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I decided to do something a little different and do a collab articulo with my five año old little sister! :D Obviously, the descriptions of hers will not be too brilliant, so I will be doing a reporter/interviewee style for her descriptions. The thing in the italics are the things I said. Normal escritura is her response.

Annika's #11

I amor the color of her eyes, do not get me wrong, but honestly, they have always creeped me out. They have their really awkward moments, and I have just no been a fan.

Sissy's #11

"Why don't tu like her eyes?"

"They're too big and that is a weird goldy

Annika's #10
Snow White

*sigh* No matter how hard I try, Snow cannot escape this loop hole called the bottom of my list. i amor her to death, but.. Let's just get back to the eyes. I don't particularly like the color with her skin tone, but they do have the most realistic shape out of all the princesses.

Sissy's #10
Snow White

"Why don't tu like her eyes?"

"Eyes are ugly color and eyelids are waaaaay too big."

Annika's #9

I used to amor Belle's eyes, I honestly did. She has gorgeous eyelashes, but the color is kinda me, and the shape is pretty normal too. She has nothing extraordinary going on there.

Sissy's #9

"Why do tu not like about her eyes?"

"Too big eyes, and where are the rest of her eyelashes?"

Annika's #8

I wish Aurora's eyes were that gorgeous purple the entire movie. Due to the inconsistency, she ends up quite low on my list. D:

Sissy's #8

"Why do tu not like her eyes?"

"Her's are not colorful, and she has weird eyelashes."

Annika's #7

Some of Ariel's shots she has the most amazing blue eyes. Other times, they look oddly shaped, and slightly too big. And her eyelashes are a bit lacking.

Sissy's #7

"Why do tu not like her eyes?"

"Too big. They looks like not circles. They are rectangles standing up."

Annika's #6

TIana's eyes are really pretty. I amor the color with her skin tone, and the size is just about right. Her eyelashes are still a little awkward, but en general, general nice eyes. I just like the other eyes more.

Sissy's #6

"What do tu like about her eyes?"

"Pretty oro eyes and good eyelashes."

Annika's #5

Lately, her eyes have just been gorgeous. Occasionally, they seem a little cartoony, but they are still very pretty. The brown really suits well.

Sissy's #5

"What do tu like about her eyes?"

"The shape, color, and eyelashes are pretty."


As I have dicho before, I amor me some Asians. C: Asians have such pretty eyes, even without any color. x3 The only reason mulan isn't higher on my lista is her eyelashes. I wish she had actual lashes, not just a line.

Sissy's #4

"What do tu like about her eyes?"

"Color is pretty."

Annika's #3

Poca's eyes are dark and deep, and they elude her personality. Her eyes are thoughtful and really pretty. They are a really nice shape, but like Mulan, I wish she had actual lashes instead of a black line.

Sissy's #3

"What do tu like about her eyes?"

"They are pretty green."

Annika's #?

I am still unsure of my parte superior, arriba two. They will probably go back and forth forever. Merida's eye color is just so gorgeous. The shape is nice, and I don't know if she is my number one o not.

Sissy's #2

"What do tu like about her eyes?"

"I like the blue and her big eyelashes."

Annika's #?

Grr.. Same issue. I do not know my parte superior, arriba two. Dx UGHHHHHHH. Rapunzel's eye color is just as pretty as Merida's. I swear. I think I am tying them for first. Yep, it is happening.

Annika's #1
Merida and Rapunzel

Sissy's #1

What do tu like about her eyes?"

"I like her eyelashes. Can't say anything else."

There ya go. Stay disney fans, my friends.
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 Dee Dee's friend.
Dee Dee's friend.
mulan and Dee Dee are fighting the Spirit of Despair as the other princesses looks on, they managed to corner her and suddenly the Spirit of Despair por sneeringly says "You think tu can corner me? Wait till tu see THIS!"
She transforms into a giant dragon and burns the whole of Kuala Lumpur down, all of the princesses gather around Dee Dee and Princess Aurora gives her a magic Chinese Dragon amulet, "here take this and use it to transform yourself into a Chinese Dragon to fight the wicked spirit."
Dee Dee thanks them and ignites it, then she transforms into a giant Chinese Dragon. The two...
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I got this idea from avatar_tla_fan, so tu should go check out her article! It's only two below mine, so ^^ Anyway this'll just be a quick look at some of my lists, no explanations, just giving my lists because I'm still somewhat new here and I'd like for tu guys to know my opinions ^^ Anyway here we go! {By the way none of these lists are explicit, I'm unsure on almost all of them}


13. Belle
12. Rapunzel
11. Ariel
10. Mulan
9. Merida
8. Elsa
7. Tiana
6. Cinderella
5. Aurora
4. Anna
3. Jasmine
2. Pocahontas
1. Snow White

 Her high spirits, multi-layered attitude, what's not to love?
Her high spirits, multi-layered attitude, what's not to love?

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"She went off in that direction."

The man then pointed towards a building very far away from them.

"She went into the building?" Someone else asked the man.

"I don't know."

The person narrowed his eyes, "Are tu sure about that?"

"I'm telling tu the truth. I. Do. Not. Know."

"Fine, I believe you. Let's head towards that building then."

They started to go to the building.


Ariel was sitting in the building the person had mentioned. She was worried.

Belle's body was sitting siguiente to her. Ariel didn't know why she had taken the body with her, she had no use for it.

Maybe it's because I didn't...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
The people talked amongst themselves.

"I still don't understand what happened."

"Did she get it?"

"What happened?!"

"Have tu found her body?"

Everything went quiet when this was said.

"Wh- What body?" Somebody asked.

"The girl's body."

"The one who was looking at the security camera?"

"No. The one who was with her."

"I thought she escaped with the other one."

"No, the other one pushed her off of the building."

There was silence.

"I doubt she's still alive..."

"We should at least look for her body."

"Okay, we'll do that."

They searched for her body, but they couldn't find it.

"Let's keep searching, it's...
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"Okay, so where do they keep the security camera footage?" Belle asked Ariel.

"They keep them on the parte superior, arriba floor of the hospital, I think." Ariel responded to her.

"Wow, that's a long trip. How are we going to make it without people catching us?"

"I don't know, but I'm positive that we can pull it off. Are tu worried?"

"Well, yeah. What would happen if they catch us?"

"I don't know. We're hospital patients, they pity us. Right?"

"I don't want to use pity as an excuse."

"Ugh, let's just go."

"Okay, fine."

The two set off, walking slowly and carefully.

"Okay, we have to go up four floors to get there."...
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Belle woke up. She was lying down in what looked like a Hospital.

How did I get here? What happened? She questioned herself.

The doctor looked up and saw her.

"Are tu alright?"

"I'm- I'm fine."

"You look worried."

"What happened?"

"A girl found you, with lots of glass stabbed into you, inside your house."

"The- the-"



"What about them?"

"They were the ones that did this."

The doctor cast a worried look. He then walked away.

Belle then noticed that somebody was near her. She looked over to see a girl with bright red hair.

"Hi, what's your name?" Belle asked her.

"I don't really...
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I'm finally bringing this back!

Snow White began to walk away.

I don't want anything to do with that girl anyway.

Even as Snow White was walking away, she continued to hear the crying. In fact, it sounded louder than before.

I better go see if that girl is still upset. Snow White thought.

When she got what she thought was close to the crying, it turned into full on screaming. She didn't know what to do.

In the end, she ended up calling the police.

When the police came, Snow White led them to the screaming, but when they got close, the screaming stopped. There was no one there.

"Are tu trying...
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I'm just escritura various lists without details, however if anyone would like detail I can do a separate articulo if it's requested.
Here we go, I guess!

Favourite disney Princesses

13. Merida
12. Tiana
11. Cinderella
10. Pocahontas
9. Anna
8. Aurora
7. Jasmine
6. Snow White
5. Elsa
4. Belle
3. Rapunzel
2. Ariel
1. Mulan

Favourite disney Princes

11. Prince Charming
10. Snow White's Prince (Florian?)
9. John Smith
8. Naveen
7. Beast
6. Kristoff
5. Aladdin
4. Shang
3. Phillip
2. Eric
1. Flynn

Favourite disney Songs (one per movie, no particular order.)

"With a Smile and a Song" - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves...
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After thinking much about this I decided to put up my own personal favoritos of the House of Mouse. :) After all we're all big fans of Disney, and each of us have our own favorito! cine of this company, so I wanted to see if any of tu guys had similar lists o the like. :)

Keep in mind that my favoritos are due to the fact that they are MY favorites, I liked them based on how much I enjoy it, and generally don't care about the public reception and critics. :)

So, without much further ado, here it is...

10- Princess and the Frog:
This movie is horribly underrated, it's sad that so many people...
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This awesome video and the great editing have been made por Beth (withasmileandasong) and she was so sweet taht she allowed me to subir it on my own channel!! ...