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So in this rant i'll be defending all the disney Princesses on how "perfectly perfect moms" say bad things about disney Princesses.

Also disney in general por the way...and i'm telling tu there's full trofeos when i'm angry so if tu hate them then don't read this article.

segundo WARNING:
P.S This is articulo contains defending of reasons why disney is not sexual, bad, racist, stereotypical, and/or anything unpositive, so if tu are not comfortable with stupidity please do not read this.

Warning... this articulo contains extreme stupidity from people. tu have been warned...
1. "Damsel In Distress will never be MY child"
Okay woman who supposedly doesn't have a degree in history...-so? tu can't blame the princesses for being a damsel in distress, that's fiction and that doesn't relate in real life. Let's put it this tu want very political children? These cine are simply made to mostrar a child that this is earth- we all live in if tu don't know- is a utopia. Yes por that meaning that there's always going to be a problem- that will always be fixed. Isn't that a good motto?

And according to history...
I think these princesses were SUPPOSED to be like that, because....well that's just how women were like. Yeah there was a lot of talk about them which wasn't positive's just that way. In the cine it doesn't say "Looks like tu girls are useful now!'' (got it from and Ellen DeGeneres episode) ,

which of course would make tu nag more. So sit down, go with the fact that- yes they are damsels in distress- but also deal with the fact that this is A FAIRYTALE- this doesn't happen in real life- and it's only putting in the image of "Yes there's always going to be a problem. But there's always going to be somebody who can fix it." And be happy with the fact that your child still has a childhood. And if tu ruin it- your probably not a "perfectly perfect mom" heck a mom alone!!!

(yes i'm talking to you, women who sold that stupid book called "Cinderella Ate My Daughter" , I mean, did tu just ruin all the Disney? Tsk, tsk, tsk...)

2. "It's so RACIST!"
RACIST?!! Again FICTION!!! This doesn't happen in real life- the animators could have even made some...some Koreans (sorry if that's offensive) purple skinned!!! Racist?!! Ma'am tu must be the racist since your pointing out all these "facts'' !! "Tiana has a dark brown skintone...why does Naveen get a LIGHT brown skintone?" Uhh because there are people with light brown skin the world, and the animators chose it like that...and...he's from MALDONIA. That place doesn't even exist, who knows the skin-tone that the majority of the citizens have?
And also the "Red skinned" , "Savages", "Jim Crow"

Well I admit the Red Skinned thing is kinda racist but...other than the point of them being called's all meant to be fiction, "Savages" well since Pocahontas is actually real from the story they had to base some things on history, like savages...that's just how the settlers were. First tu all want smart kids with a great got it and tu don't want it!!!
 tu can tu reject Spongebob?!!! Like c'mon...
You can tu reject Spongebob?!!! Like c'mon...

The history that wasn't shown I think went like this...
When the arrival of the English came at 1607 the Natives were actually very kind, as the settlers didn't mind they enjoyed this luxury, as the natives gave them food, and traditional hospitality. As the settlers searched for wealth, they neglected planting maíz and making they're colony más self-sufficient so they depended on the Natives for más food. Bla bla bla, let's get on the the critical point
John Smith dicho they should all treat them like they did to the spanish colony, make them work, slaves, and so on... then of course when he meant Pocahontas...everything changed...he changed when the war would happen as would his execution.
 Yes...the REAL pocahontas
Yes...the REAL pocahontas

But I still think i'm typing the wrong facts. Well tu didn't need to know that anyways...ANYWAYS...Jim Crow, yes they used to use that as a racist name These ARE BIRDS we're talking about.

3. (DP) "Disney Princesses are so sexual! It's bad for my children!!!"
What makes them so sexual? So that's how jazmín is dressed because that's how lots of people wear those things!! Ariel is A MERMAID, in the original story she DIDN'T HAVE A SEASHELL BRA, yeah, she got it all hangin' low so be thankful for having a mermaid/ princess/ hula dressed princess! Please just...go with it.

4. "Belle has stockholm syndrome!!!"
...first of all...Belle wasn't kidnapped. She had a choice and she made it. A kidnapper wouldn't give tu a choice. Second, Adam tried to give her everything, food, shelter, even servants!!! And Belle didn't mind. Also Belle became good friends because of Adam SAVING HER LIFE FROM BEING EATEN por WOLVES, a kidnapper usually either KILLS the person o make them do something really bad without their okay. Belle got sympathy for Adam because he's a beast!!! Imagine how hard it is for him to go out in public, well even though he never has...remember the last scene? Everyone was going to kill him for how he looked like! How can tu NOT feel any sympathy for him???

5. Walt disney Is a Total NAZI!!!

sorry I got a little...protective there (makes an angelic face in a glowing background with an innocent, childish shrug.)
 I publicado this because I look like pocacontas the most in this (Except I have lighter russet skin, though the bangs, hair color which is dark brown, and eye color is perfectly matched!)
I publicado this because I look like pocacontas the most in this (Except I have lighter russet skin, though the bangs, hair color which is dark brown, and eye color is perfectly matched!)


When this video was made, this was actually considered a threat, and Hitler was still alive and well. They made these videos to educate young boys like my Great Grandfather about the dangers of Nazi's.
 It's called "Education __ ____"...what did tu not get?
It's called "Education __ ____"...what did tu not get?

Yeah no...i'm sorry everyone but...get your facts straight.
So ...overall this means that tu people who think disney is satanic, sexual, racist, nazi supporters, and all that hog wash...then sit down and get a brain... i'm very sorry I'M TRYING TO BE NICE...but this is as nice as I can go and...if tu still hate me for my behavior after this article...I don't blame you...I have a big temper don't I? Anyways...just don't ruin your child's childhood...your gonna regret it.

And as always with my good pics articles...
Have a nice day, and thanks for reading!!!
And now to end it with the best Pocahontas picture from DeviantArt (love tu guys!!!)
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