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 I, I amor You, Like a amor Song Baby.
I, I Love You, Like a Love Song Baby.
This was a very disappointing countdown for me personally, hopefully it isn’t for the rest of you

10: A Girl Worth Fighting For

I need a amor song for mulan and couldn’t really think of one besides this one as everyone dicho it was más of a sidekick sound and not really a amor song.

comentarios "It's humorous, not romantic. It's an okay song, but a bad amor song if tu get my drift." AllegroGiocoso
"I amor this song, but not as a amor song...and I don't think it's supposed to be one." Swanpride
"As many people have already said, I don't consider it a amor song, and it doesn't work as one for me. It's about what the soldiers want in a girl, rather than what they amor in a girl they've already met." Flutey_Girl96

Song Link: link
 Even Harry has one too!
Even Harry has one too!

9: kiss the Girl

I’m kind of glad this left so soon. The song is kind of overrated and not really amor Song mantel. Everyone is kind of forcing Ariel and Eric to kiss so me it was más of a forced song then a amor song.
Comments: "Not a terrible song. I just thought the others were deeper and más meaningful." AaronHaley4ever
"I agree with princecatcher93, how is this song romantic? I explained my reasonings many times, the song is really cheesy. All the song is doing is mostrando a bunch of animales canto horribly while Ariel and Eric are just staring at eachother." shanyuisboss
"I like this song better than the rest, but just like A Girl Worth Fighting For, it sort of fails on the romantic side of things" rhythmicmagic

Song Link: link
 Eric couldn't kiss the girl in one song.
Eric couldn't kiss the girl in one song.

8: Ma Belle Evangeline

As much as I like this song, it isn’t really about the prince and the princess but about the fuego Fly and the Star.
Comments: "The vocals are annoying, and the melody is forgettable." BelleAnastasia
"It's very forgettable. I've heard this song many times & I even watched the movie recently, but I can't for the life of me remember anything about this song - melody, lyrics, rhythm, vocals... anything" Mongoose09

Song Link: link
 tu don't know your Beautiful!
You don't know your Beautiful!

7: So this is Love

At this point of the countdown I was banging my head on my keyboard. Sure they just met but the song it beautiful.
comentarios "I'm torn between this and I See The Light. I chose this because it is shorter. I might change though." Jayden-G
"Please, wake me up when the song is over. Makes me want to sleep. Too slow and boring. Basically the main thing we hear is hmmmm.....hmmmmm.... (humming)." CodyVenusTrent
"It's just not my kind of a amor song. It's too boring for my taste." BelleAnastasia

Song Link: link

6: I see the Lights

This song should have made it to the parte superior, arriba 3 it’s por far the best (IMO) just not everyone else’s.
Comments: "This was a disappointing song. The scene was so nice, so much it didn't even need a amor song to point that out. The song was so boring and poppy, not very romantic at all. Boring lyrics and bland music. Not a lot else to say." AudreyFreak
"I thought it would go, but no. I hope it doesn't go further than this round." Popcornfan
"Very generic and misceláneo at the same time. The lyrics just seem like they've been recycled from other songs, and the whole point of the song is to mostrar the blossoming amor between Rapunzel and Flynn. However, this transition just seems rushed, at least on Rapunzel's part." BelleAnastasia

Song Link: link
 And at last the fog has lifted!
And at last the fog has lifted!

5: If I never Knew you.

Another disappointment round for me, out before some of my least favorites. I know they took it out of the movie because they thought it would be boring but it’s beautiful, if it was from a different movie (Like TLM o BatB) it would have made it to the final three.
comentarios "i hate this one. not romantic at ALL, just cheesy and boring
even worse then I See the Light! at least the barco in the lanterns was romantic!" girlygirlspwn

"CORNY, BLAND, AND A SNORE-FEST. It's not even singing, just quietly talking in a melody. They didn't include this song in the movie, and i'm GLAD. The kids would get bored, the teenagers would get bored, what's the point of this- I don't even know. It's just so corny and unnecessary. (throws computer away in rage)" hajirah4

Song Link:link
 Underrated disney amor Song
Underrated disney amor Song

4: One Song

Really? The Best disney amor song out before two crappy songs? Really!?! How many guys left on this earth sing like that? He’s a flipping angel! And the song, it’s. Beautiful. I personal think should have won. I mean if a guy came canto like an ángel out to my window. I wouldn't be sending down doves of amor to him, I be riding away on that pretty white horse of his.
Comments: "He meets her and 3 segundos later, sings her a amor song. Okay.... And a amor song is stronger when it is a duet and longer." Jayden-G
"It's a nice song but it's just not as memorable as the others." AllegroGiocoso
"I amor 'One Song', it's one of the most beautiful disney songs IMO" Mongoose09

Song Links:link

 ángel of música steal my heart.
Angel of música steal my heart.

3: A Whole New World

Someone, just please shoot me down dead how could this song make it this far!?!? It’s cheesy, Unromantic and the voices? SPARE ME FROM THE VOICES! And people hate the voices for Flynn and Rapunzel but let this song get this far? Come on! At least Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi’s voices went great together!!!! Just mover on my skin is turning green with anger. And as Jayden-G put it, "Aladdin and jazmín are very suspicious in "A Whole New World". I don't thinking is only about adventure."

Comments: "It's not much of a "love" song when compared with the other two." Mongoose09
"I agree that it´s a wonderful song and has romantic parts. However I think of this song más as a way to sing about their freedom than love." CodyVenusTrent
"LEAVE. This song isn't even a amor song, ughh!" dclairmont

Song Link: link
 Don't tu Dare Close Your Eyes
Don't tu Dare Close Your Eyes

2: Beauty and the Beast

I really disagree about this song making it this far. Many people dicho it was the main amor song of disney but it can’t relate to main relationships, just ones where one of the people in it is being a beast and one being a beauty. Plus unlike the number one, the main couple doesn’t sing a word and I don’t really like Mrs. Potts’ voice, I amor it in the Broadway version but not movie version.

Comments: "The quality of both songs are similar...Beauty and the Beast belongs to Menkens best, no question, and Once Upon A Dream is a classic, based on the work of one of the best composers of all time and from the best Ballet he ever did Imho. But OUAD is way más romantic...Beauty and the Beast is mostly a commentary on what is going on (and honestly, I think it belongs for that reason alone lower on the lista of good amor song. Menken's best amor song is for me "I see the light", because it's the only truly romantic duet he ever did, and One Song deserves más love, too), while Once Upon A Dream is about feelings." Swanpride
"I absolutely amor these two songs but i amor Beauty and the Beast more." LibelluleBleu
"It is beautifully sung, but I just don't think it is that romantic. Because of the fact that Belle and beast does not sing it, it loses its power. I just think it is soothing, but it does not seem very romantic o strong." Jayden-G

Song Link: link
 Tale as old as time.
Tale as old as time.

1: Once Upon A Dream

This is the true amor song of Disney. Can relate to a lot of amor stories because it just doesn’t give a name just Is and Yous! And I think all of us have just about walked with the one we amor in a dream.
Comments: "Once Upon A Dream is so romantic and I find the entire scene breathtaking, magical, and the perfect amor song." dclairmont
I still think One Song is better than either.
Beauty and the Beast is only about one specific kind of amor story. It is only about when two people who seem unmatched fall in love. And that is a powerful story, but Once Upon a Dream is más about finding the person you've always been dreaming about- in Aurora's case, literally. Plus, I just think "If I know tu I know what you'll do, you'll amor me at once the way tu did once upon a dream" is very romantic, as well as "I know you, I walked with tu once upon a dream." It is just a very romantic song." rhythmicmagic

Song Link: link
 You'll amor me at once the way tu did once...
You'll amor me at once the way tu did once...

Thank tu for lectura and thank tu for the voters who commented. Please comentario and tell me if tu agree with the placing (Please remember they’re not my own) and tu can comentario your own ranking (Please use the same songs) if tu want to.
10: A Girl Worth Fighting For
9: kiss the Girl
8: A Whole New World
7: Ma Belle Evangeline
6: Beauty and the Beast
5: If I never Knew You
4: So This is Love
3: Once Upon a Dream
2: I See the Lights
1: One Song
---> link

“According to director Frank Nissen, Drizella was going to be the stepsister to reform in cenicienta III: A Twist in Time, but the filmmakers decided to make it anastasia as she already began the process of reformation in cenicienta II: Dreams Come True.”

This web site is practically a petition site for disney to make a cenicienta IV in order to change Drizella’s fate. Drizella is my favorito! character from all three movies; however, I think that she needs to become good as anastasia did. Drizella may be very selfish and spoiled but I don’t think that she will be as evil...
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 disney Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
Author’s Note: Here is another part of my first fan fiction “Disney Princess Awards”. I am really sorry for the time I took me to do the siguiente part. I was on vacations in Orlando, and of course, I went to Walt disney World. It was so much fun. I hope that tu like this part. There are things I want to clarify: First, Rapunzel, in all my parts of the fan fiction, she has her long, blonde hair. To me, Rapunzel recovers her blonde hair with her own magic. I tell tu this to not confuse you. Second, I want to clarify, so tu understand the siguiente parts of the fan fiction, is that to me, John...
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posted by Jessikaroo
 Is it weird I think some of them look really good as villains?
Is it weird I think some of them look really good as villains?
Okay, so I'm bored and hopped up on five mochas. I'm going to be up for awhile, so it hit me: Why not write another article? I've been meaning to write another one for awhile, but never really got a solid idea. Then it finally came to me: I like villains, why not write about the villains? So here it is, my disney Princess villain line-up.

10. The Evil queen
For some reason, this villain always fell flat to me. She just never seemed.. Something enough. Other villains have comedy o drama o just memorable character design. The Evil Queen, she just never hit it with me. I never thought she...
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posted by sweetie-94
I got inspired por starlight77's articulo so I decided to write my own articulo about what I think are the best DP homes, it was very hard to choose only 10 homes that where going to make it into here, I really had to think!

10. Atlantica

The only reason to why I placed this one so low is because it's located under water and the diseño is a bit too simple and it's not as interesting as the other 9 homes. However when we first see it it's glowing and it looks so beautiful, I wished I could live in a castillo like this. So en general, general a really beautiful home.

9. The chateu

I actually amor this...
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This is actually my first article, so i apologize if it's too simple. i don't really know how to work with this XD

So here it is... sweetie-94's interview of May.

1-Congrats on winning the DP fan of the month. Did tu expected it?
Thanks, I knew that I was going to be fan of the mes someday.

2-How did tu discover Fanpop?
I was looking at some pictures and even answered a few questions. When it dicho that only por signing in tu could save your answers, which I did in May 2010.

3-Which user do tu admire o feel más comfortable with?
While I amor many people here I have to say that I admire...
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posted by Harmony97
Soooooo..... I uploaded one of these awhile ago, and I realized I left out Belle. Actually someone comentó that I did, but... anways, here tu go!

15. Ariel
    Ariel is a sweet charming young mermaid whom I can’t stand. She hates her father for him trying to keep her safe. She goes to ridiculous distances to find a boy she met for a few hours, while he was UNCONCIOUS! No 16 año old should be that swayable por a pretty face.

14. Megara
    She is witty and independent. She isn’t afraid to get dirty. But, her voice berates me. She also literally...
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I decided to rewrite my lista since the other one was reported and deleted and my opinions has changed on some of these. I'm trying not to be biased which I sadly am with my number 1, but now I'm going to make tu happy, I have a different number 1 in this list, but keep lectura and you'll get to know who it is (hint: not one of my favorito! princesses, but in my other lista she was number 2).

10. Ariel
I know that many people loves her wardrobe which I still do, but most of her outfits aren't outfits I would like to wear myself like that rosado, rosa dress, I have no problem with the color at all, but...
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I decided to take a break from my fan-fiction writning and write something else. I amor listening to música so I decided to lista 10 songs, one for each princess that I think suits them the best and why so here we go!

Snow White (Walking on Sunshine por Katrina & The Waves):

Well título says it all, when I first heard the song I instantly thought of Snow White because well it feels like she's walking on sunshine during the whole movie, it's mainly the refrain that makes me think of her.
Here's the link to the song: link

Cinderella (Never Had A Dream Come True por S Club 7):

It took me...
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1.Congratulations and how do tu feel about being DP fan of the month?

Definitely susprised, since I don’t contribute much on the disney princess spot. But thank tu <3

2. How did tu discover fanpop and the DP spot?

It was actually because of the DP spot that I decided to registrarse Fanpop. xD I was looking for some disney princess screencaps, and I found this website. It was all back in 2008

3. What's your favorito! thing about the DP spot and is there anybody tu admire on the DP spot?

I amor answering the picks and lectura the articles. And yes, I can name a few members that I admire very much,...
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posted by starlight77
Lizzie was frozen where she was. The king's personal assistant stood there awkwardly for a moment and then said,
"Well, uh I'll let tu two get two it." and he left left.
Lizzie ran to Ben and he caught her in his arms and he kissed her. Then she just buried her face in his chest.
"Why were tu so stupid, Lizzie? Why didn't tu tell me who tu were?" Ben asked.
"I don't know," she cried. "I just thought it would be better that way. I mean I thought tu were a commoner, and I was a princess, tu know how it is-" Ben placed a finger on her lips and he kissed her again.

They spent the whole week...
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Harold travelled for days without knowing where he would find Rose Red's soul until he one día met an old woman.
"Her soul can be found on a castillo on the parte superior, arriba of a mountain and close to the sea", the old woman told Harold.

He had to turn around and ride back the same way he came before. He had the most beautiful horse, it was a black horse with a white estrella on the fore-head and the horse was named Ebony.

When he arrived to the castillo he went inside and discoverd Rose Red's soul so he went to grab it, but suddenly someone stung a cuchillo close to his corazón and he fell to the ground, but he actually...
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posted by starlight77
Lizzie sat on the patio with her head in her hands, looking out at the practice field. How could her mother have done this to her? She had always been in line for the trono of Bayern and was actually looking adelante, hacia adelante to it. Being a princess was a lot of work but it was worth it if tu know tu were going to be queen of your kingdom one day. Now she was going to be sent away to Corona, a place she loved but only with a certain someone. Lizzie wanted to cry but she didn't want anyone to see her and think less of her. She was a princess after all and princesses had to be composed. Suddenly someone...
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 SweetPea2007's icono
SweetPea2007's icon
1. How does it feel being the new FOTM?

Very Nice! I would like to say thank tu to the ones that voted for me and also wish everyone else good luck for the FOTM picks coming up.

2. Do tu prefer DP cine más than regular disney movies?

I don't really have a prefrence I just like cine in general.

3. Which princess do tu amor the most and why?

I used to be a big Ariel fan, but as I got older I started looking at her differently and seeing her from a different point of view. Now I see that she really is not a good role model and is very spoiled and shallow. I am now a big Tiana Fan. She...
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Well I am happy to say I was able to finally get an interview with the characters from Disney’s Princess and the Frog! We had some fan preguntas for Dr. Facilier so we decided to hold the interview at Mamma Odie’s house in order for her to summon him and control him. Tiana, Naveen, and charlotte agreed to meet me there.

(When I arrived Naveen greeted me and helped me inside. Tiana was handing out snacks and Mama Odie…well..She looked to be sleeping. And charlotte actually came up and gave me a huge hug…I about suffocated in all the flounces she was wearing…guess she thought there...
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This is the redone articulo of the prettiest princesses. It's written in a characterization of two fanpop users-- one who thinks they're all beautiful, and one who takes a more...cynical approach.

Thanks to disneydweeb for helping me to write the descriptions of the princesses!

10.Snow White
Snow White has a cherubic face. With her fair complexion, round brown eyes with fluttery lashes, and little red lips, she's definitely a unique looking girl. Her short black hair is striking against her skintone and gives her otherwise simple girl-next-door looks a bit of dramatic flare. She's young and...
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This beautiful morning I have the great honor of interviewing the characters of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Unfortunately due to extreme resentment Ursula and her sister are not allowed to participate, but King Triton may be coming por later…that is why this interview is being done outside beside the Ocean. platija and Sebastian are going to come por for a little bit too. Melody was turned into a mermaid and sent to Atlantis to play with her aunts during the interview. Our honored guests are starting to arrive, so we shall start soon.

(Ariel comes skipping up and gives me a big hug and...
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In the movie Tangled, it's not made obvious whether Rapunzel's reunion with her parents takes place in the morning o afternoon. Analysis of the light and shadows of various morning and afternoon scenes shows that the reunion takes place at dawn, and may imply that Eugene and Rapunzel spend the night in the tower.

 7:00 AM, día 1
7:00 AM, día 1

Here we see the first shot of the tower after the opening prologue. Rapunzel states it's 7:00 AM. The light comes from the side, and does not directly shine into the door window. The waterfall is in a narrow shadow.

 Afternoon, día 1
Afternoon, día 1

This shot is from when Mother...
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Hi guys here is some info about Ching Lan, she was born on May 12th and is about 12 years old. Ching is also nick named Leah. Leah has a black and white horse named Chun.

Leah got inicial before her parents woke up she led Chun to his stall, she put him back in his stall and went to her room and rested for a hora before starting training with Shang, training was her least favorito! thing to do. For Leah all she wanted to do was riding, exploring o anything better than training. An hora later after some training, Leah and mulan went out on a ride together.Mulan rode with Leah and asked "You okay?"...
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posted by blossomyumyum
This is my segundo article, and I decided to go a bit romantic since, first of all, I'm a Libra so there's clearly natural romance inside my heart, and, second, I just amor the mushiness and happiness that disney brings that mention anything to do with hearts, which we all know is full of DP. So, here I go.

10. Prince and Snow White
Something about this couple irks me, and I never knew why. I guess because Prince just randomly walks in on Snow when she sings, scares her, and yet she just can't help but think about him... then we have to wait about an entire season, Spring, for the man of her dreams...
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 'Cause our song is the slammin' screen door, sneakin' out late tappin' on your window...
'Cause our song is the slammin' screen door, sneakin' out late tappin' on your window...
Well, one día I was in my room on fanpop listening to "Our Song" por the amaazzinngg Taylor rápido, swift and this little idea come to me for a new article. I am very opinionated about these songs but I can't pick a favorito! so I decided to make it a fan pick. Sorry it took so long to get up and if tu don't agree with it but c'est la vie. (Also if anyone has any tips for photo-editing so my pictures can be better I would really appreciate it.) Plus, it's done right on time for valentine's día and matches this month's theme perfectly! Thank tu DreamyGal for that! Enjoy!

10. A Girl Worth Fighting For...
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