Cinderella, Cinderella, CINDERELLA!!!!!! You've come to know that phrase from Cinderella's stepsister and stepmother when they call her for something.

Without question, cenicienta is one of the most iconic of the disney Princesses. In fact, siguiente to Snow White, she's probably the most iconic of the disney Princesses. And it's because of this that many people (including myself) have deemed ole' Cindy as the supposed 'leader' of the disney Princesses. And not only people, but the disney company itself apparently has placed her in that position as well. The way the company treats her, it's like when it comes to the disney Princesses, cenicienta is their ultimate cashcow.

Usually, in pictures that have the princesses, cenicienta is at the very front, standing tall. On the cover of the box of the now defunct disney Princess cereal, cenicienta was at the very front.

Tell me if you've heard this before: you're walking down to calle to elementary school to pick up your daughter and you're talking to her about the disney Princesses. tu ask her, "honey who is your favorite?" and she answers, "Cinderella!"

o how bout this, you're a little kid in elementary school and tu overhear girls talking about the princesses, and who's the one they're mostly talking about? Cinderella.

o how bout this, you're shopping with your daughter just before the school año is about to start and tu decided she needs a new backpack. And what kind of backpack does she want? A disney Princess backpack and when tu get one, who is the one princess right at the front? Cinderella.

In the disney Junior TV movie, "Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess, who is the very first disney Princess that Sofia comes into contact with? Cinderella.

You're out on halloween trick-or-treating and what are most of the girls dressed as? Cinderella.

At the disney Parks, who's the first princess everyone wants to see? Cinderella.

You're attending a peace conference at the United Nations in New York City and while you're talking about better ways to promote peace, who's the first person the members want to talk about? Cinderella!

Cinderella, Cinderella, Cinderella, Cinderella, CINDERELLA!!!!!!!!

Mine goodness!

I think it's seguro to say that in the years to come and with the future disney Princesses we will see in the future, cenicienta will be right at the front as the ultimate money vacuum for the greedy blood suckers of disney Company to live off of.