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posted by snowsowhite
Snow White: 16th century (1500-1530) based on her dress. In Germany (based on the original fairytale).
Cinderella: In 1860, based on her dress, In France.
Aurora: 14th Century, based on the movie. Probably in Germany.
Ariel: 1836, based on that she met her autor in one episode in her series. She lives in Denkmark.
Belle: the middle of the 17th century,,when baroque architectural style was in mode, o in 1770 based on her dress. She lives in France.
Jasmine: in middle islamic time period, In Agrabah (based on her film).
Pocachondas: 1607, when the English settled in Jamestown Virginia to find gold. In Virginia, USA
Mulan: In the time of Hans Dynasty, Before Christ, based on the ancient Gods. In China.
Rapunzel: 1780 (based on wikipedia's information about Corona, Rapunzel's kingdom). In Corona, Germany (based on the movie).
Tiana: 1920 (based on wikipedia's information and from the movie of course). In Louisiana, USA.
Merida: In medieval Scotland, (I didn't found what time period)
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Among the songs that were deleted from Frozen,"Life's Too Short" was one that had a version recorded with the voices of Idina Menzel and Kristin Bell.The song was written during the time when Elsa was going to be a villain,but was replaced with the reprise of "For the first time in Forever" once "Let It Go" was written.Although I enjoy listening to this song with Menzel's and Bell's voices,even when I watch that version,I can see why it wouldn't have tied in very well with the completed movie. The song starts off with Elsa and Anna appearing to make amends and form a new beginning with their...
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posted by MR0290553
 Beautiful, brave, selfless but fabulous! Would amor to have her qualities!
Beautiful, brave, selfless but fabulous! Would love to have her qualities!
1.    Miss Bianca
She is underrated! She is the best role model! She is beautiful, brave, selfless and fabulous! She cares about others and has a lot of faith, and never gives up!
2.    Mulan
She sacrificed her life and safety for her dad and her country! She's a hero, and she is sweet and humble!
3.    Pocahontas
Another selfless heroine! Sacrificed her life for love, not just romantic love, but amor of another race! She shut down racism and broke the barrier between Native Americans and European Settlers!
5.    Belle...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
Hello! If tu don't know already, I am snsdlover4ever, and I'd like to stay más active on this club, so I'm here today to write my first Opinion/Rant on this club. Without further ado, let's skip all these boring introductions and begin with my Opinion/Rant! Enjoy!

As tu see, the topic is about a certain DP that is constantly labeled as "cowardly." tu all can probably guess who that is...

To be fair, Elsa is a princess that I consider myself to be neurtal about, and I think that it'll always stay that way. It doesn't mean that I hate her, unlike some people in this club, but it doesn't...
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