the bun is very pretty

7. Rapunzel
fanpop chose Pocahontas as number seven

I amor Rapunzel's hair - both short and long! I probably amor the short hair more, and the colour of her long hair more. It's like gold! And hey, who knew Flynn was so good at giving haircuts? He should become a barber. Her eyes are a nice shade of green (come to think of it she's the first green-eyed princess) but they're a little bit big... they take up half her face. And she's probably on the cute side rather on the beautiful side, but nevertheless I find her to be very pretty!
(Pocahontas is usually in a amor o hate relationship with people, so seeing her in the middle was surprising. I do agree though, she is quite beautiful. I just believe the others were más beautiful.)

I find her to be less cute and más pretty in this picture

6. Snow White
fanpop chose Rapunzel as number six

As I mentioned before Snow's beauty is underrated. Her eyes are a beautiful golden brown, her lips are always so red, her skin is pale white and her hair is black, which I think is a beautiful contrast. She's also got a realistic body which I like. Her hairstyle isn't "wow" but it's not terrible and I amor the cute bow. Like Rapunzel she's cute but I think she's one of the fairest of them all.
(And I agree with the Rapunzel-being-number-six part. fanpop and I are pretty close on most of them)

Her beauty is very underrated and the contrasts with her skin, hair and lips are very beautiful

5. Ariel
fanpop chose jazmín as number five

So we're getting to the exceptionally stunning princesses - the parte superior, arriba five - and Ariel kicks it off. I've always adored her, and she's really pretty, and I was surprised to see her so low on the fanpop countdown. I amor her hair, even though some people have a problem with the colour. It just works so well in the water, but it kind of lost its magic when she was on land (apart from the "Part of your World" reprise. Speaking of Part of your World and its reprise, I think she looked the prettiest in those scenes.) Her wonderful blue eyes are so full of determination and love, especially in the previously mentioned scenes. Her lips stay a beautiful red colour and her skin is nice. In fact, the only real problem I have with her is that she's too damn skinny and all of her organs don't fit in I believe.
(I agree with jazmín being in the parte superior, arriba five, I just thought she would be higher because a lot of people find her to be very beautiful.)

Everything about her is really really beautiful - except her tiny, skinny, minuscule waist

4. Belle
fanpop chose Belle as their number four

Belle is my favourite princess. I find her to be very beautiful. Her eyes are a nice hazel colour and perfect shape, her skin-tone is nice, her hair is a great colour (yay brunettes!) and her lips are a beautiful glossy pink. People find her plain but I disagree. She's gorgeous, especially during the "west wing" scene. Her fringe is... unique but her hair is a nice length and it looks pretty when it's up in the half-up-half-down, when it's in a low ponytail and when it's out. Completely beautiful I reckon.
(Yay, we agree! Some people find her hair to be greasy which I do not see, and others find her to be inconsistently drawn, but it looks like a lot of people find her beautiful! And it's no wonder that her name means beauty... [keep canto if tu want])

It's no wonder that her name means beauty...

3. Jasmine
fanpop chose Elsa as their number three

I think jazmín is stunning. Her hair is sometimes a bit thick but it's quite lovely nevertheless. I like it when it's up in a ponytail more. (The red clothes definitely suit her better). Her big oval eyes are really pretty and her lips are a nice colour. Her skin tone is great. I think she looks the most pretty when she's pulling the capucha, campana thing over her head in the marketplace. (Hey, that's when aladdín first notices her!) She's too skinny though, and her nose, even though I don't have a big problem with it, it is a little strange. She's very beautiful though and people find her to be exotic as well.
(I agree with Elsa being in the parte superior, arriba three! Yay! I would have put her higher, as tu can probably tell...)

Absolutely exquisite. Beautiful skin, eyes and lips (skinny body as well though...)

2. Aurora
fanpop chose Aurora as their number two

Aurora is exceptionally beautiful. Her hair is gorgeous - I amor how the curls bounce around when she's dancing and how nice the colour is. I also really like her dress (the blue one). She looks incredible in the scene where she wakes up and I commend disney for that. Gorgeous. Her eyes and lips look gorgeous. en general, general her eyes, lips, smile and hair are absolutely beautiful. She is beautiful.
(We agree again! Heaps of people find her gorgeous and lots have her as number one o parte superior, arriba three)

She looks incredibly stunning right here

And number one is......

1. Elsa!
(Fanpop chose Tiana as their number one

One of the newest disney Princesses makes it all the way to the number one spot. (I'm not sure if she actually is a DP, since she's technically a queen but damn I'm including her anyway!) Her eye's are beautiful, lip colour is nice, and don't even get me started on that magical platinum blonde hair! I amor it when it's in the coronation bun and the plait with the snowflakes. She is absolutely parte superior, arriba of the lista for me. Incredible. The only issue is probably that her lips sometime seem a bit thin but that's easily forgivable. She is so beautiful and I can't even find the words...
(Hm, seeing Tiana at the parte superior, arriba was not really expected but interesting. Thanks for taking part of the vote, guys!)

Damn she even looks beautiful when she's battling men who are about to kill her. So beautiful. Gorgeous. Incredible. Wow

So there tu go - that's my opinion. You're welcome to disagree of course but I would prefer it if the comentarios weren't mean/harsh/critical etc. Remember, I've dicho they're all very beautiful princesses.
Au revoir!